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Mafia Cute Animal Mafia (Bastard) - Town Wins

JamieIsBored ventures into the mysterious pathway, in an attempt to solve the mystery.

When will JamieIsBored return from the forest? The remaining animals hope that it's sooner rather than later.

Day 2 ends in 22 hours.
i'm okay with jamie going into the forest, like everyone else said if he dies we'll get to know if everything was a lie or not
Jamie is currently traversing the path. Since he's deep within the forest, you can't hear him, so he will be unable to talk until he returns (unless he returns dead).
it would be really funny if nothing happens to jamie at all and we gain nothing from this at all tbh

A loud scream can be heard coming from the forest, in the direction JamieIsBored traversed.
What could this mean? Is he okay?
so he's dead
Event - JamieIsBored Returns

JamieIsBored returns from the long journey, exhausted but alive, with a scent of fruit coming from his breath as he breathes heavily.

Where did he go that took several hours? What did he find deep in the forest? Did he eat some fruit on his journey? Jamie has many questions to answer.

Day 2 ends in 19 hours.
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