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Controversial opinions

Kasumi and Musashi's relationships with their friends/teammates used to be toxic.
Team Rocket is overrated.
Nanako should be Satoshi's main rival in Johto. Shigeru is overrated.
Dawn is one of the worst characters to ever come from the series and is massively overrated.
Cilan is almost just as annoying as Iris.
Pokemon Showcases are better than Contests.
Hoopa and Volcanion movies are good.
Sophocles and Lana are far more interesting than Mallow.
TPCI dub > 4kids dub
Pokemon Hunter J really did die during Diamond and Pearl.
Is this really controversial? I thought it was pretty much a given, not only was her airship flooded under the depths of the lake, but it exploded, showing only J's broken goggles as the remnants of the ship sank to the bottom of Lake Valor. And then we never see her again.

It was vague enough to get past the possible censors, but the animation was well-presented enough to cue the viewer in that she died.

While I think the SM episode where Mooland passes away is sad, I get slightly annoyed whenever people insinuate that it's the first time death was ever shown or implied in the anime.
Is this really controversial? I thought it was pretty much a given, not only was her airship flooded under the depths of the lake, but it exploded, showing only J's broken goggles as the remnants of the ship sank to the bottom of Lake Valor. And then we never see her again.

It was vague enough to get past the possible censors, but the animation was well-presented enough to cue the viewer in that she died.

While I think the SM episode where Mooland passes away is sad, I get slightly annoyed whenever people insinuate that it's the first time death was ever shown or implied in the anime.
Some people like to say that she didn't die, so that why I put it there.

I think that she died since there's no way that J would be able to survive the ship being flooded by rushing water followed by the ship exploding.
  • SM's art style is really fun and fits it perfectly. If SM had XY or BW's art style, it would look jarring and take away from the tone of the series.
  • XY is terribly overrated.
  • Serena is the most poorly developed female companion...even more so than Iris.
  • Gym battle episodes are almost always the most boring episodes.
  • Johto fillers are actually pretty enjoyable.
I suppose I could voice out some more rather unpopular opinions.

• Shudo's works are overrated. While I respect him and I know he created some nice plots and backstories, I feel like people give them way more credit than what they deserve.

• Piplup's dub voice is less annoying than his Japanese voice. The latter is way too high-pitched for my tastes.

• I don't mind having Serena finding her goal so late. I found that more believable and relatable than someone finding his/her goal just the next day or few days after starting looking for said goal.

• I accept Ash losing to a "simple" Meowth at the Hoenn League. If he can take down Legendaries and other strong Pokémon with a "simple" Pikachu and not fully evolved critters, I don't see why other (maybe more experienced) Trainers can't do the same.
Pikachu used to be female before the retcon.
Fushigidane was female, still female.
Pochama is a drag queen and bisexual.
Shinji actually hates his brother.
4kids voice actors are overrated.
Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon is great.
Ash is Red and I think Game Freak should have embraced that instead of distancing the two character incarnations with a cultural odorless Gen III Red.

I really want Satoshi to be the full and real first name of Ash Ketchum (with Ash being an abbreviated nickname for Satoshi), but I keep running into problems with the last name Ketchum (Satoshi Ketchum doesn't sound as catchy or natural to me).

Alain is a loser, not a winner because of his association with Team Flare (and naivety about strength).

I really hate the idea of character's worth being determined by their victories rather than by their traits and skills. Part of it overlaps with real-life politics but to keep it simple, contestants must prove that they deserve to win something before they win something. That's why I decided to support Ash all the way in the Kalos League. Simply because he is a better trainer and person than Alain, and thus deserves victory more than anyone else. Alain, by contrast, falls into easy pitfalls and mistakes that he must pay when Team Flare enact their plan. Be fortunate that he was not arrogant or rude, or I would really wanted him to go to prison.
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Here's mine...

The Sun/Moon anime is total and utter trash and a huge insult after XY. Makes even BW anime look decent. Plus the animation style is a huge eyesore to the point it hurts just to look at the still screenshots on the computer, let alone on the TV screen.

Speaking of which, I have noticed something similar between those two: both BW and SM games largely have the best plots in the series, with a lot of thought-provoking, deep story, vile but well-done villains, and good character development. But the animes regarding those gens turned out to be utterly idiotic and outright terrible from previous gen animes (DP and XY, to be exact). Especially since, both times, Ash has regressed to utter moron status and his performances have decayed badly (DP he made it to the Top 4 while in BW he made it to the Top 8, losing to a brainless twit that made him look smart during that time, while in XY he got runner-up while in SM he hasn't even considered LEAVING Melemele Island to start the other trials). It's terrible to see that. Why would the anime staff do that? Why turn two of the best gens in terms of game storytelling into utter garbage during the anime? Whether Ash should've been replaced or not, I don't care, but if they plan on keeping him, at least keep him consistent with past performances and not reduce him to this level of brainless and incompetence each time he comes off an epic level of skill and prowess. And it's not just him, but those around him as well tend to suffer anime writer-corrupted fates. Times like this make me reconsider being a Pokemon fan, to see one of the heroes of my youth decay so terribly.

Well, I've said enough for now.
I wouldn't even mind Ash being stupid all the that much considering it's all slice of lify so he has time to turn it around or be an idiot savant the bigger issue to me is that he has this veiled selfishness lately outside of the capture episodes and he seems to care more about food than training.

I like Ritchie and him being an Ash clone is nothing but marketing their personalities aren't the same at least when they were together. DP Ash maybe but XY Ash seems too confident and the others are either too aggressive or stupid. I think they should bring Ritchie back and I think him being Ash's final opponent would be quite fitting.
Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I think that Misty is the most interesting and well-developed character the anime has offered. Granted, a lot more could have been done with her over 270+ episodes, but I feel that her specials and AG episodes made up for that.

May's best moments are related to Max. Her realization that she was better off without Ash was also a nice touch.
I have the greatest fear that Sun & Moon may get worse later on down the road. Who knows, it could be better but so far besides one or two eps the series has been pretty weak.
I'm not sure what's considered controversial but....

For Advanced: Caroline was in the wrong with her treatment towards Norman, I find her treatment to be utterly appalling and rather abusive for someone whose been married for so long. However, that's my opinion.

D/P: I honestly do NOT like Dawn as a character. At all. And felt that she never really grew that much through the DP series and that her true colours were revealed when she teamed up with Iris and made Ash's life a living hell during her cameo appearance. It just showed just how much of a brat she truly is.

XY&Z: Alain's and Ash's final battle should have ended better than it had. I have zero problems with Ash losing, but, it could have been done better.

SuMo: I thoroughly do enjoy the interactions with Ash and his classmates as well as Kukui and do like the art style being used.
- DP is very, very overrated

- XY is overrated as well, and I stopped watching mid-series.

- I didn't mind Ash losing in the league, simply because I saw through the misleading marketing and I didn't think they let Ash win

- Contests are boring and I didn't like them, though Showcases are worse.

- Dawn is uninteresting and I didn't care for her, Piplup was very hard to sit through

- Johto's fillers are actually really good

- Although it has its flaws, SM isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be

- I prefer serious and competent Team Rocket over goofy incompetent TR

- Although the execution sorely lacked, I appreciated the new things BW tried to do
Might as well put my feelings out their:
Kanto: For me this series was okay, it might be because I started with Sinnoh and didn't see this when it aired, but I just don't find this as good as some of the later series and honestly I don't think Brock and Misty were as good a characters as people say they were, probably why I don't care as much that their missing from the 20th Movie Ash and Pikachu were always the more interesting Kanto characters.
OI: No idea whats controversial with this series its not talked about much.
Johto: My opinion is the same as most peoples, it was filler hell and while Ash grew from how he was from Kanto it upset the relationship between the three characters and made Misty kinda useless.
Hoenn: Again I mostly agree with the majority on this series.
Sinnoh: I never had much problem with the gap between the 7th and 8th gym battle because thats when Team Galactic happened and that was my favourite villain plot even more than Team Flare in XYZ.
Unova: I'm not that bothered by Ash being reset, in fact I never payed much attention to it before hearing everyone's else opinion on it, though Cameron was still a rubbish way to end the League. I also couldn't care less about how Iris treated Ash and her catchphrase and I think shes actually a good entertaining character.
Kalos: Its an okay series, I don't like it as much as everyone else, I even when it aired I actually skipped it after the first few episodes and only came back during the League, which I have pretty much 0 salt towards besides the fact that the Orange Shuriken was useless and could have been rid of. Also I think Ash-Greninja as a concept and a design is stupid and would rather have Mega Charizard Y or any Mega for that matter. I don't care about shipping and felt showcases were worse versions of contest meaning I pretty much don't care about Serena at all. Also the rivals were bad in that they didn't encourage Ash to grow as a trainer unlike Gary or Paul.
Alola: Sun & Moon are really good series, possibly one of my favourites and my only real complaint is that theirs a severe lack of battles but I don't care that much about it as long as the episodes entertain me.
  • Best Wishes wasn't as bad as people made it out to be
  • XY wasn't as good as people made it out to be
  • I didn't mind Team Rocket appearing every episode, even when it was the most routine, pointless thing
  • I hated the XYZ opening
  • I'm glad Ash didn't win the Kalos league
  • Johto wasn't that bad, it had some great episodes
  • I don't mind the pace Sun&Moon is currently going at, though I do think the main group could have better chemistry
  • The 4Kids dub (of the main tv series) got significantly worse during the 6th season. The voices got too loud (especially Meowth's and Max's) and the music replacement was at an all-time high.
  • Eric Stuart's James is overrated and he was at his best when trying to imitate Ted Lewis' performance
  • I didn't find Togepi annoying at all
  • I didn't mind the show dropping Wobbuffet during BW and wasn't excited when they brought him back in XY. I feel like he was a weird gag Pokemon that got stale in AG. Only recently in Sun&Moon have I found him charming
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Kanto: "Pity Badges" are overrated. Saving a gloom's life or stopping a Psychic serial killer is definitely more important than overlevelling your charizard and sweeping.
OI: Tracey was a good character. Don't know why he needed a last name, though.
Johto: Fillers weren't that bad, Team Rocket was at their best here. Charizard should have never returned.
Hoenn: Nothing here.
Sinnoh: Paul isn't an evil animal abuser like people think. I didn't hate Tobias.
Unova: Competent Team Rocket was cool, it led to the Meowth betrayal. Alder was a better champion than Cynthia. Cameron was a good rival.
Kalos: Sawyer was a poor man's Casey.
Alain was a okay-to-good character. I didn't find him bad. I think he deserved the league victory since he trained his Charizard much more than Ash trained his entire team put together. I think Alain's team should've had only one out of Metagross or Tyranitar.
Charizard's best battle was against Entei due to the emotional stakes. It was too overpowered after that (save for the Brandon battle and BW, lol).

Bayleef is Ash's best Pokemon. Looks, personality (in spades) and realistic wins... What is not to love?

Sceptile is nothing special. The way it defeated Darkrai was ridiculous (power of friendship much?).

Infernape's story was boring and its league victory was too much.

Pignite is, well, Pignite.

Ash-Greninja is the worst Pokemon ever. Truly an abomination.
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