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Non-Mafia Defeat the Boss - Pokemon: Kanto


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Oct 16, 2013
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Ladies and Gentlemon, welcome to the rebooted Defeat the boss.

The previous version is located here: Non-Mafia: - Defeat the Boss! 2.0 Guide and Sign-Ups

Defeat the boss is a game where you submit moves, or actions, and work as a team to defeat a common enemy.

When you sign up for this game, tell me the starter pokemon you wish to have. This pokemon must be able to evolve, must be basic, and must be capable of being bred. (Certain genderless pokemon that can’t breed like Staryu are still acceptable though. If in doubt, ask).

There will be three players active at any time, and they can have up to three Pokemon each. When a players’ Pokemon have all fainted, they were be considered defeated and will switch out after the current rounds with the next player in line.

  1. @Lone_Garurumon
  2. @Pika_pika42
  3. @Acrobatic Crobat
  4. @CheffOfGames

1. Seasonal Deerling - Deerling
2. CheffOfGames - Ralts

Pokemon typings, abilities and moves: Generation 7
Pokemon encounter rates and locations: Generation 3 with a bit of Gen 4.

So then, how do you play the game?
When you start the game, you will start with one basic Pokemon with basic level 5 stats, and attacks. Each attack will have a basic damage stat, and this damage can be affected by moves, abilities, and defence.

To keep things simple in this game, there is no attack stat, or speed stat. Accuracy and defence calculations will be simplistic.

Pokemon will attack in the order that they’re submitted, and then the enemy pokemon will attack.

At the end of each battle, you will gain experience, items if the pokemon was holding any, and money if it is a trainer battle. This money can be used at the end of each round to buy items… including TMs, pokeballs, potions, and the like.

As I said earlier, you can have up to 3 pokemon each, and only start with one. During wild battles, if you have a Pokeball on you, you may throw it towards one of the wild pokemon to attempt to catch it.

Chance of failure depends on the pokeball.

At full health, the standard pokeball/premier ball has a 20% chance of success, 30% for great ball, and 40% for ultraball. This success chance goes up depending on how low the wild pokemon’s health is, and their status condition.

Note that actions are still processed in the order they are posted. If one of your team knocks out, or captures, the wild pokemon before you can post your attempt to capture it, your actions will fail.

You cannot capture a trainer’s pokemon.

So there you are, facing off against one or more pokemon. What do you do?

Your first move is to choose one of your pokemon and send it out, along with your teammates.

On your first post of a battle, you can also choose an action to take.

The actions you can take are to use a move, use an item, or pass.

Use a move

If you choose to use a move, an accuracy roll will be performed based on your move, and your accuracy stat. Assuming you don’t miss, and it’s a damaging move, a defence roll will be performed based on your targets defence stat, and finally type effectiveness to come into play. Supereffect moves are doubled, and not very effective moves are halved.

Abilities will affect a move depending on the ability in question. For example, using a ground move against a pokemon with levitate will make the move fail before the accuracy check is performed.

Use an item

If you have an item in your inventory, you may choose to use that item instead of a move. What happens will depend on the item.

You can use items on any pokemon on the field. (Remember that you can’t catch trainer pokemon, so don’t try to lob Pokeballs at your allies pokemon).


You can choose to pass a turn. This will cause your pokemon to just sit there. This can be useful if you don’t want to risk knocking out a pokemon but want to allow your ally to try to catch it.


You can choose to run from a wild pokemon. Your success in running will depend on a number of factors, influenced by the handheld games. You cannot run from trainers.

In addition, some Pokemon - like the Legendary Beasts of johto - are inclined to run. Certain abilities can prevent it, but those abilities have to be on one of the pokemon currently in battle.

The battle is over when all enemy pokemon have been defeated.

So how does a round work?

A round will generally start with weaker Pokemon… such as wild pokemon, or a weaker trainer.

The wild pokemon can appear in a group, such as two or three wild pokemon, while a trainer will generally have one pokemon at a time but may have more than one pokemon. You won’t know what Pokemon he or she has until they send them out.

After defeating a group… and getting your rewards… you will move on to a stronger opponent, which may also be a wild pokemon group or a trainer.

Each group will get progressively stronger (tempered by your own levels), until you reach a boss… This boss will either be an incredibly strong (for the round) wild pokemon - it can be a legendary - or it can be a gym leader.

If it is a legendary, you may attempt to catch it BUT all Pokeballs have half their effectiveness on Legendary pokemon, except masterballs.

If it is a gym leader, once you have defeated them, they will offer you a TM and a gym badge.

Again, trainers will give money when defeated to all players that participated in their defeat. Wild pokemon will drop their item when defeated (they lose the item if captured), and legendaries have a chance to drop incredibly powerful items when defeated. There will only be one of these items, so choose wisely who gets it.

Most updates will be posted as soon as I am able after all current players have made a move. You have up to 48 hours after I post an update to post your move(down from 72) Should you fail to post a move, and respond to my nudges, all your active Pokemon will be dealt maximum damage and you will be eliminated, opening the door for someone else.

On the subject of active pokemon, You are able to carry up to 3 pokemon on you, but additional pokemon are not lost. You have the choice to send additional pokemon (or an active one) to your PC, which you can access as long as you are in a town (but they can't be used to save you from defeat). Inactive pokemon also gain XP when you defeat enemies.

Being defeated in certain battles, like this one, will not result in elimination. I should have clarified this earlier, I apologise.

Your character sheet will be quite simple (Unlike my previous attempt)

3x Pokeball, 2x Potion, 2x Burn Heal, 2x Revive, $200

Eevee (Normal)
Defence: 20%, accuracy: 100%, Level: 5, Experience: 20/100

Tackle: 30 (Normal)
Sand attack

Flareon (Fire)
Defence: 40%, accuracy: 80%, level 8, Experience 0/200

Tackle: 30 (normal)
Sand attack
Ember: 40 (Fire)

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Wild battles work by generating a series of random numbers.

The first RNG number determines how many pokemon are in the battle. Getting an extremely high number in this roll gives you a good chance of getting a legendary or other powerful pokemon not usually found on this route.

After the first roll, assuming you didn't get a legendary, the RNG is rolled again, once per pokemon that appears.
1-90 on this roll selects a pokemon from Generation 3 for the route in question, the higher the roll the more powerful the Pokemon.

However, 91-100 will select a pokemon from Generation 4's list for that route. Again, the higher the roll, the more powerful the Pokemon.

A final roll will take place, once per pokemon, to determine its gender.

Friendship is granted at the end of certain battles (This will not be listed in your rewards feedback). To raise friendship, it generally requires that pokemon to have been active during that fight.

Friendship evolution occurs at 220 friendship, and moves that use friendship will have a power based on your friendship level. (Note that you cannot evolve twice in the one battle)

There is no critical strike calculations in this game

Abilities depend on your ability itself. They will generally be listed in your pokemon's information.

Yes. Both your pokemon and wild pokemon can hold items. If the wild pokemon is holding an item, it will not be listed unless one of your team has used a move or item to reveal it.

Pokemon cannot use man-made items, but will use items they can use automatically at the end of the turn.

For more information, refer to the item in question

There are things to do outside of battle, such as exploring your current area (with mechanics inspired by the Murder, She Wrote non-mafia game), buying things from shops, visiting services within a town, exploring for items, wild pokemon, or even trainers. You also have the option to move to an adjacent route.

Some moves, like Protect, Feint, Quick Attack, etc are increased priority moves. They will be processed in the order of priority.

Certain moves are skipped over if they would have no purpose in the game. For example, Growl. Since attack stat isn't tracked, growl would have no use.. thus if your pokemon tries to learn Growl, it will automatically fail.

No. This is a starter mechanic designed to help with the early game. Defeating Brock will disable this mechanic, meaning that the Pokemon can only regain health by visiting a pokemon center or using items. Certain NPCs will also heal your pokemon

You sure can.

Yes. Like with the games, there is a risk that you may run into a wild pokemon as you pass through certain areas... If you use an exit you haven't used before, you may run into a trainer.

The chance of you running into a wild pokemon depends on your own pokemon levels, the level of the pokemon in the area, and then its down to a roll of the dice.

Trainers aren't random though, meaning if you pass through areas you've already been through, you won't run into a trainer.

Just let the host or moderator on duty know about any problems.

I do have a lot to process each turn, especially during battle, so I might miss something.

Yes. Doing so requires you to go to a Pokemon Center.

This just means that you are the original trainer. They cannot rename the pokemon

Friendship is reset to 50 when trading.

An elite trainer is one who has elite pokemon.

What is an elite pokemon? An elite pokemon is a pokemon who deals double damage, and damage taken is halved.

You cannot be eliminated by an elite.

As of the 29th of October, Switching Pokemon now uses a turn.

This is for a couple of reasons. The first being the hosts sanity... and the second to reduce the yo-yo effect of using one pokemon to attack then immediately using another.

Warning: Challenging a gym involves at least two or three separate fights. You also cannot leave a gym once you have challenged it until you are victorious or defeated.

Being defeated in a gym will not trigger the elimination system, but you will lose a good deal of money and may lose friendship with your pokemon.

Gym leaders are elite trainers, this means after weakness and resistance, damage against them is halved and damage they do is doubled.

Victory against a gym leader will award items or other stuff that are not typically available from other types of battles. Including boosted experience.

Walking Pokemon each have a chance to activate encounter mode. It is a rather small chance, in the low single digits... and can be triggered from any non-combat action.

What happens once a walking Pokemon has triggered encounter mode, is that they will become unresponsive, and will cancel out the action you have chosen.

You will be given a choice once encounter mode is activated, whether to follow your walking Pokemon and begin the encounter, or ignore them and continue with the action you have chosen. If you choose to ignore them, they will be unavailable for a short period of time, before returning to you.

So what is an encounter, you ask?

An encounter is a series of events, such as wild pokemon battles or trainer battles, based around a story event. They are generally rich in rewards, but also high in risk, as you can't flee from or end an encounter once you have began.

It depends on the encounter, but some encounters will completely heal your pokemon before and/or after the encounter (But not during)

If you wish to know more, feel free to ask questions.
Being defeated will send you back to the last Pokemon centre used.

You will lose half your cash on hand.

You will fail the battle or the encounter. Failing a battle will reset that trainer to full health. Failing an encounter will depend on the encounter, and could require you to start the encounter from the beginning. You will earn XP and levels for any pokemon that was defeated before you failed.

Legendary pokemon are an exception. While you will still suffer the defeat costs, and you will be sent back to your last pokemon centre... Legendaries will remember the state of their health and status conditions. This includes if the Legendary flees from you.
Moves and abilities that change stats will do so in stages, IE one stage or two stages.

One stage of attack is 25%. Attack cannot go above 175% and cannot fall between 25%.

One stage of defense is 10%. Defense cannot fall between 0% and cannot go above 50%, except in certain circumstances.

One stage of accuracy is 10%. Accuracy cannot go below 50%.

When attempting to search for wild pokemon, I will roll.

Getting a perfect 100 will force an encounter with a powerful Legendary or Mythical pokemon... randomly chosen.

96-99 will not yet revealed

0-5 will cause the search to fail.

Any other roll will land you a pokemon within the current route and search type's table, with higher rolls getting more powerful pokemon or rarer pokemon.

Certain Pokemon have modifiers, which changes something about that pokemon.

Elite - An elite pokemon will have attacks against it halved, and will have its attacks doubled. Player pokemon cannot have this modifier.

Mega - Doubles health, doubles defense, sets attack to 150%. Can change typing.

Legendary - Legendary pokemon have the same effects as elite, and this stacks with elite. Meaning, Wild Legendaries will take a quarter of the normal amount of damage, and will dish out 4 times the normal amount of damage. Player controlled legendaries will deal double, and take half the normal amount. (this is new as of the 15th of April)
Legendaries also cannot gain XP while in a pokemon box.

Champion - A champion class pokemon is a pokemon with a lot of special modifiers, some might even class as unfair. A champion pokemon has a chance (Depending on speed stat) to move more than once per turn, and may have other modifiers that fall outside the realm of normal battle rules. They also have the same damage enhancing and reduction traits as elites.
Don't worry, you will rarely see them.

All battles are scaled. Meaning that trainers and wild pokemon will be affected by the level of your highest level pokemon.

Wild pokemon cannot be more than 10 levels below your highest level (New as of 15th April)

Pokeball = 20% Chance
Great Ball = 30% Chance
Potion = Heal 20hp
Super Potion = Heal 50hp
Ether = Restore 10pp

Guide: Eevee's Defeat The Boss Information Guide
Discord: Join the Defeat The Boss Discord Server!
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Do you start with a team of 3 already or just your starter Pokemon? Anyways, I'm interested and would like to play with Ralts as my starter.
This sounds really interesting.

I'll choose Pikachu as my Starter Pokémon. No surprises there.
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Since we have three players, I'll get this started this weekend. Still accepting sign ups that may be able to enter the game at a later point.
I'd like to sign up as a reserve player, I don't know if I'd need to give a starter now or later, but I'll say it anyway: Riolu if possible (since it can't breed), if not, Buizel
I'll start with a Deerling. I'm pretty sure pika_pika gets a Pichu since it's Pikachu's basic form.
I'll start with a Deerling. I'm pretty sure pika_pika gets a Pichu since it's Pikachu's basic form.
Pichu is the Baby Form of Pikachu. Pikachu is in itself a Basic Form and is used as starters in games universally, so I'll hope I get that.
Pikachu is indeed considered the basic form for this game, where as Riolu (A baby pokemon) is considered the basic form of that line.

For me, it depends on how the pokemon's line is portrayed in the games and anime. Pichu is more portrayed as a weaker version of Pikachu, and Pikachu has always been portrayed as the basic form... while Lucario, despite technically being the "basic" pokemon of that line has always been portrayed as Riolu's evolution.

As for me, I'm still alive. I know I said I'd start on the weekend, but I was busy... and exhausted.... And... >.< I'm working on it right now.

In the mean time, enjoy this picture of Pikachu.

@Acrobatic Crobat

Here is the character information. It's also been added to the opening.


5x Pokeball (20% chance to capture at full health), 1x Potion (Heal 5), $3000

Athena (Female Ralts - Psychic/Fairy)
HP: 20/20, Defence: 20%, accuracy: 100%, Level: 5, Experience: 0/100

Confusion: 10 (Psychic - 20% chance to confuse target)

5x Pokeball (20% chance to capture at full health), 1x Potion (Heal 5), $3000

Pika (Male Pikachu - Electric)
HP: 20/20, Defence: 20%, accuracy: 100%, Level: 5, Experience: 0/100

Tail Whip (Status - Attempts to lower target defence by 5%)
Thundershock: 5 (Electric - 20% chance to paralyze target)

@Acrobatic Crobat
5x Pokeball (20% chance to capture at full health), 1x Potion (Heal 5), $3000

Click (Female Zubat - Poison/Flying)
HP: 20/20, Defence: 20%, accuracy: 100%, Level: 5, Experience: 0/100

Absorb: 5 (Grass - Restores 2 HP)
Supersonic (Status - Attempts to confuse target)

Before we begin, would any of you like to give your pokemon a nickname?
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Lucario counts as a stage 1 which means Riolu is a basic pokemon, just to clarify :p
First Battle with Gary Oak
1. @CheffOfGames
2. @Pika_pika42
3. @Acrobatic Crobat

Here's your first challenge.

Growing up in the town of pallet, our three heroes all decided to go on a Pokemon Journey at the same time, so they made their way to professor Oak's lab. Greeting the professor, they all had a short but informative conversation with Oak about the nature of Pokemon training, and Oak talked to them about taking the Pokemon League Challenge. They each received a Pokemon from the professor, and some pokeballs to begin their journey. On their way out, they were stopped by Oak's grandson, Gary.

"Hey, I challenge all three of you to a Pokemon match!" Gary Oak said. "I bet you I can defeat all of you!"

Naturally, our heroes accepted his challenge.

"Come on out, Zorua!" Gary called, throwing his Pokeball. Out of the Pokeball came the Dark Fox Pokemon, who looked ready to fight.

Gary (Elite)

Zorua (Female Zorua - Dark)
HP: 20/20, Defence: Unknown, accuracy: Unknown, Level: 5

1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Unknown

Host note: Gary is an elite trainer. This means that after defence calculations, attacks against him are halved and his attacks against you are doubled.

Also, you will note several unknowns in his character information. You will need to discover this information yourself.

Good luck.
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