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Mafia Corrupt?! Mafia - ENDGAME - Mafia Win

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Mar 1, 2015
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Corrupt?! Mafia: A Kakashi Hatake and Zexy production.

The village of Calliopa was very peaceful, never involved in any conflicts, or disagreements, everybody got along well.

However, all good things must come to an end. And so did the perfect harmony of Calliopa. On the day of the second of May, 1816, the peaceful mayor of the town of Calliopa, was killed.

Made to look like an accident, people saw through this plan, as the Mayor had always been known to be very caring. And careful.

The village was in uproar, and it was decided. A small group of people would decide who the culprits of the death were, and kill them off...

1. BMGf and TWR rules apply.
2. Please, let's keep it civil. It is just a game.
3. Day phases normally last 48 hours, Night phases last 24 hours. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes at :00 count, votes at :01 don't. If we am sure that we won't be able to update we may extend the phase in question straight from the beginning.
4. Please be active. You may be subbed out at the hosts' discretion. If no sub is available to take your place, you may be modkilled.
5. All kinds of claiming are allowed. No quoting of role PMs or screenshots, though. (the quoting part includes asking for wincon or faction wording).
6. If you change username, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention the hosts.
7. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: Kakashi Hatake". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: Kakashi Hatake".
8. Voting works a little different, you need to vote someone you believe is town, and they will be given a specially made gun. To kill one person in the night.
9. The same player may not be voted twice in a row.
10. Outside communication is allowed; please include at least one of the hosts in all game-related outside chats in whatever way you find most comfortable.
11. Rules are subject to change. We will make sure to mention you if that happens, but since mentions don't work sometimes, please keep your eyes open.

1. @Mighty Eevee; Lost in Endgame, Vanilla Town
2. @Hellcrow; Lost in Endgame, Vanilla Town
3. @jackatlasred; Lost in Endgame, Vanilla Town
4. @Elementar; Won in Endgame, Poisoner
5. @Midorikawa; Died Day 3, Vanilla Town
6. @Pikochu; @Sigurd; Died Night 2, Vanilla Town
7. @Dale; Died Night 3, Poisoner Cop
8. @Jsach; @DrumBeats; Died Day 2, Vanilla Town
9. @leetic; Won in Endgame, Backup Poisoner

1. @returnofMCH;
2. @Leggo;

Important Events:
Day One Start
Night One Start
Day Two Start
Night Two Start
Day Three Start
Night Three Start
Day Four Start
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Zexy seems to cohost custom-verse quite a bit xD. The Trolliverse, the Aussieverse and the Kakashiverse now.

Anyway.... Interesting mechanics so... Sure, I'll try this. In.
Communication methods?
Communication methods?
Your standard OC game. Thread, Bulbagarden conversations...

Please forward any outside chats to the hosts (if it's Skype/Discord, adding at least one host to the chat is enough. Else copypaste).
So there isn't a standard lynch mechanic, that makes it interesting. I've never seen something like this before.
In 5$ I never get the gun... I already bet 20 and won so I'm on a streak
Please put me in! And why can't a person be voted for twice in a row?
I would assume to force the shot to switch around, as one person can't be voted the shot in a row.
Whoever gets voted, gets the gun, and I suppose they don't want the same person to use the gun twice in a row.
So there isn't a standard lynch mechanic, that makes it interesting. I've never seen something like this before.
Since it's not clear... are you in or not?
Zexy I need to look at my school schedule and get back to you.

Can I be in as a sub for the time?
Zexy I need to look at my school schedule and get back to you.

Can I be in as a sub for the time?
It's fine.

I don't think i can take credit for that one either :p If I recall, YOU coined that term during the first MSW.
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