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Decided to check this place out!


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Jan 17, 2023
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Hello! I'm Bench, and I've been a fan of Pokemon for approximately two and a half years!

Or, well, more specifically Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I played Rescue Team DX in July of 2020, and I've been obsessed with PMD ever since, playing through Explorers of Sky, Gates to Infinity, Super, and even doing quite a bit of research on Adventure Squad! Gates to Infinity is my personal favorite.

I've also been getting into mainline Pokemon a bit in the past year, having played Legends Arceus and Violet, as well as researching the other mainline Pokemon games.

I write a variety of PMD and PMD-adjacent fics, including PMD Eternal Shadows and In Tandem, and may cross-post them here sometime in the near future.

Nice to meet you all!
Welcome to here!! What's your favorite part of Pokémon? (also we have a fics section here, which it seems you already figured out! yay!)
Welcome Bench! Nice to meet you :bulbaWave:

Ah, always cool to see the Adventure Squad games get brought up - those ones are a fascinating little obscurity. Glad to see they're getting some appreciation nowadays!

If you'd ever like to share the fics you've written (or to check out tons of other PMD stories), the Writers’ Workshop would absolutely love to have ya :)

Hope you enjoy your stay here on the forums!
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