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Dialga's Gate: The Time Rift Zone

Discussion in 'Fizzy Bubbles' started by Astre, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Nerd Violence

    Nerd Violence The real OGs.

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    Jan 28, 2017
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!​


    [ Rory ]

    The priest fixes you with what seems to be the next in a never-ending series of strange looks. After a few seconds, he seems to grow antsy, shuffling in place and knitting his brows as he very clearly becomes lost in thought. “The priestesses will be sacrificed to end this plague,” he mutters wistfully, and you get the distinct feeling that he isn’t talking to you, His expression grows sad at this acknowledgement of the events to come. Suddenly, his posture stiffens.

    “I cannot leave the temple,” he announces, and this time he’s definitely talking to you, his steely blue eyes fixed upon you unwaveringly. Despite his visible determination, he seems hesitant to continue speaking, his mouth hanging open in a single silent syllable as he once again becomes thoughtful. After a beat, he claps his hands together, and his gaze refocuses on you once more. “I cannot leave this temple,” he repeats. “And then senate has made up their minds. The priestesses-... listen. I have served this temple since the cusp of manhood. I know well that the deaths of those girls will not please Artema. She is neither a cruel nor a vengeful goddess, but if we harm the innocent, those which have served her absolutely-... calamity will befall us. She will not abide our sins!”

    He seems borderline frantic, suddenly; a huge departure from his cool, almost frigid demeanor just moments before. The imminent demise of the priestesses seems to truly trouble him, enough so to undermine his facade. Despite this, he is evidently unwilling to leave the temple to protect them -- his devotion to his position and to Artema must be devout indeed. He closes the distance between the two of you, latching onto your arm with a cool hand.

    “You are an outsider,” he observes. “This does not concern you. Yet-... I will take your help, because I cannot let things play out as they are. Listen,” he echoes, sternly, as he fishes something out of his robes with his free hand. It proves to be a scroll, which he holds out just under your nose. “The font of Artema is outside the city. The solution to this problem lies there -- I am certain of it. The senate will not listen, but if you truly desire to help us, then go there. Do what you will with the descendents of Araqne, but you must not bring harm to them. It is not our place to punish those which have already been punished by the gods.”

    The next thing you know, he’s shoved the scroll into your hand, and you’ve been grabbed by the shoulders, and then pushed the entire distance back to the temple entrance. The priest does not seem angry, only desperate and urgent; so much so that Xigua can hardly keep up. He does not cross the threshold as he ejects you back out onto the pronaos.

    By the time you recover your bearings, the heavy doors of the temple have slammed just behind you. Momentarily at a loss, you do the only immediate thing that you can do, which is unroll the scroll that had been forced upon you. You barely have to glance it, before you recognize the pattern of streets and buildings, all neatly labelled in a language that is definitely not your own, but which -- bizarrely -- you can nonetheless read. This is a map, and just like the priest has said, the font lies outside the city, next to what appears to be another temple, and a cave. It looks like a long walk, assuming you’re interpreting proportions correctly. You’re still psyching yourself up for whatever it is that you’ve gotten yourself into, when the door behind you creaks open again. Turning to look, you find that it isn’t the priest, but rather a young boy. He’s dressed similarly to the priest, but less ornately, and his head is shaved.

    “P-pardon me-” he says, almost shly, as he thrusts a single arm out of the door -- it seems he also cannot leave the temple. Clutched in his outstretched hand is the handle of a basket, which is overflowing with goods. “Father Pagonia wishes for me to give this to you. He says you will need all the help that you can get.”

    Patiently, the boy waits for you to take the basket, and then he closes the doors on you as well: politeness, it seems, is not virtue in this sect. Looking at the basket of goods, you recognize some of the items as being among the offerings you had just recently seen. Did the priest pilfer the offerings? That doesn’t seem like a very pious thing to do, but given his clear devotion, he must have felt it was justifiable for the greater good. It seems he must be very desperate for help, indeed.

    Courtesy of the priest and his altar boy, you’ve obtained x02 Berry Juices, x02 Rare Candies, x01 Bug Gem, x05 Ice Berries, and x01 Never-melt Ice.

    What will you do?


    [ Peng ]

    You’re far away from home -- presumably -- but utterly undaunted. In fact, you don’t seem phased at all to be in the middle of a desert in a time period clearly not your own. The small boat that brought you up the delta of the Dile River has stopped in the small port city of Heroth, and this is where you get off. Clutching the ball at your belt to assure that it is still there, you make a beeline for the distant image of the marketplace, its colorful tents beckoning you like a rainbow after a rainstorm. You receive some odd looks from passerby -- presumably for your manner of dress -- but being by the river the townsfolk have seen their fair share of travellers, and most ultimately write you up as being weird, but only in a foreign sense. If only they knew the truth, they would filled with questions: where are you from? How did you get here? What is a Dialgia? But that’s not important right now. What’s important is your single-minded goal: the marketplace.

    The smell of fresh bread hits you as you grow near. Everything from produce to textiles surround you, and the people mill about en masse. For someone from a small town, the crowd alone might prove overwhelming.

    “You look lost,” someone says, jerking you from your awe. Looking around, it takes a moment for you to locate the source: a little girl, in local dress, is standing at your feet, her hair in several braids. “You’re not from around here, are you?” She surmises, chest puffing out proudly. Reaching into a small bag slung over her shoulder, she produces a handful of small sweets, which she offers to you. “My father owns a tavern at the end of the street,” she informs, as she dumps the candies into your hand. “So I know a foreigner when I see one! If you’re lost, you should come!”

    With that, she runs off, down the street. What an odd exchange. As you watch her harass more people as she makes her way down the street -- all of them dressed oddly, compared to the locals running the stalls -- you realize she’s likely just doing her job, by spreading the word of her father’s business. Were the sweets an incentive to win you over? More odd, however, is what occurs to you next: she was not speaking any language that you knew, and yet you somehow understood her. That’s not normal… right? Maybe you should follow her to her family’s tavern. Or you could keep looking around the market.

    You’ve obtained x03 Rare Candies, courtesy of the little girl.

    What will you do?

  2. Faiyaa

    Faiyaa Fizzy Bubbles ZA

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    Sep 18, 2005
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    As Gary descended down through lower levels of the castle and into the dungeon depths below, he quickly noticed the shift from the extravagant splendor of art and architecture into cold, lifeless, and bland stone walls. Clearly this wasn’t a place that was used to show off nor was it a destination that people would seek out on a regular basis. It was dark down here, with the only thing to illuminate the way being torchlight.

    Not everything down here was mundane however. As Gary finally reached a point of no longer needing to traverse downwards, an ornate golden gate appeared before him. This was clearly the entrance to the labyrinth where a young lady in royal garments awaited him. Her English was shoddy at best, but she managed to emit three words that Gary was able to chain together into syntax. “Here… Help… Him…” Gary wondered who it was she was referring to, but he guessed it must have been the Minotaur. As to why she requested this, he would have to find out for himself.

    The final parting message the girl bequeathed onto Gary was a spindle of thread. He already understood the significance of this item; he knew of the myth from his studies. According to legend, the hero Theseus was given a spool of thread so that he could retrace his steps while he navigated the labyrinth so that he wouldn’t get lost. Well, it was now Gary’s turn to do the same as he took the spindle from the girl and thanked her with a smile and a bow. Even if she couldn’t understand him, he knew the gesture should at least convey his message. As the guards looked at him expectantly, Gary knew it was time to prepare himself for the quest before him.

    Gary reached down to his belt and pulled out two Luxury Balls. “Come on out, you two,” he said as two quick bursts of light revealed a Phanpy and a Riolu. “I’m sorry that I’m not calling you out at a beach or anything like that, but you guys are perfect for the job at hand.” Trunks the Phanpy and Natsu the Riolu looked around curiously and huddled closely to their trainer’s side. “We’ve got a Minotaur to track down so I need the best of your senses to guide us. Trunks, use your trunk to Sleuth out any Odors, and Natsu I’m counting on your Foresight to sense out any unusual auras. Got it?” The two Pokemon quickly nodded as they got their game faces on and readied themselves to head into the labyrinth. Gary held the spindle of thread in his hand, ready to start unraveling it as they proceeded onwards.
  3. Myles II

    Myles II Aka Heather

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    Aug 27, 2015
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    Mint watched intently as the battle began. While Heimdall used his Swords Dance to boost his offensive capabilities, the guardian Ghost-Type used an Ominous Wind to strike for super effective damage. Ohhhhhh dear, that was not Mint's idea of fun. At the very least, the ghost clearly didn't get the boost that occasionally came with the move, but with the Cofagrigus packing a firm mechanical advantage over Heimdall for sure now, Mint knew she couldn't let this drag on for too long.

    As Heimdall struck back with Night Slash, ghostly wrappings seemed to surround Heimdall's body, but neither battler was particularly concerned. Both Trainer and, by extension, Pokemon, had known going in that they would have trouble defeating this Pokemon without the help of a contact move, so Mint had planned for Cofagrigus' Mummy Ability right from the start. Predictably, as if to drive the point home, the Cofagrigus used Dark Pulse, as if taunting the pair that Heimdall's Justified Ability had been suppressed when the move did not trigger the Attack boost that most would have expected. Still, neither challenger was concerned, circumventing that very trick had been the point of using Swords Dance first anyway.

    "Alright, Heimdall, just stay calm and keep it up! Lay up a Future Sight for later and then hit it with another Night Slash! We'll really lower the boom next round, got it?"

    I understand. Now, then! Heimdall responded, readying the first of the two attacks with a golden gleam in his eyes.
  4. Astre

    Astre Little Dark Age

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    Jan 11, 2017
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    Missingno. Master

    Darius smirked hearing your response, it was seemingly something he expected as his grin widened. Honesty was valued in Romma, very highly so. Although the prowess of a warrior was of the highest value, bearing the image of a true warrior --- with heart and steady tongue were also of value to the people, especially the emperor who felt as though his warriors were not up to snuff.

    "I knew there was something I liked about you." He turned to Remus, who had returned to a position by the door, merely waiting idle for Darius' next command. "Remus, take Lord Masters to the barracks." Darius stroked his chin, a coying smirk playing on his lips as he began to speak once again. "Why not have him start with Tatius? That boy of yours could certainly use the help." Remus inhaled sharply, a clear indication that the words had stung. Darius' smirk grew seeing Remus squirm under his words, you felt a little uneasy at the display... but you knew better than to upset the Emperor. Remus turned, opening the door to the Emperor's chambers and beginning to exit. You knew better than to dawdle, following behind Remus.

    Sticking close behind him you moved through the winding corridors, passing by a small caged door you noticed that the Colosseum had been emptied. Only the warriors remained, a few standing stoic while a different Captain shouted commands at them. You pondered how many Captains there were, as you had only been faced with Remus at this point. You could hardly make out the voice over the cries of their Pokemon sparing in the arena. You stopped in front of the caged door, watching as a flurry of cries and attacks sprang out of the other Pokemon. Remus seemed aware the you had stopped, placing a hand on your shoulder.

    "Aie. That's Sabine." He spoke with a certain sense of pride in his voice as he gestured to the other captain. "Sabine is a master trainer. Not really the battling type but certainly knows a thing or two about Pokemon." Remus gave a hollow sigh as he continued to speak. "Sabine, however, has given up on Tatius... Everyone has." He shook his head with a sense of disdain. "Darius is placing him on your shoulders because he wants you to fail." Remus patted your shoulder and continued to guide you down to the Barracks.

    "I have faith in you though, lad. If anyone can teach that boy to fight, it's you." He gave you a soft smile as you entered the Barracks, "That battle you had out there was something else. I think Tatius could benefit from a tutor like you." He nodded, looking out at a few of the men clad in armor.

    "Tatius!" He called out, causing you to hear a shocked cry as a shorter man approached you from the crowd. Seeing him previously, you knew this was in fact Tatius. Remus looked over him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Son, Agramas has placed you under the new champion's wing. He's going to teach you some battling tricks..." Tatius' face twisted up into a snarl hearing that he was working with you, especially upon hearing his father give you so much praise. Nonetheless, he moved forward coming to face you.

    "... Nice to meet you." He breathed out, extending a hand. His eyes were barren, he looked like someone who had been defeated far too many times.

    "You're welcome to use one of the training areas!" Remus called out, "I'm sure Sabine would also allow you some space in the main area if you'd prefer that."

    The ball is in your court for training Tatius... what do you do?


    The Zorua's face twisted up upon seeing the Pokeball. It certainly recognized the device that you had just produced, and it seemed reluctant to enter it. Placing the ball in front of it, you did your best to articulate why the creature needed to be in this Pokeball. It was not something you wanted to subject it to but for it's own safety around the people of Niha it needed to remain inside. The creature's ears drooped, but it seemed to understand. It felt a certain kinship to you, you had fed it and shown it more kindness than it had ever felt in the past. It gave a small nod, touching the button of the Pokeball with it's nose and entering the spherical device.

    A relieved sigh crossed your lips as you picked up the Pokeball and clutched the stunning Heart shaped scale in your hands. Hiding the Pokeball in your robes you began to hobble towards the temple once again, sure that the people would be thrilled to hear that the horrific kitsune that had preyed on their offerings would never bother them again.

    As you approached the temple, you noticed the young couple that had previously scared off the Zorua sticking around. The woman clutched her chest and gave a soft smile seeing you approach.

    "Oh! Thank Megami! You're alright!" The woman cheered happily, looking at your disheveled appearance. If only she truly knew what you had been through, but you bit your tongue.

    "And what of the kitsune?" Asked her male companion, approaching you with a curious glint in his eyes. You explained that the kitsune had been dealt with, flashing the Heart Scale as proof that you had taken some of it's horde after it was dealt with. The man gave a happy sigh, scratching the back of his head and giving a hearty grin.

    "Thank you, stranger!" His female companion gave a small bow, nodding to you as thanks. "Finally people will be able to pray in peace." He looked towards the temple. "I'm sure the goddess will be pleased as well." He suddenly shook his head, realizing that he had trailed off. "Forgive me, I got lost in thoughts of being able to finally have my offerings go to the intended recipient." He chuckled slightly, looking to his female companion. She suddenly spoke up.

    "We... don't really have a lot we can give you." She spoke with a sense of sorrow in her voice, as they certainly appreciated your help with the Kitsune. "B-but!" She suddenly piped up again, glancing at her male companion. "We did find this odd stone after you left to find the Kitsune. I've never seen anything like it." She reached into her kimono producing a small diamond shaped crystal, black in color. You eyes lit up seeing the crystal, feeling the power of darkness resonating through it.

    "I'd also like to offer you something... from both of us and on behalf of the goddess." The man produced three pink balls of rice, some beautifully decorated mochi cakes. "My wife and I always offered our mochi to Megami... but the kitsune would always nab them. I know it's not really enough to thank you for what you've done.." He trailed off, placing them in your hand. As the man continued speaking, his wife turned pointing to a large purple tear that had seemingly popped up out of nowhere near the shrine.

    "W-what is that..?" She asked, fearfully. Her husband turned, looking at the tear.

    "What in Megami..?" He asked. Despite their confusion, you knew exactly what this tear was... a way back home. You sighed happily, Megami must have heard your prayer and decided to help you for helping her patrons.

    Adventure Complete! (I'm so sorry it took so long because of slow pace on my end. School just breaks my heart man. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! You're welcome to stay in Dialga's Gate and head to another location now if you so desire, I'd love to update you again if you decide to stick around :3)

    x1 Darkinium Z
    x3 Mochi Balls (Function like Mysterious Gummis)
  5. Missingno. Master

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    Perhaps quite ominously, the notion of Keith being possibly not up to the task seemed to be more or less exactly what Darius wanted to hear. He seemed to have been reassured that there was indeed something about Keith he liked. His honesty, perhaps? Keith was not one to mislead others, not unless he had a damn good reason for it.

    Darius addressed Remus next, telling him to have Keith start with Tatius. Tatius... where had Keith heard that name before...? The notion of this Tatius needing the help seemed to hit Remus where it hurt, and it was in that instant it occurred to Keith- Tatius was the Nidorino Trainer who lost to Gallus's Gengar!

    As Remus led Keith down, he noticed that the Colosseum had been emptied. Mostly, anyway. He stopped to observe- another captain was in there, shouting commands. Clearly, training was going on in there. Remus, noticing what had caught Keith's attention, identified the captain as Sabine. A master Trainer, more skilled in Pokémon knowledge than in actual battling... and one of many people to have given up on Tatius. Indeed, he was certain that the task of training Tatius had been given to Keith with the express intent that he fail at it. "Does he, now," Keith remarked. He didn't like the sound of being set up for failure, but at the same time, this only instilled in him a burning desire to not fail. He was stubborn like that, as those who knew him well (or even just qualified as a casual acquaintance of him) would be able to attest to.

    However, Remus had more faith in Keith than that. Having seen the battle Keith waged against Gallus, he was confident that Keith would have what it took. With that, he called Tatius over, explaining that the new Champion would be working with him. And Tatius did not look happy about that. He shook Keith's hand, and Keith could see his eyes. Those were the eyes of a man who's seen far more defeat than he'd ever have wanted to see in his lifetime.

    "Nice to meet you too, Tatius," Keith responded as he shook Tatius's hand. "I'm Keith Masters." He nodded at Remus as the man explained his options for where they could train. "One of the training areas would be perfectly fine, thank you," Keith replied.

    Once all this was done, once Keith and Tatius were in one of the training areas, the former turned to the latter. "...I'm gonna say one thing right away," Keith said. "You've lost your share of battles. I'm sure you might be inclined to argue more than your fair share. I'll tell you this- so have I. Every Pokémon Trainer in history has lost at least some battles, and those who claim they haven't are lying. Here's the first thing you should know- losing a battle, that doesn't make you a failure. Losing a battle is something to learn from, something to help you improve. Now, then," he said. "I saw a little bit of your last battle, but not a lot of it. II want to start things off by getting a better idea of how you battle, so I'd like to see how your Nidorino fares against one of my own warriors," he stated, producing an Ultra Ball and tossing it into the air. In a flash of light, there appeared Six, Keith's Amoonguss, with cap and shield markings that matched the ball he was contained in. Keith's wording was rather literal- Six, as his markings indicated, was a descendant of the Ultramoonguss, a tribe of warrior Amoonguss long since thought extinct. Six, shy as he usually was, got the feeling that a battle was imminent, and looked ready for it. Keith, seeing this, grinned, then gave a nod to Tatius.
  6. Biggggg5

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    Miles II
    Wincing at the super effective damage from the ghost pokemon's type advantaged moves you know you have to wrap this up and deal a lot of damage quickly before you give the guardian of the tomb a chance. Luckily when the mummy wrappings manifested around Heimdall, it didn't slow either of you down a bit. It was in your plans to know this would happen, preemptively increasing your Gallade's attack power to make up for the temporary loss of his ability, even when the cofagrigus taunts you with a move that would have triggered it. But back on the offensive, Heimdall shoots a beam of psychic energy straight at the ghost who braces for impact... which doesn't come. The beam is sucked into a portal just before it hits the cofagrigus, who after realizing that the beam was seemingly a dud, charges up a ball of shadowy energy form between two of his tendril hands and fires it Heimdall, impacting him head-on. Taking a knee from the blow Heimdall winces but quickly gets back to his feet and rushes in. His arm-blades cloaked in the same dark energy he delivers a 3 slash combo into his opponent causing the ghost to wince back from an especially powerful blow. But then both you and Heimdall see a flash in the Cofagrigus' eyes and the Gallade can feel the dark energy fade away. You feel a shiver down your back as Sprocket quietly speaks up confirming your fear. "Disable. Temporarily prevents the last used move from being used again." With one of your big guns temporarily gone, what will you do?
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