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Customization Thread

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May 19, 2003
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Who else is worried we're going to either be stuck in school uniforms the entire game or have preset outfits like BDSP?

Seriously though, what do you think? Are they going to take 20 steps back and give the bare minimum or are they hiding the more elaborate clothing options for a new trailer.

The only customization options we know of seem to be:
  • School uniform length
  • Hats (including headbands)
  • Backpacks
  • Gloves
  • Hairstyles
  • Skintones
  • Contacts
Personally, as someone who enjoys mix and matching clothes. I'm a bit concerned.
Really hoping for no gender locks for customization this time but I doubt it
From the looks of it, they're going for a more gender neutral approach. Especially considering they didn't give the girl a skirt by default.

The good news is, things probably won't be gender locked. But at the same time female characters wearing oversized hoodies and loose pants and male characters wearing skirts, dresses, and fitted shirts probably isn't going to happen.
I do wonder if we're going to have additional customization like the league cards in Sword and Shield. It's a useful way to add more customization that isn't just more clothes and outfits. With that said, I highly doubt that our character will be forced into the school uniform for the whole game. The only games with preset outfits (and nothing else) are the Let's Go games and BDSP which are remakes of older games that did not have character customization.
I think being able to change the gender of the player character would be nice! Or have no gender locks!

I have to start over on all of my 3DS Pokémon games because I can't change my character's gender, even with save editing, and I don't want...to be what I chose then.

It's maybe a minor thing, but for those people who're like me, I think that'd be nice!!

As for specific stuff, I hope they have some gothic clothing (@Blanc here's hoping!!!), and hopefully some nice comfy sweatshirts too! Oh, and good hairstyles too~. I loved Legends' customization options, so more of that would be great IMO!!
Given the default outfits in the official art of the player characters, it appears we won’t have some items gender locked. I bet there will be other clothes available besides the school uniform clothing, especially when you remember how crazy the options in Sw/Sh were.
I'm a bit concerned, but it was only the second trailer and the first to show off any customization so I don't want to panic. But I really hope we aren't just limited to different versions of the uniform. Maybe for the first bit of the game I can understand, but after like 2 hours in, I would like to have some completely separate options. I also noticed that we didn't see any clothes that weren't red, purple, black, or white, which also kinda had me confused. I don't want a repeat of Sun and Moon where our color options are limited. I also don't want to be like Sun and Moon which had no dresses. We only saw shorts and pants in the trailer and no dresses or even a skirt. Again, I don't want to panic so soon, but I hope we can see more being shown off next time. I really don't want another game where I can't wear a dress.
I don't really follow SwSh marketing cycle, but PLA and BDSP didn't reveal customisation in their 2nd trailer either from what I can remember. Of course it'll be a real bummer to not have it, but I think there's no reason to get worried for now. And I said this as someone who customise the character heavily.
we already can confirm that the school uniform is customizable, which is a good sign when compared to SwSh's stadium uniform, and it would seem that we can probably start off with more customization options when picking the character considering how varied the four were in the trailer.

i wouldn't say there's much to worry about yet - the second trailer for SwSh barely revealed customization either (it was just other characters in the Raid Den portion).
I wouldn't be too worried about being forced to wear school uniforms since PLA didn't force us to wear the Galaxy Team uniform either.

On another note, let us wear racing outfits, I want to ride Koraidon in style.
I'll be honest, outside of the times the games twist your arm to use it (i.e The Isle of Armour), I have never used the customisation feature and just boringly stick to the default option.

I can't say I'd be bothered if for whatever reason they decided to leave it out - not that I think they will.
I personally like customization because putting cute outfits on my video game character is fun. I am worried about customization though, but I don’t think it’s going to disappear. I just worry it’s going to be minimal or lackluster. They’re clearly putting effort into this game, but maybe they just don’t think it’s worth having a lot of customization when you can have multiplayer with 4 people.

I understand if they do decide to cut some customization options, but I will miss it. Let’s just hope the game is good enough to look past that
Not a huge customizer myself, especially when I like the default outfits. In this case, I like the school uniform look, so I would be lying if I said I'd be upset at being forced to wear it for the whole game.

As long as we get hairstyle changes, I'm good. I'd like nice longer hair options, too. Legends Arceus seemed to have 2 long styles in a sea of short hairstyles. More color options would also be nice. The red in Sun and Moon was nice, but some more banger color options would be preferred.
clings to a support beam I WON'T GO BACK TO NON-CUSTOMISABLE OUTFITS. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME, GAMEFREAK. You opened pandora's box in X and Y when we saw that error with the male PC swinging across a vine in one of the gyms or something and we all realized it meant it was a separate asset from the character model which meant we were probably getting customization AND THOSE OF US WHO WERE AMPED REJOICED.

You can't take my candy away now you fools YOU DUG THIS HOLE YOURSELF!
As long as we get hairstyle changes, I'm good. I'd like nice longer hair options, too. Legends Arceus seemed to have 2 long styles in a sea of short hairstyles. More color options would also be nice. The red in Sun and Moon was nice, but some more banger color options would be preferred.
I think it was shown that different hairstyles were in. And it looks like they’re introducing some new ones that other games never attempted for hairstyle customisation before.
More long hair options plz. Also give cute bob that looks straight out off the american 50's housewife. Also at least 4 different glasses types: ROUND, big square/rectangle, sleek rectangle, rimless. And what would be hella cute is all kinds of headbands or just hair clips in place of a hat. And more random shapes and things instead of 400,000 of the same object by only different by color. Pain in the BUTT to scroll through the shopping screen. Like dang at least just have us scroll left or right while hovering over an item in order to see other colors.

Also let me give my character makeup again I love that. Maybe some decorative face sticker/temp tattoo things so boys could use it too since THE GENDERS MUST NEVER MIX CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS. Little bracelets. Different bag styles. At least some purse, shoulder, and backpack bag types! GIVE ME A HUGE FLOPPY SUNHAT TOO I FREAKING LOVE THE FLOPPY HATS I BOUGHT ONE IRL RECENTLY. Floppy hats. Also, tiny adorable hats. Like in animal crossing. I love you, tiny hat.

If you can give us weird looking heart pupils and horrible looking 'rainbow' eyes you can give me this, Gamefreak!!

Also let me have a neato trainer card again I loved that. And to make it even better: LET ME PUT STICKERS ON IT like I could pictures in Ultra Moon. Yes. The return of Hiker David.
If they wanted to give players gender-neutral clothing, why didn't they simply go back to a single player who would have been androgynous? We still would have the skin color choice, however. The only thing needing to be added would be asking the player their preferred pronouns before the game starts. Players would then have access to all kinds of clothing available in the game, hairstyle and makeup, which would include the choice to have eyelashes or not, and even choosing your eyelash style like in SWSH if the eyelash style customization is available.

Female players were always allowed to wear non-traditionally feminine clothing whenever customization was available. Unless players will have the obligation to stick to uniforms (meaning that they wouldn't be allowed to wear anything but uniforms), then I don't why didn't they give the female player a default traditionally feminine clothing.
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