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Corner of Random Lore Bits and Worldbuilding

Apr 1, 2022
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Hello there! Welcome to this thread!~

This is just a place to keep track of my worldbuilding thingies, both Pokemon related and otherwise! Keep in mind that the lore I make is often rewritten and a bit confusing, so questions are more than welcome!

There probably won't ever be a story that will be attached to these things. It's just silly stuff I like to make up.
History and Backstories
"The very moment that the Ultimate Weapon fired, a strange and curious thing happened..
Only humans were affected by it's blast, with only Pokemon remaining after. Being left behind, they took the remaining ruins of humanity, and built their new homes from there. Many towns and cities sprouted, as Pokemon slowly began to follow in humanity's footsteps. Will they create an Ultimate Weapon of their own, or will they stray from the path that humanity once followed?

The very Pokemon that was once revived by this very machine is still wandering around to this day, waiting for her beloved master to come to his senses."

"A strange thing came from the remnants of the Ultimate Machine..

Crystals, which seem to change a Pokemon's form, letting them gain power they never dreamed of before, or being able to change a Pokemon's very power!
The Pokemon studied how it worked, curious to how such a machine can gain this much power.

So thus, the powers that came from it, were called Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, and Terastillazation"
The Guild!
Teams were created as a way to keep to keep things in order at the beginning of Pokemon forming their own settlements, due to the high crime rates and constant fights that broke up. While it's been long enough that those problems aren't as severe as they used to, Teams still presist. Guilds were created after in order to organize them, although it's not really needed to form one.

Most towns usually have a guild, often sharing the same name, kinda behaving like a police station for said town.

Ok I'm gonna list the rest bullet point style, since I find that a lot easier.

  • New members/teams of a Guild are often paired up with more experienced members/teams, usually to teach them how the job works and for safety purposes (Safety in Numbers!). Often this is during the training period. Once they're deemed competent, they no longer need to pair up.
  • While yes, children can join a Guild, they're usually given a lot more guidance, and their training period is much more longer.
  • Some gangs pretend to be a Team for hire, in order to steal resources, kidnap, and well uh, much more things I won't list.
  • With the above point in mind, this is why people are more suspicious of independent Teams, and they're often investigated if there's a spike in the crime rate.
  • If a Team doesn't want to/can't name themselves, they're usually either:
1. The Guild gives them a name from the list of names.
2. The town the Guild is in gives them a name, usually this is more a nickname that forms over time. (this is how Team Geist got their name.)
  • There is no max amount of Team members, but most are around 2-5 members.
  • The most famous Team in the modern age is Team Red! Consisting of a Charizard, a Venusaur, and a Blastoise, although theres been rumors that they might retire soon. (Team Red was Rainer's inspiration to start one of his own.)

I'll add more when more comes to mind.
Welcome to Spiritown!
This is well, the town where the Guild that Team Geist operates is from! Kinda a weird intro but hey, this isn't fully written yet and might change in the near future!

"A strange sort of energy started to emanate near the ruins of the Ultimate Weapon, where it seemed to attract all sorts of Ghost Pokemon. Some say it's the remaining life force that once powered it, others say it's the ghosts of dead Pokemon calling out to them, and yet others say it's the work of humans, trying to capture them once more.
But still, many flocked to and settled in eventually, enough Ghost Pokemon stayed to form a village, and then a town, it was dubbed Spiritown."

Spiritown is actually a rather large and big for one, enough to for a few to say that it should be considered a city. Most don't really care though, and still call it a town. Alright time to list this down bullet point style.
  • Most citizens are Ghost-Type, however there are the rare few exceptions. Often they're there to collect and trade for Mega Stones.
  • While it's large, there's still only one Guild: The Spiritown Guild, this is due to it stamping out any other competion, sometimes through uh.. unsavory means.
  • The rumored Eternal Flower Floette is considered an urban legend here, while many claim to see her, there hasn't been enough proof to prove her existence.

More will be added soon!
Pokemon Biology?
I guess it's time to explain how Evolutions work here!

So, Pokemon Evolution is technically a Pokemon maturing physically/body simply reacting to outside factors, however, outside factors can effect how early/late a Pokemon can evolve. Some are obvious, such as constant battling, or being near Everstones. Trade Evolution works the same way as leveling up. But..

You know how some Pokemon that are multiple beings, and fuse into one being when they evolve? When one member is gone, it's either they find a replacement quickly (Diplin is an easy example, since I think the core-wyrm and fore-wyrm aren't spilt from the orignal wyrm that was Applin), or they end up never evolving.

For a certain Doublade however, after losing his other half to a certain someone, tried every single way to evolve, his body twisting and slowly getting mangled with each attempt. Slowly becoming something that shouldn't exist.
Some would say that he succeeded, others would say that he simply became a monster that can't be reasoned with no longer..
But still, he's there.


The Remains of Humanity
"Humans are still out there! Sure they're squishy and weak, but they can catch you in these things called 'Pokeballs' and make you fight for them! They're really really scary Rainer!"
"Don't be stupid Caden, they're not real in the first place!"

Despite the Ultimate Weapon's destructive beam, a few persistent humans survived. Having now lost their bond for Pokemon, and now only viewing them as means to an end, they try to capture any Pokemon to use in battle, use for labor, or experimention. Living in small settlements underground, their technology advanced quickly as time passed. (this reminds me of Melon and Aegislash)

However, most Pokemon nowadays have never seen a human, and they're often used in cautionary tales to warn or scare young children into good behavior. Often they're even believed to not be real at all, sightings of them being dismissed as simply seeing things. Most sightings usually occur near the Ultimate Weapon.
Non-Pokemon related things
"I remember you, you were soaring through the Beyond, free as a bird, without a second thought. I was once so scared of you, thinking that you'd capture me in your claws.
I remember when I plucked you from the sky, as I ripped your wings off your back. I stripped you of your divinity, letting you fall among mortals.
I remember thinking that was it. You'd never come for me now.
I remember realizing what I've done.

I wish I can say sorry to you now, Rowan."

"Once, there was a God who once swam through the cosmos. For every flick of his fins, a wave of destruction followed through, everything he touched mutated into something it shouldn't be. But those were insignificant to him, for mortals are mere ants to the divine and holy.

Until the cosmos had enough of him.
As the God dived deeper into his violence, a being was sent to imprison him. As it's white wings took flight, it pinned him down, dragging him to a place unknown.

And it was safe, everything was safe for now."
This is more a rant of random bits of lore than anything really. I can't think of anything cohesive right now
Steel-type Pokemon can actually rust! While a small amount won't really hurt or harm the Pokemon (at most it's probably the equivalent of being a bit itchy, wait that sounds weird), letting it fester can cause body parts to fall off. The latter however is a rare occurence, since rust can be removed easily if it's in small amounts, you really have to be neglectful of yourself in order for that to happen.

The weird/creepy Pokedex entries are true in a sense, etc The first Kadabras were humans, the first Drifloon really did kidnap children, the first Banette were dolls look for revenge. However as time passed on, it eventually stopped being true for newer generations, as they were descendants of the originals, and didn't originate from the source.

It's actually only been a few centuries since the war and the Ultimate Weapon's blast, so the technology of Pokemon aren't really that advanced as humans. This is also partially due to a lack of need of such advanced tech, who needs that when you're esentially a magical animal that can do a lotta stuff?
However, the technology of humans advanced quickly, due to the lack of Pokemon to assist them now, and the few they capture are often mangled and experimented on, usually so they can harvest their powers. Often these mangled Pokemon end up having Stockholm Syndrome, and end up staying willingly with their "trainers". If they do end up escaping, they're usually unable to reintigrate into society and end up being all alone in the end.
More random ideas!
This is more so ideas I want to put down on paper (or the digital note ig??), since most of my own worldbuilding is just random ideas that I NEVER put on paper. Most of the time, they're characters.

So, as I mentioned before, there are so called "Teams" that are just thieves looking to make a quick buck and run. There is one such notorious duo (or should I make them a trio? idk who should be the third Pokemon) of thieves that call themselves Team Nightshade, consisting of a mischevious Meowscrada and a devious Malamar. (although to be honest, they're only a team in name, they act more simply like thieves with a code of honor and looking for a thrill)

Having a penchant for theatrics, and the arts, they often steal art that they consider worthy of their attention. They also consider Team Geist to be their rival, although the latter doesn't really view them as such, they just unfortunately get assigned to missions that involved Team Nightshade's shenanigans. (Should I make the Meowscrada and Malamar girls? Since they're kinda a foil, and thus kinda opposites?)

I will try to release designs for them, but they're still a WIP, so things here might change a LOT soon!
jESUS CHRIST WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I POSTED HERE???? Anyways I actually feel pretty fine now so here we go!

The Ultimate Weapon was made of a strange, crystaline material that most Pokemon couldn't identify at first, many thought it was an unknown ore from the depths of the earth, some say it was made with jewels that Diancie herself could have made, some say however, it was made from a Pokemon undiscovered that has now gone exinct.

The latter hypothesis was correct, as many have found where such crystals could have been found, or rather, harvested from.

As certain Exploration Teams explored the depths of the crater that was formed in Paldea, they found a bewildering Pokemon, who seemed to be the last of it's kind, as many deshelled corpses that seem similar to it surround it. Many dubbed his species "Terapagos", due to it being the true origin of the Terastal phenomenon.

Ok that short story is out of the way, time to get into the less important facts.

  • Those who have befriended Terapagos have nicknamed him "George", Terapagos himself seems to like the nickname.
  • He doesn't understand his friends' language currently however, he's trying to learn though!
  • Yes! Paradox Pokemon do still exist in Area Zero, however theres not that many Paradox Pokemon as one may expect.
  • There have been attempts to befriend said Paradox Pokemon, most attempts have been unsuccessful, due to the language barrier and the Paradox Pokemon precieving them as threats, thus being hostile.
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