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Create a move for the user above

Type: Psychic

Category: Status
Power: —
Accuracy: — (ignores anything on the field, affecting any Pokémon in battle, ignoring semi-invulnerable turns of moves like Fly or Dig and a Substitute, but not breaking it)
The user emits so much light that the sky almost goes away, flinching anything
(including the user) on the field.
Imaginational Beam
Type: The users Type(s)
Power: 100
Accuracy: 90%
Changes after type:
PP: 5

Normal: nothing
Fighting: its an physical attack
Rock: 50% to summon an sandstorm
Ground: Hits Flying Types
Grass: 50% chance for leech seed
Fire: 50% for burn
Water: summons rain
Electric: 50% paralyses
Poison: 50% poison
Steel: highers the defense 1
Dark: flinch 20%
Psychic: 50% chance to confuse the target
Dragon: 20% to summon an substitude
Ghost: 10% perish
Ice: summons hail
Bug: 50% summons sticky web
meow meow magic
-- type
pow 50
acc --
the opponent is confused in a fiery vortex badly poisoned seeded infested in a sandstorm and in hail if they are not magic or a cat
Blades of Gods
Type: Steel

Category: Special
Power: 220
Accuracy: — (never misses, ignores semi-invulnerable turns of moves like Fly or Dig and hits trough Substitute)
The user slices trough the target with so much force that everything
nearby explodes, ignoring both protection and immunity.
Primordial soup
this pokemon examines the movesets abilities and types of its opponents and transforms into a pokemon that would best defeat its opponents, one power point
Conducting voice! (the exclamation mark is part of the name)
Power: --
Acc: --
This move allows the user to choose which pokemon go when in a double, multi, triple or revolution or battle royale. In single battles it raises speed asthe conductor tells the train to go... FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!!
Sword of Ruin
Category: Physical
Base Power: 250
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 5

Funcions similar to Light of Ruin with lots of recoil. If the user misses PP is not used.
pow:30+weight of thrown pokemon divide by 2
single: does 50 damage and hits 2-5 times
double,triple, raid etc: use the pow formula, thrown pokemon takes recoil damage and if thrown pokemon is heavier than you there is a chance you will get paralyzed, still hits 2-5 times
Merciful Blade
Type: Fire
Base Damage: 100
Category: Physical
PokePower: 5/5

Wields the Grey Sword on its left arm, dealing massive damage. This cannot be used for either 2 turns or until Merciful Cannon is used.
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