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Create your own Pokemon villainous Team

My Body Is Ready
Mar 20, 2014
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Main Pokemon Type(s) used:


Uniform Style:




You can add more categories if you want, I'll start as well

Name: Team Eclipse

Motto: "Turn all creation into Darkness"

Symbol: A Crescent Moon

Major Pokemon Type(s) used: Dark, Fairy, and Ghost, Mainly Pumpkaboos, Clefairies, and Murkrows

Goal: To use the Legendary Pokemon's energy to destroy the world. (Either the Dark-Fairy that is based on a raven Pokemon or the Poison-Fairy Pokemon that is based on a komodo dragon.

Uniform Style: The grunts mainly wear funeral clothing. The girl admin wears a Gothic Lolita attire while the male admin wears something similar to what the Bird Keepers wear in Pokemon ORAS. The leader wears a generic schoolgirl uniform with stockings. It isn't revealing though.

Leader: Aria Knight is a teenage girl that had a pretty dark childhood, she grew up alone in a orphanage located at Lavender Town, her only friends were Yui and Ryu (which are the team's admins. They're also siblings). They were mistreated by the people who worked at the orphanage, so they decided to escape the house and go on a journey. They had plans on making the world a better place until Team Rocket stole their Pokemon and turned them into stone. They were forced to temporarily join Team Rocket, this caused them to have a change of heart and to do dirty deeds instead of good ones. They later managed to escaped Team Rocket, migrated to the Grapevine Region and 10 years later they formed their own villainous called Team Eclipse.

Team Eclipse's Leader Battle Theme:

Administrators: Yui the Gothic lolita girl and Ryu, Rui's brother.

Description: Team Eclipse is a ruthless team that shows no mercy on their opposing Pokemon. They don't steal Pokemon but they harm them and use them as energy sources in order to awaken the legendary Pokemon. This group was founded by a group of orphans from the Kanto along with their leader Aria Knight, they will stop at nothing to follow their plans. After the player defeats Aria, the champion gives her and her friends advice and tells them on the beauties of the world. They later have a change of heart and manage to to good deeds instead. They later appear in the game as supporting characters in order to help you stop Team Rocket. Team Rocket visits the Grapevine Region in order to recover their members and steal the regional Pokemon as well. You later can have daily rematches with Aria in a Battle House along with other important NPCs.