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Crazy Comparisons

Malamar - both look like they turned upside down when they evolved.
Mothim. Both can have Psybeam as a charged attack in Pokemon Go.
dustox, both are final evolutions of a pokemon that can have two final evolutions, and both are based on moths
Venomoth, both are nocturnal Bug/Poison types based off of moths.
Arctovish, both have only appeared in the anime as an image in the same episode
Shieldon: Both have similarly weirdly oblong faces
Aerodactyl, both are Fossil Pokemon that Gary has looked after in the anime
Yamper, both were the first Gen 8 Pokemon to appear in the anime
Raichu, both have some body part based on a lightning bolt
Maushold, both are mice in the Field and Fairy egg groups.
Teddiursa, both resemble teddy bears
Galarian Zigzagoon, both their final evolutions require it to be nighttime.
slowpoke, they both have a regional variant that every member of their evolution line has
Gyarados. Both can learn Flamethrower and Fire Blast.
Milotic, both are serpent like Pokemon that evolve from a rather weak Water-type Pokemon
Gourgeist, both have hair-like appendages coming from their heads.
Diggersby, Both are Gen 6 Pokemon that can have the ability Pick Up
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