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Diantha, Champion Iris, and Legendary Arena: Latias return to Pokémon Masters EX

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Poké Fair exclusive scouts for Diantha and Iris (Champion) have returned to Pokémon Masters EX in a special Poké Fair banner. Latias is also returning in the latest Legendary Arena rotation.

Diantha and Iris Champion Iris Poké Fair Banner
This limited Poké Fair Scout is available right now, and will be running until November 22nd at 9:59pm PST. Standard gem prices for banners apply, and players can also make a once per day discounted Scout at a price of 100 paid gems.
  • Diantha & Gardevoir is a 5★ Poké Fair exclusive Fairy type Strike Sync Pair. With Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast, this Sync Pair specializes in dealing heavy Fairy type damage.
  • Iris (Champion) and Hydreigon is a 5★ Poké Fair exclusive Dragon and Dark type Tech Sync Pair. Between its Breaking Swipe and Snarl attacks, both of which hit all opponents, this sync pair excels at lowering the Special Attack of opposing teams.
Both Sync Pairs can also be upgraded to 6★ EX.

Legendary Arena: Latias
A powerful opponent arrives as Latias returns to the Legendary Arena. In the Legendary Arena, trainers must complete a set of challenges using a set number of sync pairs. The Legendary Arena is open right now, and can be challenged up until November 22nd at 9:59pm PST.

Latias is paired with Flygon and Alakazam in the Legendary Arena, and has the ability to switch its type weakness once per match, allowing it to transition from being weak to Dragons to being weak against the Fairy type. Latias also has the ability to increase its stats and evasion with ease, making this a challenging battle for unprepared trainers. As with all Legendary Arenas, players must have passed Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break in the main story on normal mode in order to participate in this event.


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