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Aug 18, 2009
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A Challenge for us all? :)

Okay, so, I am a member of numerous forums for various things, but my greatest passion is language learning. On the forums I visit for languages, we frequently challenge each other to progress in some way or other within a certain time period - my friend once challenged me to learn 10,000 Italian words in six months, for example. I didn't quite make it, but I still ended up getting just over 9,000 words out of those six months instead of wasting the time entirely. I was thinking along those sorts of lines for Pokémon yesterday, and I'd like to issue a challenge to us all. I'm not sure how successful or compatible with the games this will be, but here goes:

I was recently thinking about the pokémon I use for battling, and I often use the same ones, or thereabouts, once I've become familiar with a new region. I'd like to challenge you all to train and incorporate into your teams a pokémon either that you wouldn't usually consider using seriously or one that you've always wanted to train but have never really gotten around to - I have a few of those and I don't think I'm the only one. So, I'm going to choose two.

Choice one: Crobat

I've never really liked any of the flying types I've ever used - Pidgeot, Unfezant, Hoothoot, although my Swellow did eventually grow on me, but not a lot. I've also never really gotten into afflicting status effects. So I'm going to see whether a Crobat could grow on me.

Choice two: Scizor

I remember how difficult I found catching a Scyther in Generation I. I never wanted to pay the 5500 coins you needed to buy one from the Prize Corner either, as I didn't think I would have truly earned it. Since Generation One, I've liked and almost been wary of Scyther, but have never trained one.

So, what will you train? As I said above, I'm not sure how successful this thread will be, but anyone who is up for it, what pokémon are you going to train? Why have you chosen the ones you have? Curiosity, or to fill in a weakness in your line? Any other reasons?

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Apr 4, 2011
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The Group Nuzlocke challenge:

This is a simple variant i made, here's the rules

-You must have at least 4 people with a gen 4 onward
-All normal nuzlocke rules apply, everybody has to agree on ruleset
-After you beat a gym, you must save your game and wait for the others to beat that same gym
-After everybody beats it, one person will randomly pick people to trade there teams they beat the gym with
-If someone wipes with no PC reinforcements, its game over
-If a pokemon faints, you release, no trading it

Example: 4 person game
All 3 beat Falkner, player 1 trades team with player 3, and player 2 with 4
continues until next gym

any questions?
I might have done this if I didn't have trade my team.