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DiamondShipping vs. ElderShipping

Which ship do you prefer?

  • DiamondShipping (Giovanni/Delia)

    Votes: 10 41.7%
  • ElderShipping (Samuel/Delia)

    Votes: 14 58.3%

  • Total voters
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nekusagi-chan said:
Also, I've always thought that MB was more of a corrupt entrepreneur than megalomaniac nutjob- personally, I think world domination didn't come into the picture till after Giovanni came round. Maybe a consideration, but not a solid goal.
That's what I think -- that they had differences of opinion on how TR should be run and MB went off to go do something else and Gio took over.
I'm pretty sure Giovanni doesn't have horns growing out of his forehead,and he doesn't breathe hellfire either.Sure he's a badguy,he's got his official Villain license and everything.

But the guy is HUMAN,so there's always the possibility of redemption.And the only one who might be able to help him change is his pure-hearted son,Ash. (man,that'd be sweet...)

Anyway,I believe Gio left Delia without knowing that Delia was pregnant with his son.I really prefer the idea that Gio doesn't know he has a son.So that when he does find out,he'd have Ash brought to TRHQ,treat him like royalty,and ask Ash if he'd like to conquer the world beside dear ol' dad.

And like I've said before,I don't really believe in any of the Madame Boss stuff.Giovanni should be the one who started Team Rocket from the ground up.It just seems lame if he inherited TR from his mommy. >=/
But Madam Boss is somewhat canon...

I wouldn't doubt the possibility that Gio might have killed his own mother just to come to power. It's hinted in the CD drama that they're not the biggest fans of each other. Even then, I don't see why inheriting it would be lame. Really, it just makes it far more interesting. Just think, MB's dying and her son's being all sympathetic on the outside, but inside he's just wanting her to get it over with and kick the bucket so he can start changing things around.
Well, there's the thing. (And it links in with DiamondShipping.)
What is Giovanni really thinking? What is his true character? It's something we don't see on a week to week basis which makes it great fanon material, though hard to predict much in canon other than that Meowth really doesn't understand him.
Exactly. And since he only makes an actual appearance on the show on an average of once a season, it leaves the door super open. Though I always kinda picked up from a few scenes of the Mewtwo meta-arc (is that what you call it?) that he's a bit lonely at heart, especially the scene in "Battle for the Badge" (I think), where he's looking into the tank. Some part of me has always seen Mewtwo as a desperate and misguided attempt at companionship. But that's just me.
The thing that doesn't make sense about the theory of Sakaki looking after Satoshi via Kojirou-tachi is that when they encountered each other in the Mewtwo special, Sakaki showed no feelings towards Satoshi other than 'You're in my way.'

Besides, I seem to recall Sakaki trying to get rid of Musashi-tachi in the episode before Orange Islands. He also got angry when they ended up in Houen (even if he calmed down soon afterwards) despite the fact that that's where Satoshi was. And afterwards he made the comment to himself that sacraficing them would be worth it if he could find out more about Aqua-dan and Magma-dan - no word about Satoshi. Would he be trying to get rid of his Beloved Son's specially appointed guardians? Also, he didn't assign Musashi-tachi to Satoshi. They decided to follow him on their own.
But we don't know that they weren't assigned.

I'm sticking to my theory here. Nothing you can do (whistles innocently).
Herakurosu said:
The thing that doesn't make sense about the theory of Sakaki looking after Satoshi via Kojirou-tachi is that when they encountered each other in the Mewtwo special, Sakaki showed no feelings towards Satoshi other than 'You're in my way.'

Oh WTF.....

For God's sake,they DID NOT meet in Mewtwo Returns. >=/ C'mon people,I thought we already established that.
Still, it was missed opportunity by the writers to actually do anything with that dynamic. If the writers didn't bother to have Ash and Giovanni "meet," it's because they have no intention of relating them as family or whatever.

Giovanni is just a "bad guy" by Ash, (does Ash even still remember Giovanni for that matter? He hasn't seen him since Johto and it's been a loooong time since then), so I doubt they'll do anything else.
But see, I don't think Ash is even aware of his existence. Note that in the course of the series, the two have never met each other. Period.

Now, this seems to break one of the chief rules of anime, that rule being, the character must have some great, massive evil to fight. Ash, as of now, is really fighting no greater evil than the possibility of losing his next Pokemon battle. If I were a writer, and told that any chance of Ash being related to Gio was completely out of the question, then (immediately after feeling sorry for myself and contemplating quitting and taking up writing GADL doujinshi) I would have them meet, only to have Gio get away and Ash stuck with the job of trying to bring TR down. Of course, since Pokemon's a lighthearted, relatively happy series, I don't know if that would really be possible, given that's quite dark... all that I'm trying to say is, it doesn't make since that Ash, force of all that is good and just in the Pokemon universe, knows nothing about the show's main archetype of evil.

Also, Scott, using MR to introduce DS into the story would be kinda weird, anyway. As much love as we show to MR, it really is nothing more than your standard sci-fi anime thriller plot. Besides, Gio had better things to worry about at the time (sentient WMD on the loose), so I really doubt the possibility of a heartwarming, father-son reunion ever would have crossed his mind at the time.
"Oh, look! There's my boy! Well, Mewtwo can wait, come here to Daddy, Ash!"
(snickers at the OOCness of it)
Honestly, I think that Giovanni turning out to be a caring father who loves his wife would be the biggest let-down EVER. You just know the writers would botch it up and have him turn good with some horrible speech to Ash about fatherhood... :x Yeuch.

Besides, as pointed out, the theory that he sent JJ&M to keep an eye on Ash really doesn't fit. There are too many scenes that completely contradict it. Not least that we see JJ&M first make the decision to follow Ash, and Giovanni was nowhere in sight.
I love diamond shipping!!!!!When I was 11 I came up with something like it.You see,I was really starting to hate Ash because I thought(and still do) that Ash was evil like Giovanni.And in Pokemon Live,Delia told Oak that she used to be Giovanni's girlfriend.And how come she never talks about Ash's father?Best shipping hints ever!
I don't like either in the way of more logical ships (ContestShipping), but they're both great fanon ships. ^^ And after ten minutes on Pokemopolis, my brain has been corrupted enough to say ElderShipping. o.o
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