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Dialga's Gate: The Time Rift Zone

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Feb 13, 2012
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Alice Hope

Junpei tried to leap down and fight, only to land harshly on the ground and damage himself.

“Junpei!” Kaito called, hoping to assist his Pokemon. He rushed forward, grabbing his Aipom. “Snap out of it buddy!” Rushing onto a battlefield was not the smartest move, and Millie had to quickly reposition herself in order to shield Kaito from the Scizor that was now rushing towards him at breakneck speeds. She hit it hard with a Flame Charge, causing it to hiss in response, planting a large Slash across Millie’s shoulder before she Power-Up Punched the large insect into oblivion.

“Sciz…” It murmured, falling down into the dust.

[Millie and Jasper gained 2 levels each]

“Thanks Millie,” Kaito sighed, knowing if the Pokemon was any slower he would have met his demise right then and there.

“Little bitch!” A voice called, you focused your attention back on the businessman. He was clearly not expecting such confrontation from those around him. He quickly pulled out a strange looking Pokeball, one that you weren’t exactly familiar with. It was blue, yellow spikes around it’s edges. “Show this girl how it’s done! Buzzwole!” He called, causing a strange red musclular bug Pokemon to burst forward from the ball. It flexed, causing Kaito’s eyes to widen at the sheer spectacle of it’s mass.

“W-what is that?” Kaito mumbled, gesturing to the insect.Jasper dispatched the Mudsdale quickly, it’s ability not doing much to help it survive the Super Effective strikes.

[Millie and Jasper gained another 2 levels each]

“SWOLE!” The creature screamed, upon inspection, you could notice that it had one of those strange devices on it’s back. It continued to flex, seemingly Bulking Up before using quick speeds to rush at Millie and send a Power-Up Punch into her stomach.

Buzzwole attacks!

What do you do?
Seeing the opponent's two Pokemon falling fast, Alice was reassured, but not for long. Millie's reassuring smile to Kaito didn't last, faltering as she and her trainer both looked over at the angry man, taken aback by his abusive language. Sure, it wasn't the most unexpected thing, but still. Jasper moved closer as well, taking in the sight of the shiny but strange ball the man wielded. Alice was just as confused by it. It twigged something in her brain, but it wasn't until Buzzwole was released that she finally caught on. "Oh, Arceus on a fucking bike..." She breathed. They weren't giving much time to process this monstrosity, either.

Alice gasped, Jasper pushing the trainer out of the way as the strong insect rushed upon the Miltank, the strike sending Millie reeling. It was obvious that she was winded, that one hit doing plenty to the poor Pokemon. "Thanks, Jasper..." They were unlikely to play fair, but Alice knew that having Millie out any longer would be a disaster. "Return, Millie!" She ordered first, scrambling for the right Love Ball to tuck her away in. Shakily she got to her feet, the ghost eyeing the bug as if ready for blood. "Start out with Mean Look to make sure it can't get away, then use Can't Catch Me! Once you're small enough, use Shockwave on that device, see if we can fry it!" She said, moving away from the perceived arena. The Sableye's gemstone eyes began to glow, the ghost radiating malevolent energies as he began to put their plan into play. Even his normally eerie grin had turned upside down, into a deep frown that bore nothing but ill will. It looked like Jasper meant business for this chad. Hopefully, though, their business decisions bore positive results...

((As of this week at the Daycare, Jasper will now be at lvl 26, and four more levels puts Millie at lvl 65.))
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May 26, 2008
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Missingno. Master

Buzzer smiled calmly. Meowth’s words were calming. She stood upright, noticing that the battle had seemingly shifted since their last words. Keith had switched in Stewie, the powerful Ledian was ready to strike with forceful attacks --- boosted by it’s ability.

‘I think your master can handle this.’ She murmured, turning her attention towards the stairs. ‘If we can find the Executioner… we can sway the battle even more.’ She quietly pondered for a few moments. ‘It’s clear that he’s somewhere where he can see the battle,’ She gestured to Banette. ‘That beast is not acting independently.’ She roused herself, rubbing her arms where she had been locked in. ‘Come on.’ Her tone suddenly shifted to one of a commanding nature, making Meowth understand why she was used as the most powerful warrior.


Stewie’s Power-Up punch nailed the Banette directly in the jaw, causing it to recoil in pain and let out a screech of anguish. It was clear that the battle was beginning to take it’s toll on the fearsome ghoul. As it focused on it’s new adversary, it suddenly lashed out and Sucker Punched Stewie when he was winding up for his attack. It was not going down without a fight, and that much was clear. Stewie’s brow furrowed, he rushed the ghost with a Shadow Break that took down it’s defenses. It screamed in agony, before opening it’s gaping maw and muttering some sort of incantation. Stewie began to feel sluggish, and you could spot the ghost type now trembling. It would seem as though the creature had placed a Curse on Stewie, at the expense of some of it’s own life.

‘Pig!’ Before Stewie could strike again, Grumps came down with force on top of the Banette.

‘STOP IT NOW!’ An angered scream erupted from the Banette’s mouth. Causing both yourself and Taitus to talk a step backwards. ‘GRAGGGH!’ It shrieked, suddenly vanishing from view.

“Phantom Force!” Called Taitus, anxiously looking around. Stewie readied himself for the next strike, fists raised. Grumps snorted nervously, arms trembling as she readied herself.


Meowth and Buzzer made their way up the stairs, spotting a door halfway down the stairs. A glance into the room made it appear as though it was a viewing room. A large space made it so that you could view the spectacle below, normally an execution, without being seen. Meowth was disgusted by the prospect, especially noticing the various bottles of alcohol strewn about. They seemed to enjoy it.

‘Mama!’ A shrill cry erupted as soon as Buzzer could be seen. Meowth’s attention darted that way as well, noticing a Tyrogue in a cage. Buzzer prepared herself, fisting sparking with electricity as a chair slowly turned, attention gone from the spectacle below.

“What the hell?!” The man cried, looking at both Meowth and Buzzer. He was clad in traditional Romma garb, a large axe at his side. “How did you…” He mumbled, brow furrowing. He grabbed the cage that the Tyrogue was in, axe in the other hand. “One more step forward and I end it’s life.” He scowled. Buzzer’s eyes widened, fists dropping to her sides.

Meowth could spot something in the center of the axe… something he was all too familiar with. A Key Stone! That’s where the Mega’s power was coming from.

What do you do?
Meowth's words were a huge help in calming Buzzer down, and upon seeing Keith sending in Stewie, the Electivire expressed confidence that Keith had this. Her focus right now was on finding the executioner. She reasoned he had to be observing the battle, that the Mega Banette couldn't have been acting on its own. Meowth nodded, inclined to agree- just the fact that it was Mega Evolved made that much clear to him. Buzzer took command of the situation, leading the way, with such forceful determination that Meowth was left in no question as to why she was their strongest warrior.


The battle was getting very intense, and as it raged on, Keith's eyes widened as he immediately recognized what Mega Banette had done. He had two Banette of his own, and used to date another one- there was no way he wasn't gonna recognize a Curse when he saw one.

After Banette's outburst, Keith looked very serious. "We're making it angry," he murmured. "That means we're weakening it, but it'll also be that much more dangerous until we finish it off." In his own time, Keith owned a boat, built by himself and his Pokémon, entitled the Banette's Revenge. The reasoning for that was the wish that she would be unstoppable, able to face down anything in her way and never be deterred. For he knew well, better than most, that there was nothing in this world more certain and unstoppable than a Banette's revenge. Therefore it was imperative that they finish this battle, and soon.

"Le...di..." Stewie grunted as Banette vanished- Taitus didn't need to say it, Keith knew this was the makings of a Phantom Force attack.

"Stay calm, Stewie!" Keith instructed. "It's weakening! Use Reflect to soften the blow! And when it reappears, use Drain Punch with everything you've got!"

"Ledian!" Stewie nodded, immediately preparing the defensive technique, while he still had time.


Meowth followed Buzzer in total silence, as one would expect of a feline Pokémon. They went up the stairs, stopping only as they came to a doorway. Meowth peered in- it was a viewing room, giving anyone inside a look at what was happening down below. Probably for these sickos to watch the executions, Meowth realized.

A sharp cry of "Mama!" snapped Meowth out of it as he realized right away that the Tyrogue they had in a cage had to be Buzzer's child. Wasn't what Meowth was expecting, quite frankly- he didn't know they had Old Spice Incense back in this time period- but now was really not the time to dwell on that. Indeed, now was the time to dwell on the fact that the man in the room was threatening the Tyrogue with an axe, causing Buzzer to drop her fists in defeat. And Meowth, being a Meowth, his eyes were naturally drawn to the shiny marble set into the axe- a Key Stone! This was the guy who had Mega Evolved that Banette! But what could they do about it? Either of them made any moves, he'd kill the Tyrogue.

Or would he? No doubt the executioner was keeping a wary eye on both intruders, and since they were looking back at him, eye contact was to be expected. And upon seeing Meowth's eyes, the first thing the executioner would notice would no doubt be that curious, intriguing gleam to them. A gleam he wouldn't be able to get out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried. If he even tried at all- after all, why even try to get it out of his mind when it's so nice? But how could one enjoy it to its fullest while so tense, holding a cage in one hand and a big, heavy axe in the other? Wouldn't it be easier, simpler, more relaxing to... put them both down? Then maybe step away from them, take a nice, comfortable seat, and maybe mind his own business while the newcomers busied themselves with trivial details such as swiping the axe, setting the Tyrogue free, escaping... nothing this man needed to concern himself with, surely. This would become the mindset of the executioner if he so much as caught a glimpse of Meowth's curiously bewitching eyes, therefore putting him under the spell of Hypnosis.
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Jun 17, 2008
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You continue past the farms, following the Taillow towards the next temple, and the fountain within it. This trip better be worth it in saving the city, or the Dewpider would surely destroy everything by the time you got back. Spiders this, goddesses that. All you knew was that this map led to something that would fix this issue. And it was enough of a reason to bring you forwards.

As you headed down the road, nothing else seemed to bother you. In fact... it seemed they were avoiding you. The weird Taillow was still within view, its foot gleaming every so often as it was caught in the light. Maybe it was something of a guiding light? It was hard to say, but with there being no further issues it was safe enough to assume.

With the sky now a dark, smoky orange entwined with wisps of hazy lavender, you see a rather large building start to appear on the horizon. You were almost there, to the temple. You could feel your legs starting to move faster, as if some type of magic enchanted them with haste. Soon enough, you saw the steps of the rather grandiose temple, this specific architectural marvel making the one in the city look like a run-down shack. A lone figure awaits, and you can see the Taillow land on their left arm.

"Welcome, traveler! Come forth, and hearken to my wisdom. My friend here has been watching you, even in that city overrun by that brazen witch and her... unsightly spawn," a booming, masculine voice meets you before heading down into the light.

A man, dressed in silken robes and having an ornate mask on. Looking closer, you could see that the mask resembled the face of a Noctowl, but the beak was on his nose so that only his mouth could be seen. Even with his calm demeanor, you could tell that there was disgust on his lips.

"Humor me a little, and listen to a blind seer ramble. I know you seek the fountain within the temple. Artema send me a vision about a day ago, of a foreigner that will deal with the return of Araqne. I also know what those fools in the city are trying to do. Sacrifices? This is a plague, not war!" He raises his voice, before you see the Taillow peck his arm. The man gives a little yelp before regaining his composure.

"Listen, I shall give you shelter for the night, but I can not aid you further in reaching the fountain. I will test you, child, to see if your wisdom can solve this issue. But, that shall be after you are rested. It has been long since the goddess deemed me worthy a visitor."

The man then gives a wave before retreating back into the temple. There was still time left in the day, so there was always the opportunity to look around, perhaps gleam some information before being forced to go to bed.

What do you do?
The Taillow appeared to be some sort of sign to Rory as he tailled the small bird, and yet he began to wonder if this whole thing was a wild goose chase to get the funny little kid away from Artema's temple while they did horrible crushing things to the many Dewpider. Continuing down the road, he couldn't help but feel as if he was being ignored. No, not ignored. Avoided. Wild pokemon in the fields were keeping away from him, people seemed to be shifting out of his way, as if he was some sort of ill omen, yet still the small bird flew overhead, odd gleam on the leg keeping it in the general eye. The sky itself was certainly indicative of things getting darker, the sun beginning to sink behind the hills, and that's when he happened upon a rather unusual phenomenom. A large ornate building crept up in the distance, and despite his tiring legs, Rory found himself starting to pick up speed, and not just the teen, but the Wimpod and Cutiefly too. Within minutes the three of them had came to the steps of a massive and impressive temple, far more extravagant and intricate than the goddess's temple back in the main city.

A single figure stood at the foot of the steps, and with a voice that would make an Entei bow its head in respect said figure welcomed his arrival, seemingly aware of his arrival. Unsurprisingly the Taillow landed on his shoulder, and it was clear as he came closer and into the light that this was another priest of sorts, though with an ornate mask in the fashion of a Noctowl. The man seemed a little disgusted however, presumably at the plague of arachnids in the city, before speaking up before Rory could respond.

The man knew he sought Artema's fountain, having been given a premonition by the goddess Herself seemingly, and it seemed to him that he would be tasked with dealing with Araqne, which had the boy a little nervous. The passion of the priest seemed a bit much for the Taillow, the small bird quickly putting him on the pecking order, literally, before the man offered him shelter...for a price. Seemingly, the stranger wished to put his wisdom to the test, though after he had recovered. Giving a wave, the man entered the temple once more leaving Rory high and dry outside. Xigua gave a small wheeze, the Wimpod winded after a considerable day's trekking, and it was only then that Rory realised how much he had walked. He was a fit young lad, yes, but there was being active and there was running against an unknown clock, and his legs ached a bit.

"Bylii...Xig...take a little rest you two," he sighed, returning both to their pokeballs, to the Wimpod's relief and intrigue. Usually he was out of his ball most of the time as a comfort pokemon, it was unusual for him to be recalled. Rory however had some curiosity about this new temple. If what the man said was true, then he could very well find himself standing off against a freaking goddess of all things, and he was genuinely interested in this temple. He would enter it momentarily, but he just wanted to get a look around it, try to see if there was anything out of the ordinary about it or its grounds, before asking the priest within about it. He was curious indeed.
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Enigmatic Professor
“Thieves, eh?” The guard murmured. “Well, no. Those lawless ruffians pray on people that look weak.” He suddenly realized what he had said, “Ah, my apologizes. I meant it in the best way I could.” He began to walk forward, and you knew it was in your best interest to follow the guard. You shuddered at the cold, wondering how the guard appeared to be keeping the cold out while only wearing fur and chain armor. He lead the way to a large stronghold, upon approaching the gate slowly opened and he lead you inside. It was lavish, decorated in blue and bearing the emblem of the Jarl.

“The Kitchen is that way,” The guard spoke, gesturing sideways, your attention had barely shifted from your Pokemon, but you noticed how quickly they darted towards the wafting smell of meat that came from the door. You were sure they would come back eventually, but for now, let them enjoy their meal. The guard lead you to staircase, atop which sat a throne and a very bored looking man. He was leaning back in the chair, face resting in his palm.

“My Jarl, I have a disheveled citizen here who seems to have been robbed by the ruffians around the keep.” The guard spoke, and the Jarl raised an eyebrow.

“Citizen?” He blinked, looking you up and down. “Did the ruffians steal your clothes as well?” You realized that your attire was not exactly befitting to the time period, causing you to open your mouth to protest before the Jarl shrugged you off. “No matter.” He sighed, gesturing to the guard. “Get the citizen some rations and a guard outfit.” He eyed you, noticing that Wolfe slowly wandered out of the kitchen, a steak between his jaws. “Say… are you a warrior?” He suddenly looked very interested, leaning forward with a glint in his eyes. “We really need someone to take care of those ruffians… before another unfortunate soul gets mugged…” He smirked.

What do you do

Drake shrugged off the guards comment without paying much attention to it. It was obvious that body size/strength wasn't the same as looking weak, be it battle through proper means or not.

He shivered and when he looked at the Gaurd he seriously wondered how the little ammount of fur and that chain armor could keep out this bite of the cold. But Drake kept his mouth shut and followed the man into the stronghold.
It was certainly very stylish inside, and much to Drake's liking there was plenty of blue.
The gaurd barely had spoken the words Kitchen before Lelo, Fenrir and Wolfe took off scampering in that direction, Drake didn't mind as he was hungry too but his pokemon came first, he was sure that after he spoke with the Jarl he would be able to get himself a meal.
Continuing in, Drake was lead to the Jarl himself and upon first inspection this man sent red flags off in Drake's mind. He wasn't sure why but he just didn't seem to like him and he didn't want to trust this man as far as he could spit. But he didn't say any of this out loud and after he bowed and the gaurd explained what had happened Drake stood with his arms behind his back and looked at the Jarl but didn't meet his eyes.

When Wolfe came out with a steak hanging between his jaws Drake couldn't help but smile, however he had to make eye contact with Wolfe before the gigantic Arcanine could utter the low growl that Drake could feel coming with their mental bond.

"Don't. I know you and I don't like him but behave Wolfe" and with that Wolfe just wandered over behind Drake curling his massive tail in front of Drake while he continued to munch upon the steak. Fenrir and Lelo were close to follow and sat themselves on either side of Drake. They too had meat with them but while they ate they kept their ears cocked in the Jarls direction.

Reaching down Drake absentmindedly ran his fingers through Lelo the Mightyena's fur while he thought of how to answer the Jarl.

"Yes. I'm a warrior. I bested all my friends in combat and defend my position as the best fighter in our group."
Which was true to a degree but Drake ommited more important details due to the fact he didn't like the Jarls glint and tone of voice.

"I certainly wouldn't mind joining so I can stop those ruffians from taking from more people.

That is of course if you would allow me to."
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Jul 13, 2015
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Custard giggled, floating coyly towards the dog and batting it’s large charming eyes at the dog. A small sweatdrop dripped down the dog’s face as a blush crept onto it’s face. It was absolutely fixated on your Togetic as you slowly moved forward and swiped the fireworks. Giving a thumbs up to your Togetic, it quickly spun around and gave the dog a Sweet Kiss, causing it’s tongue to hang out and it’s eyes to swirl hazily in confusion. Seeing your opening, you rushed away, fireworks under your arm as Custard floated behind you.

[Custard gained one level]

You made your way back to the stall, hiding the fireworks as you approached. Once back at the gem seller’s stand, you presented them triumphantly. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as you placed them down.

“Woah! Did you steal those?” She murmured, trying to keep her excited voice down as she eyed them. She leaned forward, producing some kind of device. “Need a light?” She grinned, flicking it as you watched it spark up with a flame. Onyx, the Sableye, seemed less than impressed. It’s gem eyes narrowed as it watch it’s master produce a lighter. It knew that this would only lead to disaster.

Surely this would light up this festival though? You could hardly contain your excitement at the prospect of getting to watch an amazing fireworks show, right here at this beautiful castle!

What do you do?

There was certainly no time like the present.. er, past? Time flowed weirdly here in Dialga's Gate, Leo knew that much, but the prospect of the fireworks show was more than enough for him at this moment of time. It seems his new 'friend' at the stall was also excited for this, and produced a lighter for him to use. Seems it was time.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!" Leo exclaimed, motioning for the girl to follow.

With the bundle of fireworks held tight to his chest, and the lighter in his hand, Leo ran towards the central square. It seemed people were gathered in preparation of the shogun's arrival. Whatever, didn't matter to him. This was the spot he needed.

Dropping the firecrackers onto the ground, the crowd quickly took notice of him and started to clear some space. Perfect. The goal was to have fun, not hurt anyone. Though this was certainly risk as well.

"Custard, Charm anyone that might try to get in our way!" Leo ordered as he started to work on the getting the lighter lit.

It took a few seconds, but he was able to product a flame, and started to set off the fireworks as he could.

"Hail! This is a festival everyone, we should be having fun! That's how Nihan festivals are in the future! Full of fun and wonder and cheer! Not for some stick in the mud!" Leo exclaimed as he finished lighting the rest of the fireworks.

He then took a step back, prepared to watch the rest of the show.