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Mafia: Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Endgame - Everyone's Killing Game Closing Ceremony - 04/01/2019

Brutally Honest
Good game, right up until the end I didn't know if I was making the right choice in my vote.

As some of you know, I was sending these to everyone who died, here are the ones I missed for the last two kills and the wins:

It's wonderful that everyone worked together in the end, I only wish I could've been there too.

Damn, I didn't make it, never give up on the bonds you make with others.

Gonta not even remember who he killed. Gonta is innocent! Gentlemen do not kill people!

Damn, I don't deserve this win, a troublesome guy like me...

It's only natural I would win yet another killing game, I am the Ultimate Survivor after all.

Praise be to Atua! He has led us to this victory!
You're nothing but scrap... A shame that we have nothing left to even mourn, that maid sure knows how to clean up...
Mach Pokémon
I knew that was the mistake you made. You know you could have changed his role last minute right, let only Elieson know about it since it doesnt affect his knowledge
Maybe if I could think of a role that fits Kaito at the last minute...
Ash's Pikachu
Wow. That was an awesome game. Thanks for hosting it Max.

Congrats Town and DekuNut. (y)
GG my fellow scum buddies Space and ROMCH/TheCapsFan. :bulbaLove:
GG Ereshkigal too for all the chaos you created on D1. :p

@Pika_pika42 I have to congratulate you though. Although you lost, you were my early big Town read. Well played. If you had a solid role claim you'd hav won with ease. I almost busted you with the whole caps AE thing by asking max if roleblockers have complete priority (like they should). According to max it didnt, if it did that situation would have played out differently and your action would have been impossible. You got lucky there.
Thank you so much Darth. :D
I, too think, this was a really good game for me and one of my better performances, even though we couldn't win in the end. I am glad we could bring it so close, that means all the players gave their very best to make this a close and interesting game for everyone.
Yeah, I can see I got lucky there, also, I managed to stay in the Town's good books for a long time in order to get some valuable info.

Also, the biggest mystery. @Space was it luck or did you know about my request to deku to redirect you to me?
@Pika_pika42 how did you learn about the redirect?
Oh yeah I think I told pika about it. Should have checked my oc with him
@Pika_pika42 how did you know. All I told you was that I used deku to check space. Not what he does
Yes, I told Space about it. I got this info through chatting with Darth and Zinn, and by using my mind a bit to analyse things. You can see the rest of it if/when you are added to the Mafia chat.

Overall, a really good game to be a part of. Thank you everyone for making this game interesting to play and watch.
Mach Pokémon
Also, for anyone who is curious...

Night Actions Log

Night 1
Shot Ereshkigal

Cop-checked Ereshkigal (Failed)

Mafia Kill: TheCapsFan

Targeted Pika_pika42 (Failed)

Protected ExLight

Added DarthWolf to Neighbor Chat

Watched MegaPod

Roleblocked ExLight (Failed)

Modified Cameras: Watched AussieEevee (Failed)

Night 2
Cop-checked Elieson

Strongarm Kill on LazySpy (Failed)

Jailed Pika_pika42

Watched AussieEevee

Celesteela Cosplay: Vanillized AussieEevee

Night 3
Janitor Kill: LazySpy

Watched DekuNut (Failed)

Night 4
Mafia Kill: DarthWolf

Added MegaPod to Neighbor Chat

Night 5

Mafia Kill: Feenie

Night 6

Mafia Kill: ExLight

Added Zinnlav to Neighbor Chat (Failed)
★blue blur★
I'm late to reacting to the endgame but better late than never, so - congratulations, town! And mafia played really well, so gg to you guys, as well! This was a very fun game and I really enjoyed it. I haven't played a mafia game in a while and starting back up with this one was a great choice. It helps that I love the DR series haha. I'm also glad I got Tenko, I was happy when I opened my PM and saw her.

Thank you for hosting, Max!