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Cornbread's Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Cornbread, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Cornbread

    Cornbread ...!

    Blog Posts:
    Feb 8, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Trainer name: Zack
    AIM: cuckundu
    Cash: $24500
    Record: 8/6/0
    Badges: none
    Items: none
    Items Used: Dawn Stone, TM06 Toxic

    [​IMG] Runt
    EXP: [​IMG]███████[​IMG]
    W/L/D: 8/3/0
    TM's: none
    FFAs: 1 participated
    Item: Icy Rock
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Nature: Rash
    Obtained: Starter

    [​IMG] Cyrel
    EXP: [​IMG]███████[​IMG]
    W/L/D: 4/4/0
    TM's: 06(Toxic)
    FFAs: 2 participated
    Item: none
    Ability: Sturdy
    Nature: Relaxed
    Obtained: Lost Below Mossdeep Isle

    Battle Log:
    1. Snorunt vs. Derian's Spheal LOSS - a fun battle but I was doomed from the start... Rest + Snore is just too much x_x
    2. Snorunt vs. Tortamorph's Baltoy WIN - type advantage was a little too much for Baltoy... :p
    3. Snorunt vs. Tortamorph's Baltoy WIN - Tortamorph demanded this rematch, but I'm afraid I was far too prepared
    4. Snorunt vs. Skull Kid's Nidoran♂ WIN - a truly thrilling battle... I almost feel bad for Marshy. Hail, ice body, then stat drops, focus energy, poison, priority moves, accuracy drops, flinching, possible freezing... it was wild and it was close. an amazing battle
    5. Snorunt vs. A Man and his Wynaut's Houndour LOSS - heh I knew I was doomed on this one but that's okay
    6. Snorunt vs. Skull Kid's Pidgey WIN - I need to stop battling when I have the type advantage... I'm starting to feel that my positive record is a fluke :p
    7. Pineco & Froslass vs. Skull Kid's Pidgey & Nidorino WIN - quite a good battle... finally no annoying type advatages, hah. well Froslass>Pidgey>Pineco, but oh well. also, Shroomish seems to have mixed me and Gravity up on his log... :/
    8. Pineco & Froslass vs. Skull Kid's Pidgeot & Nidoking WIN - Cyrel didn't last long, but he got two layers of spikes and Runt swept :D
    1. Snorunt vs. Sennyo's Cubone (thread) WIN - a good game, but a bit one-sided, I'm afraid :p type advantages!
    2. Pineco & Froslass vs. L285's Forretress and Magby (thread) WIN - that was a way close battle :p I'm surprised I won
    3. Pineco vs. cooldude500's Magmar (thread) LOSS - type advantage again TT_TT I need more Pokés
    4. Pineco + Wiiunite's Meowth vs. Natorei's Cyndaquil + Shuckle213896052's Onix (thread) - LOSS - why does bug-type have to suck so muuuuuuch I'll show you all when I've got a Steel subtype TT_TT
    5. Pineco vs. Tortamorph's Baltoy (thread) - LOSS - he got stat boosts both times he used Ancient Power?! wtf
    6. Froslass & Pineco vs. Skull Kid's Nidoking & Pidgeotto (thread) WIN - heehee Ice-types ftw
    7. Froslass & Pineco vs. evanfardreamer's Arcanine and Jolteon (thread) - LOSS - Fire-types need to die
    1. Snorunt came in 9th place out of 11.
    2. Pineco came in 15th place out of 55.

    Rivals: Skull Kid[​IMG], Tortamorph[​IMG]

    1. Lost Below Mossdeep Isle (vs. Pineco) (7589/9158) SUCCESS
      • Zack is challenged by Tate and Liza to capture a Pokémon ✓
      • Explores a cave on Mossdeep's eastern beach ✓
      • Becomes lost in the deeper areas of the cave ✓
      • Find a Pineco, chases it out ✓
      • Uses Runt to battle and capture the Pineco ✓

    1. vs. Sableye
      • Nicknames it Cyrel and returns to town ✓
      • Is told by Tate and Liza that he should travel Hoenn as a trainer, finding Pokémon and battling ✓
      • They give him three spare Pokéballs
      • Is recruited by a sea captain named Gregor, who recruits him to help in a voyage on his ship, the Ahab
      • Gregor explains that he is searching for a Wailmer to capture, as his rival from his days as a trainer had long ago challenged him to capture one
      • Zack agrees to come
      • Zack discusses being a Trainer with Gregor, who was a trainer for most of his life
      • The next day, they come within sight of Void, a mysterious island cloaked in an impermeable black fog
      • Gregor explains that it is impossible to land on the island, but no one really knows why
      • However, it is said that drowning sailors near the island will sometimes be sucked in to the island, and never seen again
      • As they are sailing past it, a Wailord (who is migrating with his pod of Wailmer) tries to surface for air underneath the boat, causing it to capsize
      • Zack manages to find a lifevest, but Gregor refuses to go with him, insisting upon going down with the ship
      • In his last moments, Gregor gives Zack a Premier Ball, pleading him to catch the Wailmer in his stead, and to find his old rival, Norman
      • Zack promises to fulfill his request, and abandons ship
      • As he floats, he starts to drift closer to the Void, until he is enveloped by the black fog
      • He lands on a beach, but can't see anything until a Sableye appears, illuminating the darkness with its jeweled eyes
      • He is lead blindly across the island, only able to see a few feet in front of him
      • Is able to somewhat see and hear many other Sableye as his Sableye guides him
      • Is lead to a crater at the center of the island, where thousands of tiny glowing shards let him see
      • In the center is a mostly destroyed meteorite with a glowing core
      • Zack can see the burned remains of Sableye around the perimeter of the crater
      • His guide pantomimes that the Sableye cannot go near the glowing shards, and wish for him to remove them
      • Zack walks down the slope, towards the crater
      • Runt jumps out of his backpack, to touch the glowing stone at the center of the crater
      • All of the shards gather together, creating a Dawn Stone
      • Runt evolves into a Froslass
      • The island becomes covered in darkness again
      • The Sableyes imprison Zack and Runt
      • Runt uses Icy Wind, freezes the Sableye guarding them and briefly illuminates the crystals on her head, allowing them to see for a brief instant
      • The head Sableye (has golden eyes) challenges them
      • The Sableye blends perfectly with the darkness, making it difficult to see even when Runt can illuminate during her attacks
      • However, its golden eyes give it away
      • Froslass desperately fights it off, having trouble seeing it properly
      • Realizes its eyes can be targeted
      • Uses Ominous Wind to immobilise it and illuminate it, then hits it in the eye with Ice Shard
      • Zack throws the Pokéball to catch it
    2. vs. Wailmer

    Money History:
    1. +$3000 for starting
    2. +$500 for losing to Derian
    3. +$1000 for beating Tortamorph
    4. -$2000 for buying an Icy Rock
    5. +$1000 for beating Tortamorph
    6. +$1000 for beating Skull Kid
    7. +$500 for losing to A Man and his Wynaut
    8. +$1000 for 9th place in an FFA
    9. +$1000 for beating Skull Kid
    10. -$3000 for buying a Dawn Stone
    11. +$1000 for beating Skull Kid
    12. +$500 for losing to cooldude500
    13. +$500 for losing to Natorei & Shuckle213896052
    14. +$1000 for beating L285
    15. +$500 for losing to Tortamorph
    16. -$4500 for buying TM06 Toxic
    17. +$1000 for beating Skull Kid
    18. +$500 for losing to evanfardreamer
    19. +$20000 for 15th place in an FFA

    3000 + 500 + 1000 - 2000 + 1000 + 1000 + 500 + 1000 + 1000 - 3000 + 1000 + 500 + 500 + 1000 + 500 - 4500 + 1000 + 500 + 20000 = 24500

    1. First battle won ✓
    2. 5 battles won ✓
    3. 10 battles won
    4. 20 battles won
    5. 50 battles won
    6. 100 battles won

    • SIMPLE:
      • Pineco> Forretress
      • Wynaut > Wobbuffet
      • Unown
      • Combee > Vespiquen
      • Nincada > Ninjask (> Shedinja)
    • MEDIUM:
      • Snorunt ✓ > Froslass ✓
      • Ralts > Kirlia > Gardevoir
      • Corphish > Crawdaunt
      • Croagunk > Toxicroak
      • Sableye
      • Magnemite > Magneton > Magnezone
      • Yanma > Yanmega
    • HARD:
      • Wailmer > Wailord
      • Smeargle
      • Nosepass > Probopass
      • Piplup > Prinplup > Empoleon
    • COMPLEX:
      • Beldum > Metang > Metagross
      • Zangoose
      • Ditto
      • Scyther > Scizor
      • Anorith > Armaldo

    1. Five Pokémon owned
    2. Ten Pokémon owned

    1. First story successful ✓
    2. 5 stories successful
    3. 10 stories successful

    1. Pass grader's test
    #1 Cornbread, Apr 17, 2010
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2010