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Create your own Boss Fantasy

What's a Pokemon?
Feb 6, 2010
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Ok, the thread is basically what it says. You create your own Boss Fantasy as told by Meowth (of course some snippets from Jessie and James are acceptable). Credits go to Dogasu for his previous contest and WatcherMark for giving me the idea (and winning the contest as well!).

The rules are as following:

1) Nothing vulgar (like sending off a Pokemon to be...used. Or being sent off to a slaughterhouse.)

More may be added.
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The one once known as Alphaphlare
May 7, 2010
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Imagine the Boss' son is taking the SATs and he doesn't no a word then he thinks to himself "man why does it even matter what this word means" then he hear Mewtwo says "homeopathy is the method of treating disease by drugs, given in minute doses, that would produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease" then Silver thinks "thanks Mewtwo". Then Mewtwo also tells him all the stupid grammar rules that he doesn't know about. Silver scores a perfect grade and is accepted into MIT. The boss will be thank his father for Mewtwo and no longer hate him. Then the Boss will say "Thanks to Alphaphlare and friends, I am loved by my son again. I will promote them to a new rank Commander with a 10 times monthly salary, 250 total days(including weekend and holidays) off a year and full access to the Team Rocket Pokemon Reserves."
welcome to my world
Jan 16, 2011
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The boss is stuck in court and is almost going to be found out, what does he do? he use the *inserts physic pokémon name here* we stole for him, he uses it to read the minds of the prosecution and turns the entire case around!