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Corrupt a Wish v2

Pikachu Aficionado
Granted, but it had a terrible temper and ran away.

I wish that I could have unlimited amounts of merchandise.
Granted, it is all of Morgz and horrible Meme Channels. Also, you get charged every time it arrives, looping you into debt. Also, it gets added every 12 hours

I wish for a good book
Fiery Extraordinaire
Watchog receive so much love, that nobody is able to work anymore. They are just obsessing over Weavile over and over. Civilization is ruined, nobody have the energy to eat or do their stoff. They are just thinking over and over about Watchog. Soon, humanity disappear.

I wish to get some honey.
Wish Granted, you ultimately realize you aren't having fun in life anymore, especially since you get everything you wish for. You have everything, yet you live in constant fear of dying or causing a tragedy due to your never-ending wishing. You manage to seclude yourself from society and to end your suffering, you wish for one last thing. I wish to disappear. You wait, but you don't disappear. You wished to never die years ago, and since your wishes always come true, you live in immortality, always suffering.

I wish for a happy story
Electric Extradimensional
Granted. Siren Head plays a happy story for you to hear with its “speakers” as it pursues you, until it inevitably...catches you...

I wish for a Galarian Weezing card
127044Wish granted, it is worth 1000000000000 dollars and there is only one. But if it is seen by anyone but you, you are sentenced to death.

I wish for a horrible Smogon Team
The Shootin' intelligent lizard
Granted. There's now infinite amount of food that you'll forced to eat it and die for that

I wish for big house