Dialga's Gate Raid Event - Vs. Primal Dialga!

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Jul 13, 2015
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Primal God Dialga Raid Boss


Health Gauge: 74%

Shields Up: 9

Status: -4 Def

Trainer Healing Summary:


Missingno. Master, Ditto: 160 HP

Heal Pulse:

Missingno. Master, Ditto: 300 HP

Drain Punch:
Connor, Pancham: 175 HP
emp, Scrafty: 500 HP

Trainer Recoil Summery:

Flare Blitz:

Sneaze, Houndoom: 0 HP [KO'd]

Raid Boss Attack Summary:

Attack 1: Max Flare (140 BP)
Zorchic, Lucario: 0 HP [KO'd]
Mana Opal, Metagross: 85 HP

Attack 2: Roar of Time (150 BP)

Slash, Altaria: 62 HP
EpicSquirtle, Flygon: 162 HP

Attack 3: Blizzard (110 BP)

Liltwick, Togetic: 335 HP
Enigma, Bewear: 290 HP
Slash, Altaria: 0 HP [KO'd]
Connor, Pancham: 65 HP
ES, Flygon: 0 HP [KO'd]
TKF, Machop: 190 HP
Dragons, Trapinch: 35 HP
emp, Scrafty: 390 HP
Alice, Machoke: 190 HP
Maskerade, Meditite: 190 HP [FROZEN]

Attack 4: Earthquake (100 BP)

Gary, Lucario: 350 HP
MM, Ditto: 350 HP
Danny, Alakazam: 300 HP
Connor, Pancham: 0 HP [KO'd]
Zelphon, Litwick: 0 HP [KO'd]
TKF, Machop: 90 HP
Dragons, Trapinch: 0 HP [KO'd]
myahoo, Cubone: 300 HP
Mana Opal, Metagross: 0 HP [KO'd]
Maskerade, Meditite: 90 HP

Raid Challengers:

[*]Leo, Togetic: 335 HP
[*]Enigma, Bewear: 290 HP
[*]Slash, Altaria: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Gary, Lucario: 350 HP
[*]MM, Ditto: 350 HP [Dynamaxed, 2 Rounds remaining]
[*]Danny, Alakazam: 300 HP
[*]Connor, Pancham: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Zorchic, Lucario: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Raves, Golisopod: 400 HP [FUlly Recovered]
[*]EpicSquirtle, Flygon: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Zelphon, Litwick: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Yuki, Rhydon: 350 HP
[*]TheKnightsFury, Machop: 90 HP
[*]Dragons, Trapinch:0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]myahoo, Cubone: 300 HP
[*]emp, Scrafty: 390 HP
[*]Sneaze, Houndoom: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Alice Hope, Machoke: 190 HP
[*]Mana Opal, Metagross: 0 HP [KO'd, Recovers in 1 Round]
[*]Maskerade, Meditite: 90 HP (+1 Atk) [FROZEN]

Houndoom's trainer quickly rallies up a few of the other trainers to go ahead and try and get a massive hit off on the Dialga. With two rock smashes, a screech, and a helping hand the trainers are able to create a set up that leaves Dialga realling. Houndoom then lets out a howl as it goes out in its blaze of glory, knocking itself out from the sheer recoil. Meanwhile, a few other trainers decide to heal up the Ditto, who is currently transformed into Dialga. In turn, the Ditto then dynamaxes, causing an epic Dialga vs Dialga showdown. Or at least, it would if an Earth Power didn't end up forcing shields after Houndoom's explosive display. The rest of the trainers whittle away at Dialga's shields, but it proves too much and a good number of them still stand after all is said and done. Dialga, seeming to take notice of the massive hit in its health, decides to show, it too, can dish out massive damage. Using up the left of the dying sun, Dialga lets out a massive Max Flare, scorching one of the Lucarios on the spot and leaving the Metagross massively weakened. It then let's out another Roar of Time, this time its unlucky dragon compatriots soaking up the blow for the rest of the team. Dialga then lets out a massive blizzard, which catches out the fliers, causing the two dragons to go down, as well as a few of the Pokemon on the ground. It's especially unfortunate for the Meditite, who ends up frozen over! Lastly, It lets out a power Earthquake, ravaging most of the land based Pokemon as well as picking off a few low health stragglers. Dialga lets out another roar, asserting its dominance of the group. This is when Golisopod rises back up, seeing the horrors Dialga had down in its absence. It was time to stop this beast from getting more out of control!

Dynamax Initiative: Missingno. Master, Ditto

Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.

[*]Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
[*]When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).
[*]If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
[*]Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
[*]You have until Friday, July 17th to place your order.
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Jun 17, 2008
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Not good. Wide Guard (0 BP) to stave off those spreads.
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Nov 2, 2019
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So this is how I'll go down? Serving as support until the end of eternity? Well, I'd still rather do a needed job with my support role. Slipping in after the other Life Dewers and cheering to break a shield.
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May 26, 2008
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Primal Dialga continued its horrific rampage. Another powerful Max Flare. Another intense Roar of Time. A brutal Blizzard and a devastating Earthquake hitting numerous Pokémon for massive damage. And three out of these four moves knocked out at least one of the struck Pokémon. Jack was among those getting hit by the Earthquake, but since that was the one move that had hit him this time around, the Ditto was in much better shape when this onslaught settled down. And being Dynamaxed, that had to help as well.

Jack stood proud and tall, giving a defiant roar after the ground stopped shaking. The Dynamaxed Dialga doppelganger refused to be taken down so easily. Moreover, as numerous beams of Dynamax Energy (and one eerily accurate Fissure) all took down what remained of Dialga's shield, Jack and Keith both knew what had to be done. A fierce display of power, made all the stronger by the item Keith had hastily slipped Jack before the fight began, an item he gave Jack on a mere whim... that was gonna help them here and now to inflict major damage on the now-vulnerable Primal Dialga.

"Hmm... I think this might be the most powerful option Jack has at the moment," Willa murmured to Keith, indicating a specific move on her Pokédex's screen. "Especially with the item you gave him."

"I couldn't agree more," Keith nodded, smiling at his girlfriend. "Now, Jack!" he exclaimed. "Draw upon the power of the Dragon Gem... and USE!!! MAX!!! WYRMWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!!!" he bellowed.

OOC: Jack used Max Wyrmwind (150 BP; Base move is Roar of Time (150 BP); Consumes held Dragon Gem).
Feb 21, 2012
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Follow up with another Earth Power (90 BP)!

Somehow Melissa almost managed to miss Keith Dynamaxing his Dialga as the Houndoom Blitzed forward in a corona of Fire, but she didn't miss the shields that came up soon after. One by one, individual shields fell as her fellow Raiders hit them, but several remained as the Dialga prepared its counterattack. Fire once again rained down from the skies, but this time, it slammed into two part-Steels, taking the Lucario out and leaving the Metagross wounded. It followed up with another Roar of Time, also hitting super-effectively on an Altaria and Flygon. A Blizzard buffeted half the Raiders and took out both of the previously-hit Dragons, while an Earthquake took out another four Raiders and hit Layla for the first time. She staggered at the power behind the attack, but recovered quickly.

"Cyn da quil," Wildfire hissed, digging his claws into Melissa's shoulder.

"Yeah. That's..." Melissa swallowed, much, much less confident after this series of attacks. "We're up to nine now and Raids usually end after, what, the number of Raiders?"

"Bone cu bone bone," Layla shifted her grip on her bone club and clearly resisted the urge to hide behind Melissa.

"Right." Melissa sucked in a deep breath. "Right, okay. Wait for the shields to fall and then we'll hit it with another Earth Power." She dropped her voice. "Not that we have anything stronger."

"Quil cyndaquil cynda," Wildfire pointed out, dry and a bit shaky.

"Unfortunately." Melissa sighed. She should probably try to balance out her team so that gaps like this didn't happen, but...to be honest, with the way Pokémon in Fizzytopia could learn any move once they got to a certain level of Bond with their trainers, she didn't really see the necessity. At least, until something like this happened. Still, it wasn't like she could do anything about it right now anyway.
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Jun 24, 2007
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It wasn’t just time that was in flux, the company of raiders had to contend with the very forces of nature. Just after the Scrafty had recouped his health with another punch against the Dialga’s hoof, he quick enough had to weather fiery infernos and icy tundras, pulling his pants and hood up in efforts to soften the assault. His comrades weren’t so lucky, the many sensitive to extreme temperatures dropping like flies. What’s more their options for retaliation were slim, the almighty berserker throwing up a prism of shields that would take half of their force just to break through. If they couldn’t get a decent attack off the god’s wrath would be on them next. A feeling of hopelessness disseminated throughout Emp’s body, carnage filling every inch of his peripheral; whole office blocks were choked in flame and thick black smoke while others stood completely frozen under.

Primal Dialga would level the whole city if they didn’t contain its power, with the fabric of reality next up on the chopping order. Just as all hope felt lost, a single slow clap cut through the screams of trainer and Pokemon. Then another. Soon the battleground erupted into rapturous applause, the raiders whose partners had fallen in battle exacting their revenge. Primal Dialga’s response was a mangle of confusion and wroth, its shields just about ready to topple from under it leaving him vunerable to attack. Emp mused whether it was the right time to bring out the big guns, a misstep could leave them easy pickings for the time deity. There was no time to err on the side of caution today, there was no time at all. Scrafty would use his powerful legs to vault to the summit of the beast for a critical, albeit risky, strike…

“Go balls to the wall with a High Jump Kick!" (BP 130 + Black Belt)
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