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Dialga's Gate Raid Event - Vs. Primal Dialga!

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Feb 21, 2012
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Now that we're back up, let's go with some more Earth Power (90 BP) spam.
Märchen Meines Lebens
Jul 13, 2015
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Primal God Dialga Raid Boss


Health Gauge: 25%

Shields Up: 0

Status: Confused

Trainer Healing Summary:


emp, Scrafty: 415 HP

Alice, Machoke: 400 HP

Med, Metagross: 400 HP

Drain Punch:

Connor, Pancham: 400 HP

Trainer Recoil Summary:

Flare Blitz:

Sneeze, Houndoom: 113 HP

Raid Boss Attack Summary:

Attack 1: Max Flare (140 BP)

Dragons, Trapinch: 90 HP

Emp, Scrafty: 205

Attack 2: Blizzard (110 BP)

Leo, Togetic: 170 HP

Slash, Altaria: 180 HP

Connor, Pancham: 290 HP

Zorchic, Lucario: 317 HP

Raves, Golisopod: 317 HP

ES, Flygon: 280 HP

TKF, Machop: 190 HP

Dragons. Trapinch: 0 HP [KO’d]

Alice, Machoke: 290 HP

Mask, Meditite: 190 HP

Attack 2: Roar of Time (150 BP)

emp, Scrafty: 0 HP [KO’d]

Alice. Machoke: 65 HP HP

Attack 3: Iron Tail (100 BP)

Leo, Togetic: 0 HP [KO’d]

Alice, Machoke: 0 HP [KO’d]

Raid Challengers:

[*]Leo, Togetic: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]Enigma, Bewear: 400 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]Slash, Altaria: 180 HP

[*]Gary, Lucario: 500 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]MM, Ditto: 300 HP [Fully Recovered]

[*]Danny, Alakazam: 400 HP

[*]Connor, Pancham: 290 HP

[*]Zorchic, Lucario: 317 HP

[*]Raves, Golisopod: 317 HP

[*]EpicSquirtle, Flygon: 180 HP

[*]Zelphon, Litwick: 234 HP

[*]Yuki, Rhydon: 500 HP

[*]TheKnightsFury, Machop: 190 HP

[*]Dragons, Trapinch: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]myahoo, Cubone: 400 HP

[*]emp, Scrafty: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]Sneaze, Houndoom: 113 HP

[*]Alice Hope, Machoke: 0 HP [KO’d, Recovers in 1 Round]

[*]Mana Opal, Metagross: 400 HP

[*]Maskerade, Meditite: 190 HP

Realizing that three of their friends are about to get smacked down, the trainers rush to take down Dialga before it happens, and healing up the three most likely targets of Dialga by cheering. Machop also lands a devastating Dynamic Punch, which causes the time dragon to reel back in confusion. Dialga roars around for a little bit, wondering what exactly was going on, but seems to find a moment of clarity when it sees the false sun it had once again resurrected. Remember one of the Pokemon didn’t participate, Dialga lets out one last Max Flare to use that sun before the Altaria would take it away. It scorches the Trapinch that did nothing, as well as the Scrafty. It then seems to go back to its mental fog, before flailing about and sending out cold glacial winds with the force of a Blizzard, which ends up KOing the Trapinch as well as dealing massive damage to the group. Seeming to have gotten rid of its mental fog, Dialga lets out its signature Roar of Time, felling the Scrafty as well dealing a massive amount of damage to the Machoke. It then sits for a while, seeming to be fighting within itself. It then notices something, its last two targets positioned within melee distance, and Dialga snaps back to reality. It finally moves its body after all this time, and swipes both the Machoke and Togetic with an all powerful Iron Tail.

With its targets felled as well as one additional sitting duck, the Pakia singularity behind Dialga grows to critical mass. The force of gravity begins to become too much, and the trainers and Pokemon start to feel pieces of the earth break away as it gets dragged into the abyss. Dialga, still in its state of confusion, roars triumphantly thinking it has won. It would certainly seem so, at least, until a shining ray of light cuts through the black hole. The trainers look behind them, and it seems that there were a thousand arms coming from the aether to hold the world back together. Then, a giant, looming form emerges from a portal of pure light. It was... a Gigantamax Hatterene. Seven of the trainers here instantly recognize the Hatterene. It was the Hatterene that utterly destroyed them at the Saccharine Sweets Island. But why, why would it help out now. It matters not, she’s helping now. A glint in her eye seems to show that only she can win against these groups of trainers.

With Gigantamax Hatterene now here to hold the battle together, it's time to make one last push to bring down Dialga!

Dynamax Initiative: Expired

Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.

[*]Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.

[*]When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).

[*]If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.

[*]Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.

[*]You have until Friday, July 31st to place your order.


Danny: 1

Dragons: 1

Sneaze: 1

Med: 1

Maskerade: 1
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Poison-type Trainer
May 26, 2008
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Keith could only stand and wait, wait for his Ditto to be ready for action once more. And yet, as he stood, as Willa stood by his side, everything seemed to start falling apart all around them, Pokémon falling more and more. The Trapinch, the very Scrafty Keith had helped heal up, the Togetic and Machoke, all fell to Primal Dialga's powerful attacks as it managed to land blow after devastating blow in spite of its confusion.

Things did not improve from there. The black hole behind Dialga, having been steadily growing, was now having a definite impact. Its gravitational pull could be felt, and it was strong. Chunks of the earth were ripped up and pulled into the terrifying abyss- the entire world was about to end.

Keith and Willa exchanged looks at this, each conveying to the other the sheer terror filling them both at this point as it dawned on them- they had failed. The world would be sucked into that black hole, and all would cease to exist. Willa then felt Keith take hold of her hand, and she immediately took hold of his in return. "...I love you, Willa," Keith said. "I know you know it, but I wanted to say it at least one more time."

Willa nodded understandingly. "I love you too, Keith," she replied softly. "I... the way I feel about you... I've never felt about anyone else. Thank you for making the final year of my life the most enjoyable one as well."

"I thank you for the same thing," Keith said, managing a small smile in spite of the situation.


"It... looks like this is it," Diana Macks was saying, managing as professional a demeanor as she could with the Channel 890 news helicopter being sucked inexorably towards the black hole. "The black hole is growing in mass, and will soon pull everything and everyone into it. For.... for Channel 890 news, I... I'm Diana Macks, signing off..."

Marv, taking the cue, turned off the camera. "I... Diana, I..." he murmured quietly.

"...I never thought it would end this way," murmured Diana fearfully. "Marv... before everything ends, I... I thought you should know... I've had the biggest crush on you since you started working at the station," she confessed.

Marv's eyes widened. "F-for real?" he said quietly. "Diana, I... I've had a crush on you as well. Seeing you on the news is pretty much the biggest reason I wanted to work for Channel 890 news in the first place." He looked mindblown. "To... to think that the most beautiful news anchor on TV has had a crush on me, Marv Liss, this entire time...!"

Diana's mouth fell open slightly as Marv confessed his feelings in return. No further words were spoken between the reporter and the cameraman. They looked at the black hole their helicopter was being drawn into, then at each other, and in an instant, they were in each other's arms, as though the black hole's gravitational pull had sucked the professionalism right out of them.


Keith and Willa could feel it- they themselves were starting to get dragged, slowly but surely, towards the black hole. No matter how much they resisted, they knew it was a matter of minutes, if even that. And still they held onto each other, determined that they would at least spend their final moments in each other's arms...

...and then came the shining light, breaking through the black hole. Keith and WIlla looked, and saw a gargantuan creature appearing. Some of the surrounding Trainers seemed to recognize it, but Keith and Willa were not among them. They exchanged confused looks, before realizing that this newcomer's efforts seemed to be actively holding things together, at least for the time being. Keith produced his Pokédex and pointed it at the giant.

"Hatterene, the Silent Pokémon. A Psychic and Fairy-type, and the evolved form of Hattrem," droned the device. "Gigantamax Hatterene can read the emotions of creatures over 30 miles away, and it attacks with beams like lightning fired from its tentacles. Some know it as the Raging Goddess. This specimen possesses the Gigantamax Factor."

"A Gigantamax... Hatterene?" Willa murmured. "And it's... it's helping us?"

"It... seems so," Keith replied wonderingly. And just then, he felt the last of the Dynamax Energy slipping out of the Violet Cyber Ball.


"Mm... hm? Wh- M-Marv! Marv! Turn the camera back on!" Diana Macks exclaimed suddenly, cutting the tender moment short as she hastened to make herself look at least somewhat presentable. Marv hastened to do as told, and once they were rolling again, Diana, microphone in hand, picked up where she left off. "At this time, just before the black hole could start to consume the entire world, a Gigantamaxed Hatterene has appeared, seemingly intent on helping the gathered Trainers!" she stated. "Moreover, this appears to be the same Hatterene that triumphed over a smaller group of Trainers on Saccharine Sweets Island, but now working with the Trainers against a common enemy! This reporter, for one, hopes and prays that this will be enough."


"We're not out of this yet! Go, Jack!" Keith exclaimed, throwing the Violet Cyber Ball. Almost before the Ditto fully materialized, Keith, still holding Willa's hand, turned his hat backwards. "There's no time to waste, Jack! Transform once again and let's take this thing down!"

"Dittooooooooo!" Jack exclaimed, once again starting the impressive transformation into the corrupted time god before them.

OOC: Jack used Transform (0 BP: Transforming into Raid Boss Primal Dialga).
~¤Sea Priestess¤~
Feb 21, 2006
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Not sure why Hatterene's helping us now, but if the witch is throwing a fit then so can we! STOMPING TANTRUM (75 BP)! (Boosted by Soft Sand)
Love is temporary. Garchomp is forever.
Oct 7, 2019
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I think I fell asleep. What happened? My Pokemon is dead and there's a hat witch holding all of timespace together.
Right, let's make no one else gets hurt.
Cheering to Heal Sneaze's Houdoom.
Feb 21, 2012
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Oof. Hopefully, this'll be the last Earth Power (90 BP) we need to do, but let's stay alert, just in case.
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Apr 3, 2020
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Earth Power (90 BP). Maybe this will be the final round needed
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Jun 24, 2007
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Emp’s heart sunk to the base of his chest every time Scrafty took lift off – getting close quarters with the literal creator of time was a fool’s errand by any standard. Still, his elastic soles propelled him High up to the Dialga’s maw to deliver another Jump Kick. The pelt was enough to catch Primal Dialga’s attention this time – and for the following seconds time seemed to freeze still. The prehistoric wyvern fell into a confused rage, fire in its belly as it expelled another Max Flare, the hellfire augmented by the burning eclipse above. Emp let out a scream as Scrafty came careening back down to earth in a smoulder, running in for a catch and managing to break his fall, albeit suffering some nasty third-degree burns. Scrafty still had some life in him yet, but that would be quick to change as the time god shifted into its next disaster; the city’s temperature dropped a few notches as glacial Bizzards pelted the battlers for huge damage. With its mental fog seemingly lifted, the Primal beast had no trouble clenching a finisher – its signature Roar of Time wrecking the eardrums of all in earshot below. Scrafty teetering on the brink with the mindbending soundwave enough to push them over the edge. Holding his comrade in tears as his consciousness ebbed away the trainer craned his neck skyward with a look of sheer indignance, the pacifist was used to shielding his negative emotions but not today – today he was hungry for blood.

Emp Cheered for Altaria.
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