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Crazy Comparisons

Milotic, both are Pokemon owned by Cynthia in the games and anime
Inkay, both have completely unique evolution methods (in hoenn and sinnoh for milotic)
Dusknoir - both have a base Speed stat of 45.
Weavile, both are generation 4 evolutions of past gen pokemon and require a held item to evolve.
Sneasler, both evolve from Sneasel
Wyrdeer, both are Hisui Ride Pokemon, and evolve from pokemon introduced in gen 2.
Farigiraf, both are Normal/Psychic Pokemon evolving from Gen 2 Pokemon
Alomomola - both Pokémon's names are palindromes.
Torracat (Both are voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the English dub of the Pokemon anime)
Floragato, both are second stage starter evolutions and are based on cats.
Frogadier (Both are second stage starter Pokemon with the hidden ability Protean)
marshtomp, both are second stage water type starters based off amphibians
Quagsire, both are Water/Ground types that can have Damp as an ability and are based of amphibians.
Golbat, both have a disproportionately large mouth
Woobat (both are bat like Pokemon that evolve through high friendship)
Skitty, both are pink colored Hoenn pokemon with a higher female ratio.
Electrode (Both bear some resemblance to a Poke Ball)
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