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Creating a new pokemon game, will anyone help and give ideas?

Pokemon Game Creation
Johto Fan-Boy
Aug 17, 2019
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Hi guys, first post here.

I'm creating a new pokemon game. I want it to be based on Hoopa. but I was also thinking Cresselia and Darkrai, but Hoopa is the main idea. I need a game name idea first.

Some more information

  • Region name - ???
  • One main Island
  • Starters needed except for the water type, which is going to be Water, Flying. (Typhonic is its name, final evolution)\
  • Evil team is called team nova,
  • Alolan And Galarian forms will be available in the game through trades with NPC's, such as in Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.
  • When Hoopa holds the prison bottle, there is an option to use it, being able to change its forms during battle, similar to mega evolution.
  • Mega evolution will be possible in this game, and there will be so many new mega evolutions needed.
  • New Eeveelutions, Flying and Dragon.

There's so much more to be worked on. So please feel free to reply to this post!

Thank you everyone!
Aug 29, 2019
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So, question. We just give you ideas? and also, are gym leaders/ important trainers supposed to have new types.

And about a starter, here is an idea for a fire type. The first evolution is called Grizember, which a Grizzly Bear, it is brownish, with specks of white. Mainly specializes in Attack. At level 19, it evolves into a more mixed Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear, called Grizolflame, which it speciallizes in Special Attack, and gains some ice type moves, however doesnt carry a duel ice typing. And finally at level 38 it evolves into a polar bear with red spots over its body, named Polamagma, and it gains its signature move, a duel typing. Lavalanche, a Ice and Fire type move, is a Special Move, 110 Base Power, 90% accuracy, 15% Chance to Burn and Freeze (seperately) Its learn set would be like this for each pokemon

When Gotten


Take Down

LVL 14
Fire Fang

LVL 19
Icy Wind
Flame Charge

LVL 26
Ice Shard

LVL 30

LVL 34
Flame Thrower

LVL 38

LVL 45
Ice Beam

LVL 51

LVL 57

LVL 74

LVL 91

LVL 100
Hyper Beam

VIA HM if its available is

Cut a
Rock Smash
Rock Climb

Abilities are Blaze (Main) for the first two evolutions and Crisp Air (When foe hits or gets hit by a physical move, they have a 30% chance to freeze) for the final evolution. You can pick HA's
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May 13, 2014
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If you want to use Hoopa, maybe the region should be based on South Arabia, Qatar and/or United Arab Emirates. The contrast between the desert and the business centers would be cool to explore.

The grass starter could be an elephant and the fire one a leopard.
Mar 13, 2019
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If you have no idea for the plot:
*The region is so close newmoon island
*You also think that Team nova are heroes
Team nova's plan is to find hoopa and the prison bottle, then summon powerful pokemon from all dimensions.
Darkrai wants to stop them but everyone on that region think it's evil, and they use cresselia to counter it so they will look like heroes.
Darkrai started attacking them later in their research for hoopa, so stuff happens and they see as someon who can help them, so you go to newmoon island to catch darkrai, and after you catch/KO it you return to the ship you came to NM island then they tell you that the fourth elite four member who was absent from victory road is one of the admins (3 admins , one of them was defeated as a test for you)
You're in victory road and now you're about to fight the champion then you hear breaking news on the poketch pokegear pokenav whatever you will name it, calling all trainers to team nova's HQ, where you meet your rivals again and they help to fight legendaries you find there .
That's all I can think of now,I may add more later and did you anounce it any where like youtube or only in this website
Work from home, please!
Aug 6, 2019
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Here's a few:
Region is based on Australia
Grass Starter: Kangaroo which is a fast physical attacker which gains the ground type
Fire Starter: Ox which is a fast special attacker which gains the steel type.
Water Starter: catfish which is a bulky special attacker and gains the electric type.
Evil Team is Team Totem based on Aborigine culture
aborigine culture could be the base of the cover legends
their theme could be order chaos and balance