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Create Your Own Pokéball

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Mar 22, 2016
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If you release a Pokémon the ball you used to capture it returns to your inventory. I don't have a name for it though since someone else already took "Recycle Ball".
Mar 24, 2010
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Dark Grass Ball (green top with dark green bottom and dark spike pattern poking into the top half): Bringing back the dark grass concept, this ball would give an advantage when catching pokemon found in Dark Grass.

Sky Ball (blue with white cloud pattern on top, paler blue on bottom): Gives and advantage when catching pokemon found in the air (be it via riding a pokemon with the ability to fly, soaring in the sky returning, or anything like that).

Scorched Ball (Red top with black 'seared' marks, black bottom with red-orange cracked pattern): Gives an advantage when catching fire type pokemon.

Aiming/Target Ball (Looks similar to a regular pokeball, only with either a target pattern around the pokeball's button, or some form of sight on the top of the ball): Allows you to target and attempt to catch a pokemon found during a double, hoard, or a regular encounter in which a pokemon calls for help.

Glamour Ball (A very dark blue or violet, but with colorful glitter pattern. Has a bit of a showy 'release' animation in battle): As effective as a normal ball, but increases a pokemon's beauty stat by a small amount as well as looking neat in battle. Also good for catching a Feebas that doesn't quite have the right nature to get full boost from beauty enhancing snacks! Less struggle for that Milotic, and without the obnoxious task of trade evolution!

Transfer Ball (Grey Bottom, black with neon green line stripe top, sorta grid looking): Will allow a pokemon caught in it to evolve without the need of trading, as long as it's put into a special function in the PC, or perhaps through a special machine you find at the home of the person who runs the local pokemon storage system. No more trying to find a trustworthy person online to trade your beloved Magmar to and hope they'll give it back!

Altitude Ball (Grey bottom, White top, grey patten leaks into the top half with a ~ wave-like pattern): Gives an advantage to pokemon caught in high locations like towers, mountain tops, Soaring, etc.

Balloon Ball (White bottom, blue top, with similar orbs to the heavy ball, but each orb is Red, blue, yellow, and green): The opposite to the Heavy Ball; gives an advantage when catching pokemon on the lighter end of the weight scale.

Wicked Ball (White bottom, black top. Grey eye design on the top): Possibly mainly used by a villain team, purchased from a shady salesperson for a rather high price- Provides a higher catch rate when trying to catch pokemon with full HP, getting less useful the closer to red the pokemon's HP is. Red would be equivalent to a regular pokeball's catch rate. Side effect would be a less happy pokemon, possibly one that cannot reach max happiness. Releases black smoke in the battle animation.
Previously Obstagoon
Dec 12, 2018
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Thanks for maintaining such a comprehensive table Patrick! Here's some more ideas:
  • Ever Ball: 3.5x effectiveness on non-evolving Pokemon
Design = grey and dimpled
  • Memory Ball: 3.5x effectiveness on Pokemon that can breed baby Pokemon; 1.5x effectiveness on other Pokemon that can breed, 0.5x on everything else.
Design = white with green spots
  • Mutant Ball: 4x effective on Pokemon that can branch evolve & mega evolve, 2x on Pokemon with single evolution lines, 0.5x on non-evolvers.
Design = neon green with red and yellow stripes

@Captain Hawlucha

You should call it the Boomerang Ball ^^
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Jun 26, 2015
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What if they create new magic pokebals that not only would catch pokemon but affect their evolutions or form changes?
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Jun 9, 2014
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Brand New Pokéballs

Mega Ball
Appearance: has a white-marble appearance with the Mega Evolution symbol surrounding the button on the front
Catch/Send-Out/Return Animation: smaller, less intense version of the Mega Evolution animation
Effect: 4x catch-rate for Pokémon either capable of Mega Evolution or that evolve into ones that can, but only if you have the corresponding Mega Stone in your inventory (future-proofing in the event of new Mega Evolutions).
Availability [Post-game only]: Given a dozen when first obtaining the Mega Ring. Costs 1000 Pokédollars per single ball.

Rich Ball
Appearance: solid gold Poké Ball with the regional Pokédollar sign on the top
Catch/Send-Out/Return Animation: Gold coins
Effect: Pokémon caught with this Poké Ball increase the amount of prize money if shown in battle
Availability: Costs 5,000 Pokédollars per per ball.

Auto Ball
Appearance: Looks like the standard Poké Ball, but has a circular arrow symbol on the top
Catch/Send-Out/Return Animation:: same as standard Poké Ball
Effect: If held by a Pokémon, it randomly launches at the end of the player's turn for a critical capture if the opponent's HP is either yellow or red.
Additional information: Auto Balls are not available in standard item shops, but are given out for completing certain tasks. Costs 8 BP per ball in battle facility areas.

Changed/Adjusted Pokéballs

Premier Ball
Effect: 2x catch-rate (like an Ultra Ball) for Pokémon not registered as "Seen" in the Pokédex.

Heal Ball
Effect: Still heals inflicted status conditions upon capture, but also has a 30% chance of healing status conditions if a Pokémon just leveled-up (upgrades to 60% chance if it's at a level that it learns a new move).
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May 2, 2019
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Like instant hidden ability for the mon you catch, but in return, perhaps limited availability in-game?
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May 2, 2019
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would catch pokemon but affect their evolutions or form changes?


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Jul 4, 2012
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Float Ball. Works like a Pokeball, when a captured Pokemon is sent out from a Float Ball, it gets a one turn Air Balloon effect that it loses if damaged.

Downpour/Sunshine/Desert/Icy Ball - Works like a Pokeball, when a captured Pokemon is sent out from a Downpour/Sunshine/Desert/Icy Ball, a one-turn weather effect is applied to the battle field. Can't be extended by held-items.

Iron Ball - Catches Steel & Electric Pokemon with a 2x bonus. When in battle, captured Pokemon gain Steel type for the first turn. The captured Pokemon are also always affected by Magnet Pull.
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Aug 27, 2010
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An orange coloured Pokeball with a red star on the top, that boosts the catch rate of capturing Dragons. This orange ball will be called the Dragonball... Oh wait...

In all seriousness though, I would create a Dragon ball that boosts the capture rate on Dragon type Pokémon by 1.5x - 2x. The top of the Pokeball would be a deep amethyst colour with a glowing Dragon insignia that either glows white or a really light pink, and the bottom would either be a dark grey, black or sapphire blue coloured.

Another Pokeball design that I'd like to see (that has no particular purpose) is a Pokeball that is an ominous, glowing Pink colour, with a Dark grey bottom.

An option to change the ball of a caught Pokémon (costing a ball of your choice, no Master and Cherish Balls since they already can't be passed by breeding) is something I'm sure would be popular. Especially amongst those who really care about their Pokémon being in visually appropriate balls. coughmalejellicentindiveballcough
That is a feature I have always wanted. I could imagine a machine somewhere in game that allows you to insert your Pokémon in it's Pokeball, and then insert any Pokeball you have in your bag into the machine, and the Pokémon will transfer to the new kind of Pokeball. The older Pokeball will then be discarded afterwards.
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that one guy
May 5, 2019
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This is a terrible idea, and I probably thought of this after eating a bunch of Fried Noodles.

Upgrade Ball: (The Ball is mostly white with a Grey inside and an + on top) It works like a regular Pokeball, with an 1x Capture rate. However, if the ball fails, it will give an extra 1x capture rate to the next ball you throw. Effects don't stack.

E.G: Say for example that you use the Upgrade Ball, it fails and then throw an Ultra Ball (3x Capture rate) This would mean that the Ultra Ball now has a 4x capture rate.

Say how much this post sucks, because I know it does.
Jun 6, 2019
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Besides a PkBall suited for each unique typing and while not a new type, I think that Ball capsules should come back and have an update to have more elemental props to use as well as simply chaning the Pkball's upper half color. Gym leaders could even hand out special props as well as having Team's props (Rocket, Plasma, etc).
I also think that taking into account the original method for obtaining Shedinja, we should be able to swith the Pkball after the Pkmn has been captured while changing the numbers that we have in our Bag.


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Sep 11, 2018
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I actually think the Cherish Ball should become a usable thing other than being the standard for event mons.

Like give it some sort of effect that showcases the 'Cherish' part of its name or a ball that is used for certain in-game events to showcase that it is a special ball used for special stuff and give it an effect off of that fact like a high catch rate + hapiness or something else that puts emphasis on the 'Cherish' part.

It is my favourite ball and it has a really nice design and I hate that such a nice design is going to waste like that.
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Mar 20, 2013
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All I've ever wanted are specific Pokeballs for each type that boost the chance of catching those types; excluding water and bug since they already exist.

How about PokeBalls that raise catch rates for a Pokemon of their type?

Leaf Ball: Catch rate rises when used on grass Pokemon.
Rain Ball: Catch rate rises when used on water Pokemon.
Blaze Ball: Catch rate rises when used on fire types.
Thunder Ball: Catch rate rises when used on electric types.
Spirit Ball: Catch rate rises when used on ghost types.
Silver Ball: Catch rate rises when used on steel types.
Faerie Ball: Catch rate rises when used on fairy types.
Dark Ball: Catch rate rises when used on dark types.
Toxic Ball: Catch rate rises when used on poison types.
Sky Ball: Catch rate rises when used on flying types.
Stone Ball: Catch rate rises when used on rock types.
Earth Ball: Catch rate rises when used on ground types.
Freeze Ball: Catch rate rises when used on ice types.
Magic Ball: Catch rate rises when used on psychic types.
Insect Ball: Catch rate rises when used on bug types.
Scale Ball: Catch rate rises when used on dragon types.
Fist Ball: Catch rate rises when used on fighting types.
Plain Ball: Catch rate rises when used on normal types.
Kind of like this.
the bells of joy are ringing
Jun 26, 2019
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One of the most interesting things I like about PoGo are the type medals. If you caught say like 50 Grass-Type Pokémon before, you get an automatic catch rate increase to all future grass-types. I guess what came into my mind is type-based Repeat Balls, not species-based Repeat Balls. So if you caught a cumulative amount of X Type before, using this ball will add a catch rate increase whenever you use this type of ball.

Here's a badly recolored "Grass-peat Ball"