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Corrupt a Wish v2

Mach Pokémon
Granted, but it's become practically useless.

I wish Valve stopped making unnecessary changes to weapons in TF2.
Granted, they started to make unnecessary changes to cosmetics and hats instead. (headshot immunity, max HP increased, etc.*

I wish someone corrupts this wish.
"What do you mean, my Gengarite is contraband?!"
Granted, it gets corrupted into an uncorruptible wish.

I wish we knew exactly why Alolan Raichu came to be.
Well-Known Member
Granted, but it immediately gets erased from everyone's memory.

I wish for Alolan Exeggutor to disappear forever.
Fluffy with 80% more spots!
Granted, but you have to fight the bees to get it and you're looking at facing off an entire bee army.

I wish I had the body of an athlete.
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Granted, but your most favorite athlete loses his athleticness.

I wish for a friendly, gentle giantess to be my friend. (Corrupt THAT!)
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Granted, but now everyone else's is so slow you can't communicate with anyone or play online because of how slow their internet is.

I wish for more wishes.
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Granted, but they always fail. They are actually known as Failure Balls.

I wish for bullies to become nice.
Fluffy with 80% more spots!
Granted, but now there are bigger weapons with worse OP power than what you hated beforehand.

I wish I could visit myself in an alternate dimension.