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Crazy Comparisons


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Dec 12, 2022
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Hello everybody!!!

Today we will be playing an interesting game known as crazy comparisons. In this game one will compare some attribute of a Pokemon to another. Below are some rules and regulations:

1. Try not to use standard means of comparison like type or region. This thread will get quite boring if it is just one long list of all electric types.

2. The more different the two mons are the better! While it may be easy to say pidgey and hoothoot are both birds, it's a heck of a lot more fun to say that shuckle and xerneas have the same amount of letters.

3. No double posting

4. No profanity

5. Have Fun! This is my first thread besides my intro, so I'm hoping for a lot of replies!

Still dont get it? Behold: an example!
Post 1: metagross
Post 2: Magnemite, made out of multiple pokemon
Post 3 marill, gained typing in later generation

Lets start with my personal favorite: Bidoof!
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Conkeldurr. Both have red noses!
Tinkaton, both use blunt objects as a weapon In fact I had thought about this before, it's a great coincidence that I'm currently using Tinkaton as avatar.
Magneton, both have the word ton at the end of their name
probopass, both evolve from their previous evolutions using a secial magnetic field
Kricketune. Both have magnificent mustaches.
Chatot. Both have a 5% chance of holding a Metronome when caught in the wild in certain games.
Furfrou, both are based on something french.
litwick, both are listed as white pokemon in the pokedex

Both are Pokemon owned by Ask Ketchum in the anime that can Mega Evolve
Giratina. Both are the game mascots for a single Pokemon game that wasn't released as a duo
Landorus. Both are Legendary Pokémon that have two forms: one with legs, and one without.
zygarde, both are ground type legendaries that didn't appear on box art
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