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Dialga's Gate Raid Event - Vs. Primal Dialga!

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Jul 27, 2016
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The metang-napping operation had proven to be a brilliant success, as it didn’t take a lot of searching to find a suitable fluctuation in spacetime. There was a brief moment dedicated to explaining the situation to the impromptu recruit, but it seemed they were at least understanding about it. Little time had passed from then to when Ami finally dropped through the portal to God, riding aboard a new onyx behemoth that would certainly have seemed impressive, had it not been for the star of the show. Not much could compare to the splendor of the Temporal Dragon with corruption coursing visibly through its veins as it stands silhouetted against a black hole, but at least Fontaine gave it a decent run for its likely meaningless money.

Strewn all around the myriad floating platforms were a variety of Trainers, ranging from complete strangers, to former Raidmates, to Keith Golbatson Masters- the latter of which Ami thought about waving to before he decided it would be a great idea to somehow duplicate the archenemy. What the hell gave him the bright idea of thinking that further compressing even more divine power into this already tight-seeming location?! To make matters even more bizarre, a new helicopter had somehow managed to be called into this nexus of potential tragedy! Blending timestreams be danged, the sight of that thing somehow managed to make Ami very annoyed.

“Well, that’s just all the more reason not to screw this one up, I guess.” The lass jumped off the Iron Arm pokemon and comfortingly touched its flank. “I know this is a massive step up from a dinky haunted sword, but… do you think you’re as ready as you’re gonna get?”

“Me… ta!”

“Well, hopefully that’ll do. Alright then…” Ami took a deep breath, then pointed dramatically toward Dialga. “We reject the world of still ruin that you desire to create! Fontaine, slug ‘em with Hammer Arm (100 BP)!"
Märchen Meines Lebens
Jul 13, 2015
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Primal God Dialga Raid Boss


Health Gauge: 83%

Shields Up: 0

Status: Sun (4 Turns)

Raid Boss Attack Summary:

Attack 1: Shockwave (0 BP)

Dialga has cleared its Confusion, neutralized all abilities into the next round and cleared stat boosts!

Attack 2: Max Flare (140 BP)

MM, Ditto: 160 HP
Raves, Golisopod: 260 HP

Attack 3: Roar of Time (150 BP)

Connor, Pancham: 175 HP
Raves, Golisopod: 50 HP

Attack 4: Earthquake (100 BP)

MM, Ditto: 10 HP
Connor, Pancham: 75 HP
Zorchic, Lucario: 250 HP
Raves, Golisopod: 0 HP (KO'D)
Zelphon, Litwick: 150 HP
Yuki, Rhydon: 350 HP
Dragons, Trapinch: 200 HP
emp, Scrafty: 400 HP
Sneaze, Houndoom: 250 HP
Alice, Machoke: 300 HP

Raid Challengers:
[*]Leo, Togetic: 500 HP
[*]Enigma, Bewear: 400 HP
[*]Slash, Altaria: 400 HP
[*]Gary, Lucario: 500 HP
[*]MM, Ditto: 10 HP [Transformed: Dialga]
[*]Danny, Alakazam: 400 HP
[*]Connor, Pancham: 75 HP
[*]Zorchic, Lucario: 250 HP
[*]Raves, Golisopod: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]EpicSquirtle, Flygon: 500 HP
[*]Zelphon, Litwick: 150 HP
[*]Yuki, Rhydon: 350 HP
[*]TheKnightsFury, Machop: 300 HP
[*]Dragons, Trapinch: 200 HP
[*]myahoo, Cubone: 400 HP
[*]emp, Scrafty: 400 HP
[*]Sneaze, Houndoom: 250 HP
[*]Alice Hope, Machoke: 300 HP
[*]Mana Opal, Metagross: 400 HP
[*]Maskerade, Meditite: 300 HP

The battle begins as the trainers try to boost up and debuff Dialga while unleashing a lot of ground moves. Well, besides one lone Ditto, who decides to Transform into Dialga. This does not please Dialga as it lets out a giant orange shockwave. This washes over the entire group, nullifying them of all the power up punches they worked so hard on as well as some of the debuffs they did on Dialga. Dialga takes special notice of the debuffers, and proceeds to release its counter offensive. It lets out a massive Max Flare, which scorches its Ditto clone as well as one of its Debuffers, Golisopod. It then channels the power of time itself and lets out a massive roar, the tearing of time caused by it causing Golisopod and fellow debuffer Pancham to take a massive amount of damage. It then stomps on the ground, causing a mighty Earthquake that damages half of the raiders, which causes two of its previous targets to get into critical condition as well as KOing the Golisopod. Most of the raiders hit do not appreciate the super effective ground attack as well, and with a raging solar eclipse hanging over head from the Max Flare, this was a dangerous situation for the raiders to be in.
Dynamax Initiative:
Missingno. Master, Ditto

Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.
[*]Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
[*]When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).
[*]If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
[*]Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
[*]You have until Tuesday, July 14th to place your order.
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Feb 21, 2012
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Going with Screech (0 BP) this time.

The orange nullifying shockwave exploded out of the Dialga, canceling out all the buffs and debuffs the other Pokémon had racked up and laid down. It then literally rained fire down on Keith's Dialga and the Golisopod and followed that up with a Roar that felt like it echoed through even Time. Melissa and Layla stumbled a bit as the Dialga caused an Earthquake by stomping on the ground, but most of the energy missed them.

The three of them exchanged wide-eyed glances. Dialga's signature move and then an Earthquake hitting half the Raiders? There was a flash of red out of the corner of Melissa's eye and she turned to see the Golisopod getting recalled.

"Quil quil," Wildfire muttered, watching the same thing she was.

"And now we know." Melissa's brow furrowed as she considered their options.

Layla swallowed, her grin having dropped off when the Dialga started its Roar. "Bone bone cubone."

Melissa nodded, watching as several trainers briefly put their heads together and then split apart. She sidled over until she was close enough to overhear what they were talking about, trailed by Layla, and exchanged a look with her Cubone when they heard a need for a debuff.

"We could do it. So, Gary can Heal Pulse," she offered and was taken up on it. With a nod, the trio returned to 'their' patch of the battlefield and faced the Dialga once more. "Alright, Layla. You heard them; we're going with a Screech this time."

Layla took a breath and nodded firmly to herself. "Cu bone."
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Jan 4, 2006
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Flare Blitz (120 BP, boosted by Flash Fire, Sun, and Flametongue).
Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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Heal Pulse (0 BP) on the soon-to-be-giant fake Dialga (Ditto)!
Poison-type Trainer
May 26, 2008
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As the fight got underway, it quickly became more obvious than it already should have been, that the gathered Trainers were at a distinct disadvantage. Primal Dialga took the oncoming attacks like they were naught but pieces of paper thrown at it.

"And after that first onslaught, Primal Dialga is beginning to attack!" Diana Macks exclaimed into her microphone, the better to be heard over the commotion as a massive shockwave rippled throughout the battlefield. Stat changes, Primal Dialga's confusion as inflicted by a Dynamic Punch, the effects of Abilities, they were all gone!. And then came the Max Flare- most unusually, this claimed two targets at once, the Dialga doppelganger being one of them! "Jack!" Keith exclaimed, his Ditto roaring in displeasure as he took the Fire move that set up unnaturally bright sunlight. "And after that Max Flare, Dialga seems to be using its special attack- Roar of Time!" Diana exclaimed. "The Pokémon are taking major damage, and- and it's using Earthquake, and the Golisopod has gone down! Even the Ditto that has so boldly Transformed into the opponent isn't faring too well!

"Oh, geez, Jack..." Keith groaned. His Ditto was struggling to stand- between Max Flare and Earthquake, his borrowed legs looked about ready to give out.

"Keith!" Willa murmured, looking at Keith's backpack. Keith turned his head as best he could, and could see the glow coming from his backpack.

"What in the-" Keith murmured, Quickly he plunged a hand into his backpack, and very quickly found the source of said glow. "...my Dynamax Band?" he breathed.

Willa looked at Keith. "You know what this means," she said.

"Yeah, but Jack-" began Keith.

Jack interrupted this with a determined roar. And even as Keith turned to look back at the currently Steel/Dragon-type, he could see truly amazing things happening. A Heal Pulse from Gary's Lucario. A bundled beam of Dynamax Energy coming from the owner of the fallen Golisopod. Jack gave a triumphant roar as he felt his health coming back in its entirety.

Slowly, Keith's look of desperation and worry gave way to a confident grin- they could do this! He smiled at Willa, who returned the smile as Keith slid the Dynamax Band onto his right wrist, allowing him to feel the Dynamax Energy that was coursing through said band. With his right hand, he took hold of Jack's Violet Cyber Ball. "The strange energy that courses through us both," he began impressively as he held out the Cyber Ball, withdrawing Jack. "Let us embrace it... harness it... use it to draw out our true power!" he declared, holding out the Cyber Ball as Dynamax Energy swirled around it, turning it into a relative behemoth of a ball, a Premier Ball-looking sphere the size of an Electrode. "Now, Jack- to protect the world from devastation... let's DYNAMAX!!!" he bellowed, wheeling around and heaving the ball over his head high up into the air.

What happened next was nothing short of magical. The ball burst open, and there was Jack, still in the form of Primal Dialga, but growing larger, and larger, and LARGER! Until he crashed to the ground, giving a deep, rumbling roar that echoed like thunder throughout the desolate world.

"Incredible!" exclaimed Diana Macks. "The Trainer whose Ditto Transformed into Primal Dialga has just Dynamaxed their Ditto! Marv, are you getting this!?" Marv nodded wordlessly, keeping his camera focused on the action.

To say this did wonders for Keith's confidence would be the understatement of the century. He was basically in command of a Dynamaxed Dialga at the moment. Not only was that awesome, but when would this ever get to happen again?! Even under such dire circumstances, Keith grinned confidently, even moreso as Willa took hold of his hand once more. The way forward from here was clear, especially as he consulted his Pokédex, and got the massive list of moves Jack was capable of in his Transformed state. Including all the Max Moves he could use right now. He took a deep breath and bellowed his command impressively. "USE! MAX!! QUAAAAAAAKE!!!" Keith shouted.

OOC: Jack Dynamaxed and used Max Quake (130 BP; Base move is Earthquake (100 BP)).
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Jun 24, 2007
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The raiders seemed to be in similar mind as their punches connected, doing little to dent the time god but buffing their party all the same. Others chose to debuff the opponent to the same effect, while the one Ditto followed through with its mad scheme and morphed into Primal Dialga itself – only serving to irk the beast as it retaliated with a mighty orange maelstrom. The shockwave washed over the fighters, undoing their boosts in one fell swoop! Emp grimaced, Situation already looking close to losing his cool as their strategy fell apart at the seams. But that was just a warm up, the god raining hellfire on its clone and Alex’s Golisopod sending the whole battlefield up a few degrees, a few abandoned cars caught in the blast melting against the asphalt. Before the team could regain its composure the enemy let loose a mind-bending Roar of Time, shattering shop windows down the entire boulevard with a cloud of dust engulfing the trainer’s vision.

Emp’s ears were ringing as he attempted to call out, squinting desperately in Situation’s last direction. Quickly regaining hearing, the trainer’s heart began to drop as the screams of other Pokemon and trainers filled his ears. Dust clearing, they had suffered at least one casualty, with many more surely on the way. Emp found Situation, or rather the Scrafty found him – yelling in the trainer’s direction with a strength of voice that implied he’d avoided the brunt of the blitz. Emp felt a fleeting sense of relief, before realising they were far from out of the woods yet. Looking back to Situation, then up to the titan above, Emp relayed his next order:

Drain Punch (BP 75) + Black Belt to recoup your health, you’re gonna need it!”
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Märchen Meines Lebens
Jul 13, 2015
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Well, here's a Magical Leaf (60 BP)
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Jul 27, 2016
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Welp, I don't have anywhere near as much time to RP as I would like. Oh well, Power-Up Punch (40 BP) oughta ping a Shield at this point, right?