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Detective Pikachu Returns icon elements launch today in the Nintendo Switch Online app, with a new wave every week for the next four weeks

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Detective Pikachu Returns Icons
Icon elements featuring characters from the upcoming Detective Pikachu Returns game are coming to Nintendo Switch Online starting today, September 28th. The collection of icon elements will be released in four waves over the next four weeks, with each wave remaining available for a single week.
  • Wave 1: September 28th - October 5th
  • Wave 2: October 5th - October 12th
  • Wave 3: October 12th - October 19th
  • Wave 4: October 19th - October 26th
The exact times that these icon elements will be available will vary for players depending on the eShop region associated with their Nintendo Switch account. Australians received access to Wave 1 starting from 11:00am (AEST) / 1:00am (UTC) earlier today, however Americans won't get access to Wave 1 until 6:00pm (PDT).

As Nintendo only rarely repeats offerings of icon elements after their initial offering, fans who don't want to miss out will need to make sure they have enough Platinum Coins on hand to acquire all of their desired elements.


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