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Mafia: Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Endgame - Everyone's Killing Game Closing Ceremony - 04/01/2019

Mach Pokémon
16 students woke up, finding themselves in an abandoned-looking academy. When things couldn’t get any more confusing, a black/white teddy bear-like creature, known as Monokuma, appeared before them, announcing the reason they have been brought here:
Playing the Killing Game. When one of them is murdered, all remaining students engage in a Class Trial, where they discuss who the culprit is, ending with a vote. If it’s correct, the killer will be executed and the game continues. If it’s incorrect, everyone except for the real culprit, who gets to leave, gets executed instead.
Uncertain of their fate, the 16 students prepare for what might just be spending the rest of their lives in the academy.

Welcome to DanganRonpa V3 Mafia!


1. All Bulbagarden Forums and War Room rules apply, of course.
  1. Outside communication is allowed.
  2. Roleclaiming is allowed; nameclaiming is not.
  3. Do not copy from or forge role messages and post them for other participants to see; any claims must be in your words.
  4. Be an active participant, please! That means you should post in every phase of the game if possible, unless an exception is made by the hosts. Failure to participate will result in substitution, or if necessary, modkilling.
  5. If you have a night action but choose not to use it, please say so in your private conversation with the host and MoD.
  6. Please alert the host and/or the MoD in-thread immediately if you change your username during the game. This will help to mitigate confusion.
  7. Unless otherwise specified: Day phases will last 48 hours, after which votes will be locked. No hammer rules apply. Night phases will last 24 hours.
  8. You may not post any information relevant to the game after your death.
  9. Please bold your votes for clarity.
  10. If you want to change votes, you have to unvote before placing a new one.
  11. A tie between two or more players with the most votes will result in no lynch.
  12. No abusing loopholes in the game. If you think you've found one or are unsure, feel free to ask the hosts where appropriate.
  13. To let me know that you've read the rules, please state if you’ve ever played a Danganronpa game (Or even if you’ve heard of it, for that matter).
  14. Be sure to check your Role PM at the start of each day phase before posting.
  15. Respect your fellow players, and have fun!

  1. @MegaPod Ryoma Hoshi, 1x Vigilante, Town, WON THE GAME!
  2. @ZinnLav Rantaro Amami, 1x Deathproof, Town, WON THE GAME!
  3. @Contrainer Shuichi Saihara, Cop, Town
  4. @Feenie Tenko Chabashira, Gender Voter, Town
  5. @Pika_pika42 Gonta Gokuhara, 1x Strongman, Mafia, LOST THE GAME!
  6. @Jinjo @Ereshkigal Korekiyo Shinguji, Specific Serial Killer, Independent, LOST THE GAME!
  7. @AussieEevee Angie Yonaga, Jailer Vanilla, Town, WON THE GAME!
  8. @jdthebud Himiko Yumeno, Vanilla, Town
  9. @Space Kirumi Tojo, 2x Janitor, Mafia, LOST THE GAME!
  10. @DekuNut Kokichi Oma, Jester, Independent, WON THE GAME!
  11. @TheCapsFan Maki Harukawa, Babysitter/2x Ninja Vigilante, Town
  12. @DarthWolf Kaede Akamatsu, Musician+Miller, Town
  13. @Elieson @ExLight Kaito Momota, Neighborizer, Town
  14. @LazySpy K1-B0, Watcher, Town
  15. @ReturnofMCH @TheCapsFan Tsumugi Shirogane, Role Cosplayer, Mafia, LOST THE GAME!
  16. @ExLight Miu Iruma, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Town

  1. @FinalArcadia
  2. @HumanDawn
  3. @Officer Snake
MoD: @Rainbow Cloud

WARNING! This game is 100% guaranteed Bastard, as well as containing game spoilers in the Role PMs.
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After Laughter
I'm in!

I have never played Dangonronpa, but I do know of the series from one of my best Bulbafriends in the past; they were part of a fairly successful Youtube channel (2k subs) that did mostly Dangonronpa and DRRR! AMV's.
Minty fresh.
*sets Max on fire*

Also known as In.

And no, I haven't heard of the game (In response to the question rule)
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