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EVERYONE: Digimon Odyssey (my thoughts for a new Digimon season)

The Rightful Heir
Jun 22, 2015
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(Reader's note: I will use the English dub terminology for Digivolution levels, and more "American" names for the human characters, but this story will be somewhat more similar to the Japanese version of your typical Digimon anime series. Also, this story will be in the "grey area" between the Everyone and Teen ratings)

Summer 2018
Eric Nakamura, a Japanese student who will start 9th grade in the fall, has been patiently waiting for a new online MMORPG to finish downloading onto his high-end gaming computer. Eric is your typical spiky-haired blond, with deep sapphire-colored eyes. He was sitting in his room wearing green pajamas with what appeared to be some sort of kaiju-looking monster on the shirt.

The game he had been waiting for an hour to install was called Digimon Odyssey, which his friends had all been talking about over the last few months before its release.

Eric was getting rather impatient, and decided to doze off, waking up mere seconds before the game finished installing. However, when he clicked on the screen, he was literally sucked inside the game.

Will Eric be able to fully explore this Digital World before the summer ends? What Digimon will he be partnered up with? Who is the evil force bent on destroying both worlds with a deadly computer virus? Why is Eric wearing goggles in this game?

Find out the answers in Digimon Odyssey!