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Mar 8, 2005
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Ash, Hikari and NEW DUDE! :eek:
Can May get her own spinoff show now?

May, Max, Brock and Drew in Johto FTW!
I'm not surprised Ash went with the turtle. Maybe a little upset because we won't have double monkey battles, but new guy can have still make me happy by having it in a fight against Aipom.

Ash's outfit is still all over the place. It's like a clothing store exploded on the gang.
Can anyone make the pic bigger to focus on the new guy I can barely see him. So does this mean everyone but Ash is leaving? I'm gonna miss May A LOT but this cast looks cool hope its final.
Hopefully May gets her own mini-series in Johto. Damn, I sound like such a hypocrite now. :p
This makes Sui sad. :( No more Brock? I really loved Brock....sure he was shoved into the background constantly, but he had such huge potential as a character, as seen in the occasional Brock-centric episodes. He was such a great character and I'll really miss him.

('Course, this is assuming this is final, but I might as well already brace myself....)
I'm very happy Ash remained in the group, as I always believe he will. Setting aside the fact Pokémon centers around his journey, we have the "Pikachu factor". Pikachu is the mascot for the whole franchise and will remain in its main advertising medium as such.

People shouldn't dismiss Hikari as a May clone until we've actually SEE her in action. There is an EXTREME May bias in the Pokémon Community, almost to the point of how people felt when Misty was dismissed from the show.

The new guy? He doesn't look bad, hopefully he'll be cool.
Well, well. That's certainly an intriguing development.

But knowing the writesr, he's probably going to be Traceytwo.
The new guy looks like he'll be important though, I doubt he'll be a Brock or Tracey clone.

Hikari better not do Contests though. :/

Save that for a May spinoff!
Brock was on the relevant AG poster *shrugs*.

Would be fun after all of your "Hikari better not do contest" if New Guy wound up being the Contest Kid instead :p
I saw all kinds of things...

Anyways, I'm hoping that Ash doesn't get Naetle before he fights Hyouta (?). Earning the Coal Badge will be much more amusing if Pikachu uses Iron Tail in a battle version of whack-a-mole.
I was hoping against hope for Gary, personally :p.

But Ash joining up an entirely new cast...that has potential too.
He has evil eyebrows. It makes me think he's a rival type character. No main character has had those eyebrows before.

Really can't wait to see where this goes.
I think the poster is our new group.

They have the three starters and its a trio, it's safe to say Ash meets up with Hikari and whoever the hell the new kid is.

Ah well, as long as May gets her spinoff in Johto I'll be happy at least.
For the time being, I say we call Rival Boy Zakku. It'll be a good laugh for a few days.
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