Dialga's Gate Raid Event - Vs. Primal Dialga!

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Jul 13, 2015
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Primal God Dialga Raid Boss


Health Gauge: 49%

Shields Up: 14

Status: -1 Atk, + 1 Sp. Def

Trainer Healing Summary:


Gary, Lucario: 500 HP

Alice: Machoke: 400 HP

Raid Boss Attack Summary:

Attack 1: Max Quake (130 BP)

Sneaze, Houndoom: 224 HP

Med, Metagross: 224 HP

Attack 2: Roar of Time (150 BP)

TKF, Machop: 75 HP

myahoo, Cubone: 175 HP

Attack 3: Blizzard (110 BP)

Leo, Togetic: 335 HP

Enigma, Bewear: 290 HP

Gary, Lucario: 417 HP [Frozen]

MM, Ditto: 365 HP [Frozen]

Connor, Pancham: 290 HP

Zelphon, Litwick: 217 HP

TKF, Machop: 0 HP [KO’d]

myahoo, Cubone: 10 HP

emp, Scrafty: 390 HP

Alice, Machoke: 290 HP

Attack 4: Fire Blast (110 BP)

Enigma, Bewear: 70 HP

myahoo, Cubone: 0 HP [KO’d]

Raid Challengers:

[*]Leo, Togetic: 335 HP (-1 Atk)

[*]Enigma, Bewear: 70 HP (-1 Atk)

[*]Slash, Altaria: 400 HP

[*]Gary, Lucario: 417 HP (-1 Atk, Frozen)

[*]MM, Ditto: 219 HP (Transformed: Dialga, Frozen)

[*]Danny, Alakazam: 400 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]Connor, Pancham: 290 HP

[*]Zorchic, Lucario: 400 HP

[*]Raves, Golisopod: 400 HP (-1 Atk)

[*]EpicSquirtle, Flygon: 500 HP

[*]Zelphon, Litwick: 234 HP

[*]Yuki, Rhydon: 500 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]TheKnightsFury, Machop: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]Dragons, Trapinch: 300 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]myahoo, Cubone: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]emp, Scrafty: 390 HP (-1 Atk)

[*]Sneaze, Houndoom: 224 HP

[*]Alice Hope, Machoke: 290 HP (-1 Atk)

[*]Mana Opal, Metagross: 224 HP

[*]Maskerade, Meditite: 300 HP [Fully Recovered]]

With a few trainers downed , the trainers use their offenses to go out and try to get Dialga’s health low. They’re successfully able to, and manage to get the next set of shields to come up. They’re only able to break through about 7 of them, and leave 13 shields remaining. Dialga takes notice of two stragglers, and blasts both of them with a Max Quake. It then proceeds to use Roar of Time once more, destroying the HP of the pokemon hit. It then lets out a powerful blizzard, felling the Machop and leaving its copycat and one of the Lucarios frozen solid. Lastly, it lets out a mighty Fire Blast, KO’ing the Cubone and leaving the Bewear dangerously low. The Ditto then shrinks, its dynamx timer running out.

Dynamax Initiative:

Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.

[*]Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.

[*]When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).

[*]If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.

[*]Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.

[*]You have until Friday, July 24th to place your order.


Danny: 1

Sneaze: 1

Med: 1

Maskerade: 1
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Sep 18, 2005
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Using one of my 10 Ice Heals on my Lucario, please don't make me fish up a link, I got it on Serebii over 12-13 years ago lol
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Nov 2, 2019
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We'll just Power-Up Punch (40 BP) into one of those shields.
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Jun 17, 2008
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Wide Guarding (0 BP) to try and save some bacon.
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Jun 24, 2007
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The raiders ramped up their offenses, and not a moment too soon. While they were able to chip away at the Dialga pushing it below the midway mark, the time god would shrug this off by ramifying its defences, then going on the retaliation. With two of the trainers frozen in fear, their partners are left sitting Psyduck as Primal Dialga rocked the city to its core with a Max Quake. The tremor was off the Richter scale, straining the support beams of nearby towers and sending many toppling! With its special defences shored up, the time deity left no moment for pause with a mindbending Roar of Time follow up sending the entropy up another couple of notches. Situation was once again spared from the blitz, a guardian angel must have been looking out for ‘em! But this was no time to get cocky, Primal Dialga preparing for its penultimate number with a blistering Blizzard! The subzero tempest was enough to send Emp and Scrafty into shivers, and they got off lightly; Machop succumbed to frostbite while the false god and one of the Lucarios were turned into giant popsicles. It didn’t look like the raiders could take the beatout for much longer, Dialga’s swan song taking shape as a feverish Fire Blast. The giant Daimonji lit up the bleak cityscape, leaving the battler’s wishing for the cold again as it travelled toward a Cubone and Bewear, knocking the former out cold with the latter not much better off.

“Let’s break some windows… Smash a shield with Power-Up Punch!” (40 BP + Black Belt) Emp clenched a fist and punched it to the sky solidarity; the shields would delay their assault but would do little to deter their resolve.
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May 26, 2008
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"Ah!" exclaimed Diana Macks as the frigid blizzard blew through the desolate dimension that was the setting to this epic battle. "Primal Dialga follows up that Roar of Time with a powerful Blizzard- and it looks like the Lucario and the Dynamaxed Ditto are frozen solid!" she exclaimed with a slight gasp.

"No! Jack!" Keith exclaimed, as the Dynamaxed Dialga doppelganger stood tall and proud, frozen in a veritable glacier. The real Primal Dialga generated flames in its mouth, but the Fire Blast did not hit Jack, and so he wasn't thawed out.

"Why didn't the harsh sunlight prevent this?" Willa murmured with a frown.

"...the Altaria," Keith sighed, noticing the Dragon/Flying-type. "It must have Cloud Nine. Usually that's a good thing, but..."

At this point, Jack shrunk down to size, and as he did so, inexplicably, the chunk of ice he was encased in shrunk likewise as well. He was still frozen solid, unable to fight back at all.

"This is not good," Willa stated. "Dialga's put up another barrier- it'll surely take our combined efforts to break through."

"For sure," Keith agreed. "But Jack's in no condition to help with that just yet," he added. He dug into his backpack, extracting a medicinal spray bottle from within. "Knew it was a good idea to buy these," he stated, walking right on up to the legendary lookalike, and spraying him with the Full Restore.

At once, Jack felt the damage melt away, felt the lost hit points coming back as the ice melted all around him. He shook his head vigorously like a wet Mightyena, and gave Keith an appreciative growl before stomping forward, standing before Keith and Willa once more, glaring defiantly at the mighty time god he currently so resembled.

As Diana Macks continued to give commentary on the battle unfolding, continued to gesture for her cameraman to zoom in on this, that, and the other thing, Marv did just that. He played his part in making sure this event was captured for all to see... if they ever made it back to Fizzytopia, anyway. It'd be a lie to say that Marv wasn't nervous, to say the least, but seeing his colleague maintaining her professional demeanor, keeping her cool as she reported on this cataclysmic event, it helped to calm him down somehow, and so he kept rolling, making sure to not miss a minute of the action.

OOC: Using this Full Restore on Jack.
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Jul 27, 2016
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Eh, guess I'll just hit'em. Power-Up Punch (40 BP) oughta do for the time being, no?
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Jul 13, 2015
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Let's just eek in a Play Rough (90 BP) real quick.
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