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Corner of Nonsense

Apr 1, 2022
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  1. He/Him
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Finally, an art thread ᗡ:
So anyways, here's a lil Porygon 2. One of my favorite mons of all time
Some more drawings.

This guy is for the comic I'm making with Guest_Adam, he looks pretty pissed. What a strange name.

Shadow Kirby on his warp star, I wanted to try to make a more painterly style similar to the way I draw in MS Paint, maybe I should draw more often like this.

Tried to make a sticker out of this, printed it too big, and now I have a big Zero sticker on my drawer instead of a small one on my laptop.

Man, my style looks pretty inconsistent here. I should really stick to one today.
Made this quick sketch for a request for a guy as part of a deal so he would do a face reveal.
Some more context: Basically Quandale asked me to show my face in the C_C vc (aka where the racist white guy saga was set) and I said "Only if you also show your face in the vc" So I ended up doing a lot of requests for him, including this one drawing of his ballsona. Also told the entire server that he's doing one, got forced to show his face because his fellow mods were threatening him to remove his roles.

We ended up making his day worse obviously, I regret joining the mod mob for role removing.

Made this for another request. Guy just wanted to be a cat ball.
Shading experimentation with Bandan, I think it's pretty adorable.

Made this for a deviantart badge, I liek ravens.


Fanart of my favorite artist as a countryhuman with their trusty Eevee? Idk if mu_ is a ordinary Eevee with weird markings.


Redraw of an old drawing
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