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MATURE: Digimon Savers: Gaomon’s Quest

Grovyle Fan
Apr 8, 2017
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I haven’t watched a new episode of Pokémon in months, as, sadly, Sun and Moon just isn’t that good in my opinion. Ever since then, I’ve been looking for other anime to occupy my time. As you can probably tell from my other fanfics, I’ve gotten into MHA, and I’ve also been watching many other classics such as Megazone 23, AKIRA, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Slayers, and more.

A couple of weeks ago, I was on Sakugabooru and saw a particularly well-animated cut from one of the Digimon movies (namely Hurricane Landing). I thought the movie looked awesome, so I went to KissAnime and put it on. Needless to say, I became hooked....

After that, I put on the first episode of Digimon Savers, a series that isn’t particularly well liked in the fandom. But I liked it, and kept watching. And watching. And as of a few minutes ago, I’ve finally completed the series.

But, you may be asking, what’s this story going to be about? Well, it all has to do with my favorite Digimon: Gaomon. Over the course of 48 episodes, I fell in love with the cute, yet badass puppy. I immediately began thinking of writing a story about him, which you are about to read. Enjoy!


Digimon Savers: Gaomon’s Quest


My master...is nobody but you......

Those were the last words I ever spoke to my Master, Thomas J. Norstein, before I left him forever.

My name...is Gaomon.

The time I spent with Thomas J. Norstein was the happiest part of my life. He had had a rough childhood, having dealt with the tragic death of his mother, an overbearing father, a grandmother who wanted nothing to do with him, and a sister who was born with a rare neurological disease that limited her mobility.

But all of that changed on the day he met me. My Digi-Egg fell out of the sky, and hatched on the lawn of his private mansion in Austria. The two of us quickly became best friends.

There was a problem, though. A secret agency called DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad) found out that Master was harboring me. They arrived to take me away, but Master put up a good fight. Eventually, the DATS agents decided that, if he wanted to keep me, he would have to become a member of the team. He agreed, and he joined DATS at their headquarters in Japan, which also happened to be where he spent his early childhood. We met their other agent, Yoshino Fujieda, and her partner Digimon, Lalamon. They were very nice to us, but nothing ever could have prepared us for what came next.

Enter Marcus Damon. We first met him upon returning from a six-month stay at DATS’ Austrian branch. Although he didn’t get along well with Master at first, the two quickly set aside their differences and became an unstoppable force. We apprehended several troublesome Digimon together, such as a BomberNanimon who nearly ruined Masaru’s sister’s birthday, a Togemon that was being used to fix boxing matches, and an Evilmon that forced a down on his luck man to start gambling.

But not everything was sunshine and roses for DATS. We ran afoul of the evil genius, Akihiro Kurata, and his plans for Digimon genocide. He was, without a doubt, the most despicable human being ever.

Things got worse when Kurata tried to make Master switch over to his side. He refused at first, but when Kurata revealed to Master that he would kill his little sister if he refused, he reluctantly agreed. Of course, we were only pretending to go along with his plans, and we turned the tables on him. And after his plan to use an ancient Digimon named Belphemon failed, he made one last desperate act, and detonated a space-time oscillation bomb.

All of these incidents with Kurata attracted the attention of the Digimon God, Yggdrasil, who vowed to destroy the entire human race for harming the Digital World. But thanks to Master and the rest of DATS, we were able to defeat him, and save the Real World!

But, sadly, all good things must come to an end. After the battle, DATS informed us that all of the Digimon would have to go back to the Digital World to fix all the damage that the humans caused. This meant that I would have to leave my Master forever.

On our last day together, I left him with those now immortal words: “My Master...is nobody but you....”

And this is where my current life begins. It’s now been twelve years since we parted ways, but, after all that time, I have never forgotten my Master.
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Grovyle Fan
Apr 8, 2017
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Chapter 1: He Blinded Me With Science

Twelve years after the disbanding of DATS, Thomas J. Norstein is now an award-winning doctor. But, despite all of his success, he can’t help but feel that his life is somewhat empty. His medical partner, a physician named Joe Kido, is concerned about him, and corners him about it one day....

Joe: You’ve been acting kind of depressed lately, Thomas. Is there something bothering you?
Thomas: No, not really. It’s just that next week is the anniversary of when...I lost someone special to me....
Joe: Is this about your mother again? You’ve told me that story a million times!
Thomas: No, this one is different. You see, a long time ago, I had a Digimon partner named Gaomon. We saved both the Digital World and the Real World on many occasions, until we had to go our separate ways.
Joe: How come you never told me about this before?
Thomas: I didn’t think you would understand.
Joe: You didn’t think I’d understand?!? Of course I would! After all, I am the Digital World’s official doctor!
Thomas: How come you never told me about that?
Joe: I didn’t think you would understand!
Thomas: Never mind! When is the next time you’re going to the Digital World?!?
Joe: Why?
Thomas: Because I want to come with you!
Joe: Um, it’s on Thursday. I visit them every Tuesday and Thursday.
Thomas: Damn it! I’m supposed to give a lecture at Fuji TV on Thursday!
Joe: In that case, how about next Tuesday, then?
Thomas: That won’t do! I have to see Gaomon immediately!!! I can somehow sense that something is wrong!

Meanwhile, at Cape Canaveral in Florida, a young astronaut named Yamato “Matt” Ishida, along with his faithful partner, Gabumon, are preparing to take off on a mission to The Moon. They are seated on board a modified Space Shuttle that has been re-engineered to land on the Moon’s surface. Only 20 seconds remain before launch....

Matt: Are you ready for this, Gabumon?
Gabumon: Am I ready?!? I was born ready!
Launch Control: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Liftoff!

The Space Shuttle lifts off from the tower and begins its ascent into the air.

Ground Control: Everything looks safe so far. They might actually pull this off.
Houston Commander: You okay up there, Matt?
Matt: Roger, everything’s fine up here. Gabumon: [sniffs] I smell something burning.
Matt: Houston, my co-pilot is reporting a burning smell in the cockpit.
Houston Commander: That ain’t good. You might wanna activate your parachutes.
Matt: Roger that.

As he presses the button to activate the parachutes, the Space Shuttle suddenly explodes!!! Debris and flames rain down everywhere, but there is no sign of Matt or his co-pilot.

NASA Official: Did they make it out in time?!?
Houston Commander: It doesn’t look like it, sir. I’m afraid we might have lost them....
Ground Control: Look! I can see their parachutes! They’re okay!

In the midst of the thick smoke, two white objects are seen floating down from the sky. On closer inspection, they are revealed to be Matt and Garurumon (who had digivolved at the last second to protect Matt from the flames)!

Matt: Man, that was a wild escape! I feel like I’m Bruce Willis or something!
Garurumon: [coughs] Are you alright, Matt?
Matt: Yeah, I guess so. But you don’t sound too good, Garurumon.
Garurumon: I think I [coughing] inhaled too much [coughing] smoke!!!

The two finally land, and are surrounded by NASA’s emergency crew.

Fireman: What happened up there?
Matt: That doesn’t matter right now! Can you please get my co-pilot to the hospital?!? I think he inhaled a lot of smoke in that explosion!
Medical Worker: Okay, I’ll get him there as soon as I can! You’d better come along for a med check as well!

Matt and Garurumon are loaded into the back of an ambulance as the rest of the ground crew are left to wonder what happened to the Shuttle...

- Back in Japan -

News Anchor: Breaking news from America! NASA’s mission to the Moon has gone terribly wrong! 73 seconds after liftoff, the modified Space Shuttle suddenly exploded. The pilot, Yamato Ishida, and his co-pilot were able to escape at the last second by activating their parachutes. While Ishida suffered only minor injuries, the co-pilot had some smoke inhalation problems. NASA officials are still trying to find the cause of the explosion, but they are fairly certain that it was just an accident.

Joe and Thomas are watching this report on TV, and Joe is terrified by what he sees (then again, what isn’t he afraid of?).

Joe: Poor Matt...I hope he’s alright!
Thomas: You know that guy?
Joe: He’s one of my oldest friends! We’ll have to hold off on traveling to the Digital World until I know he’s okay!!!!

Back in America, Matt is recovering at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach. Several big suits from NASA are asking him questions about what happened on the Shuttle just before it exploded.

Matt: And...that’s all I know.
Suit 1: I see. Are you certain that this was more than just an accident?
Matt: I smelled smoke in the cockpit before the ship exploded! Someone’s trying to sabotage our missions!
Suit 2: Calm down, Ishida. There must be a reasonable explanation for all of this.
Matt: How do you explain the smoke, then?!? If I die on the next mission, my dad has the right to sue you!!!!
Suit 3: Sorry, sir, but this meeting has now ended.

The three suits leave the room and leave Matt to his own devices.

Matt: What’s with those guys? Something’s going on here, and I’m gonna find out what it is!!!

At the White House, Vice-President Mike Pence meets with NASA officials to discuss the possibility of future missions.

Pence: I think you boys should take a break from any missions for a while. After that explosion today and that incident with the test run last week, I’m starting to get the feeling that there’s someone in your organization that doesn’t want you to succeed.
Administrator Tim Listerine: Nonsense! What happened on these missions were just random coincidences. They could have happened to any ship.
Pence: Are you at all concerned that your star pilot may not survive the next “coincidence”?
Chief Financial Officer John Blewitt: Pilots are easily replaceable, Mr. Pence. We can find another pilot should something happen to Ishida.

At that point, two men of Asian ethnicity walk into the Oval Office. They are Tadayoshi Kurata, and his associate, Nozomu.

Kurata: Don’t be so hasty, gentlemen. Let’s not fight like schoolchildren.
Pence: Who are you?
Kurata: My name is Tadayoshi Kurata, one of Japan’s leading scientists. And this is my subordinate, Nozomu.
Nozomu: A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Kurata: Mr. Listerine brought us over to your country to serve as advisors for today’s mission, which I see has unfortunately failed. But I can assure you that it isn’t the hardworking people at NASA who are to blame for the explosion.
Tim: We were trying to tell that to the Vice-President, but he kept insisting that there was some sort of sabotage.
Kurata: He isn’t wrong, you know, but it would be a lie to say that it was NASA’s fault.
Pence: Then whose fault was it?
Kurata: It was all because of those accursed Digimon!

Author’s note: Before we get to the Digital World, I wanted to set up this story’s subplot.

I used parody names for the NASA officials because they probably wouldn’t like being portrayed as shifty and evil. I used Mike Pence instead of Trump here because I don’t want any of this to get too political.

So, yeah, this story takes place in the current year, in between Savers and the epilogue of Digimon Adventure 02. If there are consistencies with this timeline please let me know.

By the way, see if you can spot the reference to the Ocean dub of DBZ in this chapter!
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Grovyle Fan
Apr 8, 2017
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Chapter 2: Welcome Back, My Friends

John: Digimon? I thought we sent them back to their own world years ago!
Kurata: The wall separating our two dimensions is very fragile, and it can’t hold the Digimon back for very long. I should know. My father, Akihiro, was an expert in the field of Digimon behavior, before his untimely death at the hands of his own weapon!
Pence: Do you have any proof that Digimon caused this disaster?
Kurata: Well, um....no.
Pence: Then I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave.
[Secret Service agents show up and escort Kurata out of the White House]
Kurata: Wait!! You can’t do this to me!!! I have friends in very high places!
Agent: Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England.

The agents kick his ass out of the White House. The NASA guys follow shortly after.

John: So, what do we do now?
Kurata: That was only a minor setback, gentlemen. We don’t need the approval of the White House for our plan, anyway.
Nozomu: Master, we should move on to the next part of our plan.
Kurata: Yes, indeed, Nozomu. This is where we get serious...

- Japan -

Joe: [frantically dialing numbers on his cell phone] Come on, pick up!!!!
Thomas: You do realize that your friend is currently in a hospital bed, right?
Joe: So?
Thomas: He probably can’t pick it up right now.
Joe: I know that!!! Just let me try again!
Thomas: We’re wasting time.
[Matt’s nurse picks up on the other end]
Nurse: Who is this?
Joe: Is Matt alive?!!??
Nurse: Um, as far as I’m aware.
Joe: THANK GOODNESS!!!!! Can I talk to him for a minute?
Nurse: I don’t see why not. Young man, you’ve got a phone call.
Matt: Hello?
Joe: Matt, you’re alive!!!
Matt: Do I know you?
Joe: This is Joe!!!! You know, that guy with the glasses?
Matt: The unfunny internet critic?
Joe: No!!!! This is JOE KIDO!!!!
Matt: Oh! Hi! You’re honestly the last person I expected to hear from!
Joe: I saw your ship explode on the news earlier and wanted to know if you were okay.
Matt: Only a few minor scrapes, but I’m fine. I’ll probably be out of the hospital by morning if that’s what you’re worried about.
Matt: Help? With what?
Joe: The Digital World is in danger, and we’ll need all of the DigiDestined to help us out!!!!
Matt: In that case, I’ll be there as soon as I can! [hangs up] Now, I’d better go find Gabumon.

Matt then notices that Gabumon is actually in the same room as him.

Matt: How did I not see that before? Anyway, Gabumon, wake up!!!!
Gabumon: Huh, wha?!?? Oh, what’s the problem, Matt?
Matt: The Digital World is in trouble! We’ve gotta get there now!
Gabumon: Okay, Matt! I’m right behind you!

Matt and Gabumon jump into a nearby computer monitor, which will take them straight to the Digital World...

Back in Japan, Joe calls the rest of the DigiDestined, while Thomas is calling up some friends of his own.

Joe: Well, I’ve called Sora, Mimi, Tai, Izzy, TK, and Kari, and they all say that they want to come. How are things going with you?
Thomas: Keenan says that he’s coming, but I haven’t heard from Yoshino yet. She’s a police officer, so she’s probably on duty right now.
Joe: I guess we’ll have to go on without her, then. Do you know where we’re all supposed to meet up?
Thomas: We’re supposed to meet up here, right?
Joe: Correct. I just hope they all know where that is.

A few minutes later, Tai and Kari show up. They are followed soon after by TK and Sora. All of them are accompanied by their Digimon, as well.

Joe: I’m glad you guys could all make it. This is my colleague Thomas J. Norstein. Thomas, these are my friends, Tai and Kari Kamiya, Takeru “TK” Takaishi, and Sora Takenouchi.
Tai: Aren’t you the guy who won the Nobel Prize for curing his younger sister?
Thomas: Indeed I am.
Sora: What exactly are we all gathered here for, Joe?
Joe: Thomas says that he can sense trouble brewing in the Digital World.
TK: Is that possible?
Thomas: I don’t know. I just have a very bad feeling that something terrible is about to happen...

Soon after, Mimi, Keenan, and Izzy arrive. They are confused as to why they were called there, too. Joe’s explanation does nothing to alleviate their confusion.

Izzy: If there was any trouble in the Digital World, I would have picked it up on my computer.
Mimi: Can we even trust this Thomas guy? He looks kind of suspicious to me.
Keenan: Of course you can trust Thomas! He and his friends helped me find my real parents!
Tai: Are we all ready to go now?
Thomas: No. We’re still waiting for Yoshino. Do you know where she is, Keenan?
Keenan: I saw her on my way here. She looked like she had no idea about this.
Thomas: Then, I guess we really should go without her. So, how exactly do we get there?
Joe: Do you have any computers around?
Thomas: I’ve got a laptop.
Joe: That’ll work nicely. C’mon, everyone!
Thomas: What are we all doing?
Kari: We have to use a computer to get there, silly!
Thomas: How come I never thought of that before?
Tai: Alright, on the count of three, we all jump in!
Mimi: One!
Sora: Two!
Everyone: THREEEEEEE!!!!!

Everyone jumps into the computer screen (don’t ask me how they all fit into there), and there is a blinding flash of light. Now our heroes all make their way through the portal that connects our two worlds...

- Digital World -

On the other side of the portal, Marcus Damon prepares lunch for his faithful companion, Agumon, and his two friends, Lalamon, and Gaomon.

Marcus: Okay, you guys! Lunch is served!
Agumon: Oh boy! Are we having fried eggs again, Aniki?
Lalamon: We just had them yesterday. Today we’re having my favorite.
Gaomon: And that is?
Lalamon: Umm, I don’t know.
Gaomon: [sweatdrops]
Agumon: Hey, Aniki, what’s that in the sky?
Marcus: What are you talking about?
Agumon: Look!

Matt and Gabumon fall from the sky and land right on top of Agumon.

Marcus: What’s the big idea here?!? If you think you’re going to get away with hurting Agumon then talk to my fists!
Gaomon: Marcus, wait! That’s a human!
Lalamon: And he has a Digimon with him!
Marcus: Eh? How come I’ve never seen him around here before?
Matt: [dizzy] Another perfect landing...[shakes head] Gabumon, we made it! We’re back in the Digital World!
Gabumon: You must be our welcoming party.
Marcus: Eh? What are you talking about? And why are you guys here?
Matt: We came because we heard there was serious trouble here in the Digital World.
Gabumon: The Digital World is in danger right now...is it?
Marcus: Um....no.
Gaomon: Not that we are aware of.
Matt: Grrrr, Joe was lying to me!!! When I get my hands on him he’s gonna wish he was never born!
Gabumon: Looks like you’re about to get your chance, Matt, because here he comes now!

Joe and the other DigiDestined fall on top of Agumon, still trying to recover from when Matt fell on him.

Joe: Phew, we made it. Looks like everything turned out okay!
Matt: Oh, no, it didn’t! Not for you!!!
[Matt approaches Joe and gives him a purple-nurple]
Joe: Ouch! What was that for?!? This isn’t middle school, you know!
Matt: That’s what you get for giving me false information!
Tai: Calm down, you two! I’m sure there’s an explanation for all of this.
Lalamon: Ooh, more guests! Nice to meet all of you! My name is Lalamon, and these are my friends, Marcus, and Gaomon. I see you’ve already met Agumon.
Agumon: [muffled] Get these guys off of me!
Tai: I’ve got an Agumon, too! My name is Tai, and this is Joe, my little sister Kari, TK, Mimi, Izzy, and Ikuto.
Thomas: Hey, what about-

Thomas is caught off guard when he lays his eyes upon his old friend, Gaomon. He just stands there staring at him for about twenty seconds while the other Digi-Destined give him puzzled looks.

Izzy: Is that guy okay?
Marcus: Thomas??? Are you alright?????
Thomas: Gaomon....is that...you?
Gaomon: [tears running down face] Yes, Master....it is...
[the two embrace each other]
Thomas: I thought I’d never see you again...but now, here I am.
Marcus: I hate to break up the reunion, Thomas, but, what are you guys all doing here?
TK: Your friend told us that he sensed danger here in the Digital World, so we came to stop it! But...it doesn’t seem like there’s any trouble....
Marcus: Of course there isn’t any trouble! Not while I’m around! All the bad Digimon got scared away when they saw the power of my fists!!!!!
Thomas: [facepalm] He still hasn’t changed after all these years.
Keenan: Not in the slightest.
Marcus: Hey, wait...now I see what’s going on here.
Thomas: Um, what’s that?
Marcus: You just wanted to come here because you missed your friends, didn’t you?!?
Thomas: Uh, no. Where did you get that idea?
Marcus: Admit it, Thomas! You just wanted to see Gaomon again, so you came up with that excuse of an attack on the Digital World!
Mimi: Yeah, this guy’s got a point. I’m supposed to be at cooking class tomorrow, and now I’m gonna miss it because some guy wanted to play games!
Izzy: I’m supposed to fix the Prime Minister’s computer!
Sora: I still haven’t finished Miss Versace’s dress!
Matt: I’m gonna be in so much trouble with NASA once they find out I escaped my hospital bed!
Joe: Um, guys, I don’t think we’ll be able to do any of those things anyway. The portal back to the Real World just closed up.
[Everyone faints]
Gaomon: You have some very unusual friends, Master.
Thomas: Don’t remind me....

- Real World -

Kurata has returned to Japan. Right now, he is about to begin the next stage of his plan. Let’s check in on him, shall we?

Kurata: How is the new and improved Gizmon XT coming along, Nozomu?
Nozomu: It’s ready for a test run, Kurata! Where should we try it out?
Kurata: We’re bringing it to the Digital World. The DigiDestined should have arrived there by now, so let’s give them a little welcoming gift....

- Digital World -

Tai: Now isn’t this just perfect?!? We’re stuck in the Digital World again!!!!
Matt: All thanks to a certain someone who I’m not going to mention.
[The others glare at Thomas]
Thomas: I’m telling you, I thought I sensed something terrible was happening here!!! Give me a break!
Keenan: Yeah, leave Thomas alone!
Thomas: At least someone is sticking up for me.
Keenan: I’m not! You’re mine!!!!
[Keenan starts clawing at Thomas like a wild animal, before Gaomon separates them]
Gaomon: Let go of Master! He just made an honest mistake!
Matt: I’m never gonna forgive this guy!
Joe: Um, Matt...
Matt: Not now, Joe. I’m trying to tell him how much I hate him! He doesn’t even know how much trouble I’m in right now!
Joe: We are all gonna be in serious trouble!!! Look over there!!!!

The Gizmon XT has arrived!!!!
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Grovyle Fan
Apr 8, 2017
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Chapter 3: Head Games

A familiar face pops out of the Gizmon XT’s head. The DigiDestined just stare at him blankly, but Thomas, Keenan, and Marcus recognize him immediately.

Marcus: We meet again, Kurata!!
Kurata: I don’t believe I’ve ever met you before. Oh! You must be thinking of my father!
Thomas: Eh?!?? Kurata had a son??? How come he never said anything before?
Kurata: He wanted to keep me safe from the likes of you brats! But now, the tables have turned. It’s going to be me who eliminates every single one of you!!!
Matt: Stay back, you guys! This guy means business!
Kurata: IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!!

Kurata presses a button and blasts all of the DigiDestined away into the sky. He grins maliciously, and, now that his deed is done, slinks back to the Real World.....

As it turns out, however, our heroes were not killed in the blast (cause if they were, we wouldn’t have a story, now would we?). They have all landed in separate locations across the Digital World. Matt, Gabumon, Joe, and Gomamon are on the beach, Sora, Piyomon, Lalamon, and Keenan land in a forest, TK, Patamon, Tai, and Marcus’ Agumon hang precariously off of a cliff’s edge, Izzy, Tentomon, Thomas, and Gaomon land in the Village of Beginnings, and Kari, Tailmon, Mimi, Palmon, Marcus, and Tai’s Agumon fall in the ocean.

- Matt and Joe -

Joe: Where are we?
Matt: This looks like the beach where we saw all of those phone booths.
Gabumon: Hey, it is that beach! Look! There they are!

Sure enough, the phone booths are back where they were the first time our heroes visited the Digital World. They seem to have been repaired, too.

Gomamon: So, if we’re on the beach, then where did everyone else land?
Matt: I don’t know, but I’d really like to find out! When I see that Thomas guy again, I am going to personally kick his-
Joe: Enough of that!!! Look, I know you’re upset, Matt, but fighting about it isn’t going to solve anything!

- Tai and TK -

They have managed to pull themselves up onto the cliff, but something seems to be going on with Agumon...

Agumon: Whew, that was a close one, Aniki.
Patamon: What happened to your voice, Agumon?
Agumon: Hey, wait a minute, where am I?!!? What have you done with Aniki?!!!??
Tai: That’s not my Agumon! He must be that other guy’s Agumon!
Agumon: Ah, so that’s why I suddenly smell bad sushi around here! Aniki always smells nice and fresh.
Tai: Are you saying that I smell bad?!? Come here, you little freak!!!
[The two begin a fistfight]
TK: [sweatdrop] Just as hotheaded as ever.

- Sora and Keenan -

Keenan: I recognize this place. This is the forest where I was raised as a child!
Sora: You grew up here in the Digital World?
Keenan: Uh-huh. It’s a long story, though, and I don’t really like to talk about it.
[rustling in the bushes]
Piyomon: What was that?
Lalamon: Was it a ghost?
Voice: I finally found you, Keenan....
Keenan: Who’s there, and how do you know my name?
[Out of the bushes comes none other than...]
Keenan: Falcomon?!!!???
[Falcomon tackles Keenan to the ground and playfully starts wrestling him]
Falcomon: Keenan!!! I can’t believe you’re back after all these years!!!!
Keenan: Me too, but, could you please let go of me? There’s a girl here!
Falcomon: You’ve finally gotten married, too?!? Oh, this is wonderful!
Keenan: She’s not my wife! We just landed here in the forest together!
Falcomon: Come on, you don’t have to hide it. Your secret’s safe with me. [winks]
Sora: [facepalm] For the record, little bird thing, I’ve already got a husband! I just wonder what he’s doing right now....hopefully he isn’t threatening to kick somebody...

- Mimi, Kari, and Marcus -

Mimi: Why did we have to land in the ocean? My new dress is all wet!!!
Palmon: There, there, Mimi. We can buy you another one when we get back to the-
Kari: Too bad Joe isn’t with us. We could have used Ikkakumon as a boat.
Marcus: Who cares about a stupid boat?!? I’m more concerned about which part of Kurata’s body I’m going to break first!!!
Agumon: I’m with ya, dude!
Marcus: “Dude”? When did you ever call me that before? And where are your arm bands?
Agumon: Armbands? Are you confusing me for that other guy? ‘Cause he is uuuuuuglyyyy!!!
Marcus: That guy happens to be my friend!!! You’re gonna regret saying that, you little punk!
Agumon: Easy, man! I didn’t mean it!


[Marcus’ fist starts glowing orange]
Agumon: Dude, what’s up with your fist?
Mimi: It’s on fire!
Marcus: No, it’s not! That means that my Digisoul is fully charged!
Tailmon: Um, what happens when your Digisoul is fully charged?

Meanwhile, Marcus’ Agumon is undergoing some strange changes...

Agumon: Agumon, evolve!!!!
Tai: What’s going on here?!? We haven’t even gotten in any trouble yet!

Agumon transforms into....


TK: Wanna run away screaming now?!?
Tai: Good idea!
GeoGreymon: Wait, come back!!! I don’t know what’s going on!!!!

- Thomas and Izzy -

Izzy: It figures I get stuck with the one responsible for getting us into this mess!
Thomas: I’m sorry, would you prefer it if I left you here to fend for yourself?
Tentomon: Noooo!!!! Anything but that!!
Gaomon: Where are we, master?
Thomas: I have no idea. I don’t think we ever went to this part of the Digital World.
Tentomon: This is the Village of Beginnings. It’s where all of the Digimon are born at the start of their life. Digimon that die are also sent here to start their life over again. A circle of life, if you will.

Then, Elecmon, the village’s caretaker, rushes onto the scene, in an upset mood.

Elecmon: Shhhh! Do you wanna get sued? Not only that, you’ve woke up the babies!
Tentomon: Our apologies, Elecmon.
Elecmon: I see you’ve brought guests as well. They certainly look like distinguished gentlemen.
Izzy: Don’t you recognize me? I’m Izzy!
Elecmon: [gasps] One of the chosen children! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you, almighty one.
Thomas: Can someone tell me what’s going on here?
Elecmon: Twenty years ago, eight special children saved the Digital World from Apocalymon. We have revered them as saints ever since. In fact, we built this shrine to honor them.
Tentomon: Look, Izzy, there we are!
Izzy: There’s Tai! And Mimi!
Thomas: Cool, where’s Gaomon and I?
[Thomas’ enthusiasm slowly disappears from his face once he realizes that he and Gaomon are not depicted in the shrine]
Gaomon: What’s wrong, Master?
Thomas: They didn’t include us......I saved the Digital World, too! How come I’m not a saint?
Gaomon: Master, please calm down...
Thomas: Are Marcus, Yoshino, and I less worthy than those kids?!?
Elecmon: Well, you see...
Thomas: Nope! I don’t want to hear it! Come on, you guys, let’s go find the others.
Gaomon: Yes, Master!
Izzy: No, Master! You two can go off by yourself. Tentomon and I are gonna stay here.
Thomas: Suit yourself.
[Thomas runs off into the distance, with Gaomon following behind shortly after]
Tentomon: Izzy, don’t you want to go look for our friends?
Izzy: Not with him in charge!
Elecmon: As long as you two are here, help me take care of the babies!
Tentomon: Ooh, that sounds fun! What do you think, Izzy?
Izzy: Yuck!!!

- Thomas and Gaomon -

Thomas: Ugggh, the nerve of that guy! I can’t believe we were left off!!!!
Gaomon: Master, what’s gotten into you? You’ve been acting unusual today.
Thomas: You wouldn’t understand, Gaomon.
Gaomon: You can trust me, Master. I won’t tell anybody.
Thomas: I’ve been through a lot of stress lately. You see, my father had a stroke a few weeks ago, and he’s been in the hospital ever since. And, to make things even worse, I kept getting these visions that something bad was going to happen to the Digital World. I didn’t want them to come true, so I rushed all of us here as fast as I could.
Gaomon: Master, I get the feeling that there’s more to this that you aren’t telling me. What’s really going on?
Thomas: Um, I was passed over for a big promotion at the hospital where I work. Instead they went with some other guy who barely ever comes in! He’s reckless, kind of a jerk...and I think he also might have a fetish for little boys. Why do I always get less respect than those who don’t deserve any?!?
Voice: I understand how you feel....
Gaomon: What was that, Master?
Thomas: Who’s there?
[The voice belongs to Cherrymon, a Digimon resembling a tree, who places one of his twisty branch arms on Thomas’ shoulder]
Cherrymon: My name is Cherrymon. I just so happened to overhear your plight, Thomas, and I want to help you.
Gaomon: I don’t trust him, Master. He looks like trouble to me.
Thomas: How can you help me?
Cherrymon: Revenge...you must get revenge on those who rejected you...
Thomas: Revenge?
Cherrymon: Have you ever gotten respect for all of the good things you’ve done?
Thomas: Well, I did win the Nobel Prize in Medicine for curing my daughter’s illness...but, other than that, nothing.
Cherrymon: Just as I thought. You are obviously a very intelligent young man, but the world just keeps dragging you down. I heard all about your being passed over for that promotion. Did it make you angry?
Thomas: A little...
Cherrymon: Tell me the truth...or you will never get what you want!!!

Thomas’ demeanor suddenly changes, as if his mind has been taken over by something else...

Thomas: No....I WAS VERY ANGRY!!!!!!
Cherrymon: Ah, now we’re getting somewhere! Tell me more about what makes you angry!
Thomas: [anger slowly builds up] I don’t get enough respect from my peers! I’m not treated with reverence for saving this world!! And worst of all, EVERYONE HATES ME NOW FOR BRINGING THEM HERE!!!!!! [deep breaths] Man, it feels good to get that off my chest!!!
Gaomon: Master! You’re losing it!!!
Thomas: Back off, Gaomon! I’m going to destroy the Digital World, starting with all of those little babies at the Village of Beginnings!!!!!
Gaomon: Please, Master! Get a hold of yourself!!!!

But it is no use. Thomas runs away from the forest, intent on causing some kind of damage elsewhere.

Cherrymon: You’re too late, doggy! Your precious master is now one of us!
Gaomon: Who’s “us”?
Cherrymon: He has seen the light. He will do most honorably in serving our purpose.
Gaomon: I don’t like where this is going...I’ve got to go find help!

- Joe and Matt -

Meanwhile, Joe and Matt are evading a poop attack from a group of Numemon...

Joe: Man, I hate when this happens!
Matt: Gabumon, you know what to do, right?
Gabumon: Right!





Matt: Now, hit ‘em with everything you’ve got!
Garurumon: Fox Fire!!!
Ikkakumon: Harpoon Vulcan!!!

BAM!!!!! The Numemon go flying off in all directions, with poop landing everywhere, including on Joe’s glasses.

Joe: Well, there goes another pair of glasses.
Ikkakumon: Joe, they just keep coming!
Garurumon: I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold them back, Matt!
Matt: Keep trying, you guys!
Numemon: All we wanna do is play a game of “Hot Potato” with you guys! Only, in this version, the potato is poop!!! Catch!!!
[SPLAT!!! A pile of poop lands on Joe’s new suit!]
Joe: NOOOO!!!! Not my new suit!!! You’re gonna pay for that!



Numemon: Hey, we were only kidding!
Zudomon: Hammer Spar-

WOOOSH!!!! A flash of blue and red intercepts the remaining Numemon and sends them soaring far away!

Joe: Does anyone wanna tell those guys that they’ve got the wrong show?
Zudomon: Nah, I’m good.
Matt: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zudomon use that attack before. What attack is that?
Joe: That wasn’t us...it was him....

Lying before them in a curled-up heap is none other than Gaomon, who has clearly tired himself out from running to the scene.

Matt: Where’s that “Master” of yours? I wanna know so I can get even with him for trapping us here!
Gaomon: We have a big problem on our hands! Master has turned evil!!!!
Joe: What?!!?? How did that happen?!!!???
Gaomon: Master felt like he was unappreciated, so he decided to get revenge on all of us! I have to find him fast, because he wants to destroy the Digital World!!!
Matt: That is a big problem!!! As if that other guy wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got two bad guys to take care of!!!!
Joe: Don’t worry, Gaomon! Matt, Gabumon, Gomamon, and I will all help you!
Matt: We will?
[Joe and the others glare at him]
Matt: Oh, I mean, we will! Yeah, that’s the ticket!
Joe: Now, where did Thomas say he was going?
Gaomon: He’s heading off to the Village of Beginnings to destroy all the babies!!!
Gomamon: That monster!!! We can’t let him do that to those poor innocent creatures!

-TK and Tai -

TK: Tai, I think I see someone over there!

Mimi, Kari, and Marcus run towards them with astonished expressions on their faces.

Marcus: GeoGreymon! Stop it!!!!
GeoGreymon: Aniki???
[GeoGreymon suddenly reverts back to Agumon and embraces Marcus]
Marcus: We’ve been looking all over for you! Somehow you got mixed up with this other Agumon.
Tai’s Agumon: Tai, buddy!!!! I finally found you!!!!
Tai: Why are you all bruised?
Tai’s Agumon: This guy beat me up for calling him ugly!
Tai: He did what to you?!!??? Grrrr, you’re gonna pay for that, you jerk!!!!
Kari: Settle down, bro! Don’t take all your anger out on him! We should all be more concerned about trying to stop that freak Kurata!
Mimi: But how? We don’t know where the others are, and the portal back to the Real World is closed!
TK: Don’t worry, we’ll find them. Patamon, can you go up into the air and take a look?
Patamon: Sure thing, TK!

Patamon ascends to the sky and scans the surrounding area.

Marcus: Do you see anything from up there?
Patamon: [gasp] There’s smoke coming from the Village of Beginnings!!! Something terrible must be going on!!!!
Marcus: What’s he talking about?
TK: That’s where all the baby Digimon are born! We can’t let them all die!!!!







Tai: Come on, you guys, we’ve gotta go see what all that commotion is all about!
All: Let’s do this!

Author’s note: I know this story hasn’t really been all that focused on Gaomon so far, but the next chapter will finally show him kicking some ass and chewing bubblegum....and he’s all out of gum!

I also wanted to clarify that I’m using the English names for the DigiDestined, and the Japanese names (mostly) for the Digimon.

Things to look forward to in the next chapter:


On a more serious note, this chapter is dedicated to Michael Lindsay, the English voice of Joe and Greymon, who died the other day at the age of 56.
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Chapter 4: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

- Matt, Joe, and Gaomon -

Gaomon and his new companions arrive at the Village, where Thomas is already causing chaos. At the moment, he is chasing a Koromon, Motimon, and Tokomon around in circles, while Tentomon, Izzy, and Elecmon cower in a nearby bush.

Elecmon: I can’t take this anymore! Someone’s gotta stop him from killing all those poor innocent babies!!!!
Tentomon: Can’t we just stay here in the bushes where it’s safe?
Joe: Leave it to us! We’ll save them!
Izzy: Hurrah! Joe and Matt have come to save us! As for you, doggy, I hope you have an explanation as to why your friend is going crazy out there!
Gaomon: None of this is Master’s fault! He was just talking to this tree and it’s like something took control of him!
Matt: Tree? You wouldn’t happen to be talking about Cherrymon, would you?
Gaomon: I believe that’s what he said his name was. Why do you ask?
Matt: Oh my God.....

Matt has a flashback to twenty years ago, when he fell victim to the same thing.....

If you want to improve yourself, you must fight Tai!!!!

Matt: It’s just as I remember! Cherrymon pulled the same trick on me before and made me fight Tai!
Joe: So that’s what that was all about! I forgot all about that!
Matt: Yes, because it didn’t last for very long. I realized that Tai has his own way of going about things, just as I have my own, and it wouldn’t be right for me to consider him my enemy because of that.
Izzy: But how are we going to stop Thomas?
Gaomon: I’ll do it! The rest of you stay here. I can handle Master all by myself.
Matt: What do you think you’re doing, idiot?!!?? You’ll get killed out there!
Gaomon: That is a sacrifice I am willing to take....

Thomas: Hmmm, now what should I destroy next?
Gaomon: This is as far as you go, Master!
[Thomas turns around to see his Digimon partner glaring at him]
Thomas: I thought I told you to back off!!! The Digital World is going to be mine and no one, not even you, is going to stop me!!!!
Gaomon: But Master, don’t you realize that you’ve fallen right into a trap? Cherrymon is just taking advantage of your weaknesses to get you to do what he wants!
Thomas: LIAR!!!!! I am bringing honor to the Norstein family name! And I did it all without your help!
Gaomon: [visibly tearing up] Master, I...I don’t even know who you are anymore!!! You’ve totally changed. Please stop this right now and come help us find the others.
Thomas: Don’t tell me what to do, stupid! Get out of my sight and leave me to go back to my business!
Gaomon: But...Master...
Thomas: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!

That does it for Gaomon. What little sanity he had left has been shattered now that he’s been told that he doesn’t matter to his partner anymore. Tears begin streaming down his face, and he clenches his fist in anger.

Gaomon: You know what, Master? I hate you too!!!!



Thomas senses danger and he levitates himself out of harm’s way, leaving a confused Gaogamon to wonder what happened.

Thomas: Did I mention that I can fly now? It’s very useful, don’t you think?
Gaogamon: Grrrr, no fair!!!
[At that point, Kabuterimon, Ikkakumon, and Garurumon leap out from behind the bushes]
Garurumon: Fox Fire!!!!
Kabuterimon: Mega Blaster!!!!
Ikkakumon: Harpoon Vulcan!!!!
[Thomas effortlessly dodges all of these attacks]
Thomas: This is all very cute, but, alas, ineffective. In the meantime, choke on this!

Thomas’ fingers suddenly start shooting lightning bolts at his opponents. Kabuterimon, Gaogamon, and Ikkakumon get hit, which causes them to revert back to their regular forms. Luckily, Garurumon avoids this by hiding behind a nearby hut.



Thomas: Aw, crap. Now I’m screwed!
WereGarurumon: Kaiser Nail!!!!

SLASH!!! Thomas goes careening into the distance while swearing to get revenge on them.


Uh, yeah, thanks Thomas, I just said that....

Gaomon lies in a crumpled heap on the cold, battle-scarred ground. Matt, Joe, Izzy, Gabumon, Tentomon, and Gomamon all run over to comfort him.

Joe: Are you alright, buddy?
Gaomon: [teary-eyed] Master....is gone....I couldn’t get through to him....
Gomamon: You tried your best. I’m sure you’ll make up with him eventually.
Gaomon: [loses it and breaks down crying]
Gomamon: What? What did I say?!?
Gaomon: Please, don’t talk about Master anymore!!! I never want to see him again!
Joe: I still wanna know what happened to him that caused that change in personality. Do you have any idea, Izzy?
Izzy: Well, based on what Gaomon told us earlier, I have a theory that his friend has come under the control of some kind of external force.
Matt: When you say you’ve got a theory, Izzy, that usually means you’re onto something. But we’ll need more evidence to prove that.
Tai: [in distance] Heyyyy!!!! You guys, over here!!!!!
Joe: That sounds like Tai! And look who’s with him, Matt!
Matt: TK!!!
TK: Big brother, we found you!!!!
Joe: Where have you guys been?
Tai: We met up with Mimi and Kari and that other guy a while ago. Then we noticed the smoke coming from the village. What happened here?
Matt: Well, Gaomon’s friend went crazy and started wrecking this whole place!
Elecmon: I think he may have been mad that we didn’t include him on our shrine to the DigiDestined, but, that’s just my opinion.
Mimi: [in distance] Heyyyyy!!!!!! We could use some help, you guys!!!!
[Mimi, Marcus (who has a large bruise on his forehead), Kari, Sora, and Keenan approach from the forest]
Marcus: I’ve been hit!!!! Somebody get us a doctor!
Joe: I’m a doctor! What happened to you?
Marcus: I was just standing there minding my own business when I got ambushed by Tarzan and Jane!
Sora: Eheheheh, sorry about that. Keenan wanted us to travel by vine instead of walking.
Joe: [applies ice to Marcus’ head] There, that should take care of that nasty bruise.
Marcus’ Agumon: Aniki! Thank goodness you’re alright!
Marcus: Of course I’m alright!!! It’s gonna take a lot more than a blow to the head to put me down!
Matt: Well, now that we’re all here, there’s a serious matter we have to attend to. Why don’t you tell them, Gaomon?
Gaomon: Master has turned evil!!!!
Marcus: Ehhhh??!!?? [faints]
Joe: So much for not being able to put him down.
Gaomon: Do you all think this is just a game? Master is going to destroy the entire Digital World! And, if we’re not careful, the Real World too!!!
Tai: Why should we help him? He’s the one who got us trapped here in the first place!
Mimi: Our families are probably worried sick about us right now! If he wants to destroy this place, then all the power to him, but I just want to see my family again!
Gaomon: But...but...
Tai: No way! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find a way back on my own.
Marcus: Not so fast, you wimps!!!! What’s all this talk of quitting about?!? You’re not going to let the Digital World get destroyed, are you?!?
TK: Um...no....
Marcus: Of course you’re not!!!! Gaomon needs our help, and we’re gonna help him! Who’s with me?
Joe: I am!
Gomamon: I am!
Marcus’ Agumon: I am, Aniki!
Lalamon: I am!
Keenan: Me too!
Marcus: Anyone else?
Matt: [sighs] If Joe trusts you, then I guess I can.

The others all agree, and they all shake on it.

Gaomon: Thank you all for finally coming around. Now let’s go save Master!
Tai: And I know some people who can help us.....

Author’s note: Next time, the DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure 02 will make their appearance. Some other things to look forward to...

RENAMON!!!! (lol jk)
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This chapter is dedicated to Robert Axelrod, the voice of Armadillomon and so many others. He will be missed....

Chapter 5: You Dropped a Bombshell On Me, Baby

Some time later, Davis Motomiya, Ken Ichijouji, Yolei Inoue, and Cody Hida arrive in the Digital World. They are accompanied by Veemon, Wormmon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon, respectively.

Tai: Glad you guys could all make it.
Ken: What did you call us here for?
Marcus: Gaomon will explain everything.
Gaomon: My Master has gone crazy with power and we will need all of the help we can get to stop him.
Cody: So what’s in it for us? I mean, this is all so sudden...
Marcus: Look, do you want this place to be destroyed or what?!?
Yolei. No, sir!!!
Marcus: Then are you in this or not?
Davis: I am!!!
[the other three just shrug]
Tai: I’ll take that as a yes!!!

Let’s leave our heroes for a bit and head back to the Real World, where Kurata is preparing for the next stage of his plan. This can only end so well...

Kurata: Curse those stupid Americans!!! They still haven’t agreed to fund our little mission into the Digital World, and it’s making me very, VERY, VERY UPSET!!!!
Nozomu: Calm down, boss!!!!
Kurata: [deep breath] No matter, we don’t need their help anyway. Now that we have the “approval” of the Prime Minister, it gives us and our troops free reign to do whatever we want to those accursed Digimon!!!!
Nozomu: Boss, when do we send our men into the portal?
Kurata: Patience, my friend. Once our Gizmon XT are finished cooling off, the Digital World will be ours for the taking!!!!

That night, the American news channels are reporting on the disappearance of a young astronaut from the hospital room in which he was being treated.

Anderson Cooper: NASA is continuing its manhunt for the missing young astronaut Yamato Ishida, who was involved in a serious accident on Tuesday. Officials say that Ishida was delivered safely to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach after the accident occurred, but mysteriously vanished from his hospital bed overnight. Our own Wolf Blitzer is currently in Japan with the young man’s father. Let’s send it over to him.
Wolf: Yes, Anderson, I am here with Hiroaki Ishida, father of the missing gentleman. What was your reaction when you heard this news?
Hiroaki: Wolf, we were covering the launch live here on Fuji TV, and I can’t tell you how much emotion was racing through my heart when I saw that rocket explode. I was relieved when I found out he was barely injured, but then I recieved a call from a gentleman at NASA who said that he went missing.
Wolf: And what was your reaction to that?
Hiroaki: I was appalled. I mean, they obviously had someone in there to keep an eye on him at all times, but I have no idea where that person was when this happened. If you ask me, he would’ve been much better off if they had just sent him back to Japan to recover. Something fishy’s going on with those NASA people.
Wolf: Where do you think your son is now? Do you think he’s been kidnapped or murdered or anything like that?
Hiroaki: Certainly not! My boy’s going to pull through this. After all, he’s got Ishida blood in him, and our family motto is “Never give up!”
Wolf: Truly inspiring words from the grief-stricken father of a missing astronaut. Back to you, Anderson.
Anderson: Thanks, Wolf. And now, all we can do is wait for a miracle...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the Digital World, Gaomon is making fast friends with Gabumon...much to the chagrin of Matt...

Gabumon: So, Gaomon, what’s your Perfect Evolution?
Gaomon: It’s called MachGaogamon. It gives me special laser cannons and a super punching ability! What’s yours?
Gabumon: I turn into a werewolf.
Gaomon: Master loved wolves....I wish he was still with us right now.
Matt: Are you going to be like that for this entire trip?!? I suggest you man up and stop whining about your master!
Gabumon: That was so uncalled for, Matt!
Tai: That poor little guy’s probably been through a lot. Try to go easy on him.
Matt: I didn’t ask for your opinion, Tai!!!
Tai: [ignoring Matt] Izzy, what’s the status on our location?
Izzy: My laptop says that we should be approaching the city area pretty soon.
[computer beeping]
Tentomon: What’s that beep?
Izzy: This is nuts! I’m picking up extremely high levels of distortion around the city!
Davis: You don’t think a Digital Gate opened up, do you?
Izzy: Yes, that’s exactly what I think it is. We should probably go and check it out.

The DigiDestined reach the city, only to be greeted by an entire army of Gizmon XT!!!! Kurata stands alongside them, laughing in that unmistakably evil way.

Kurata: Nice to meet you all again! I wasn’t expecting you to survive that last blast, but, it is what it is. Unfortunately, there’s no way you’ll be surviving this next one!!!
Marcus: Ah, that’s where you’re wrong, Kurata!!! We’ve still got more of us than you have robots!
Kurata: Is that so? Well, take a look at this little trick. [presses a button]

Suddenly, the Gizmon XT reproduce and add more to their ranks. What was once an army of eight is now an army of twenty.

Kurata: IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!!
Tai: Not if we have anything to say about it! Agumon, do your stuff!!!
Tai’s Agumon: I’m way ahead of you!



Masaru’s Agumon: Aniki, here I come!!!



Matt: Gabumon, I could use your help here!
TK: Save us, Patamon!





Joe: Don’t forget about me!
Mimi: Or me!
Sora: Or me!
Izzy: Or me!
Kari: Or me!
Keenan: Or me!















Kurata: This is awfully amusing, but I’m afraid you’re still outnumbered.
Tai: We don’t care!!! Attack, everyone!!!
Greymon: Mega Flame!!!!
Garurumon: Fox Fire!!!!
Angemon and Angewoman: Sanctuary Bind!!!!
Ikkakumon: Harpoon Vulcan!!!!
Birdramon: Meteor Wing!!!!
Togemon: Chiku Chiku Bang Bang!!!!
Kabuterimon: Mega Blaster!!!!
Peckmon: Kunai Bane!!!!
Sunflowmon: Sunshine Beam!!!!

The attacks succeed in destroying several of the Gizmon XT, but more always come to take their place.

Davis: Now it’s your turn, Veemon!
Veemon: Okay, Davis!!!!



Marcus: What in the world was that?
Davis: It’s called Armor Evolution.
Marcus: Cool! I want one!!!
Davis: Speaking of Armor Evolutions, how’s about the rest of you guys help me out?







Kurata: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now you guys are just getting more desperate.
Davis: I don’t like this guy’s tone! Destroy him, Flamedramon!
Cody: You too, Digmon!
Yolei: Shurimon, you and Stingmon take out the ones that are in the air!
Shurimon: Yes, master!
Gaomon: That’s my catchphrase!
Shurimon: Excuse me? Do you have any idea who you are talking to?!? I am the noblest warrior who ever stepped into the Digital World!
Gaomon: Yes, and you’re also about to get stepped on by one of Kurata’s machines!
Shurimon: Say what?
Yolei: Oh my goodness! Are you alright, Shurimon? [notices his lifeless body] No! He’s reverted back to Hawkmon!!!

Meanwhile, Davis and Flamedramon are trying to burn the machines, with help from Matt and Garurumon.

Garurumon: Fox Fire!!!
Flamedramon: Fire Shot!!!
Matt: You can do it, guys!
Davis: Keep it up!
Flamedramon: It’s no use, Davis, they just keep coming no matter how-YEEEOWCH!!!!!
Davis: What happened?
Flamedramon: Garurumon just shot flames at my tail!
Garurumon: Maybe if your tail wasn’t so big, I wouldn’t have hit it!
Flamedramon: You did not just insult my tail, did you, Wolfy-Boy?
[Greymon arrives on the scene and breaks up the fight blasting them with his Mega Flame]
Greymon: Are you guys done fighting over here? In case you didn’t notice, a whole bunch of giant robot thingies are about to crush your partners!
Garurumon: Oh, no! I’m coming, Matt!!!!
Flamedramon: Me too, Davis!!!

Flamedramon rushes onto the scene and scoops up his partner just in time. Garurumon grabs Matt with his teeth and high tails it out of there as well.

Elsewhere in the city, Joe, Gaomon, Marcus, and Tai have snuck away from the battle to look for some medical supplies for Hawkmon’s injuries.

Joe: Tai, do you remember where the pharmacy is?
Tai: Which pharmacy? There’s more than one here!
Marcus: Just pick one of them so we can get out of this city!
Tai: Man, I wish I brought Greymon with us. He’s good with directions.
Marcus’ Agumon: Aniki, I don’t think I like it here.
Marcus: Come on, don’t tell me you’re scared of this place!
Marcus’ Agumon: It’s not that. It’s just...I have the strangest feeling that we’re not alone...
Mysterious Voice: Indeed, you are not.
Joe: Who said that?!?

A cloaked figure turns a nearby corner. They are someone who Gaomon instantly recognizes...

Gaomon: Master? Is that you?
[The figure takes off his hood and reveals that he is indeed Thomas, but his face has turned undergone a disturbing transformation. He now looks more like the Emperor from Star Wars than he does Thomas.]
Joe: Thomas, what’s with the Palpatine getup? And why is your voice so deep all of a sudden?
Tai: Yeah, try telling that to the guy who’s trying to invade right now!
Tai’s Agumon: I’m staying with Tai, no matter what, you big bully!
Gomamon: That goes ditto for me!
Gaomon: Master, this has gone far enough!!! First, you try to kill babies, and now, you want to kill your own partner?!? You’ve become just like Kurata!
[Thomas shoots lightning from his fingers, almost managing to hit Gaomon before Joe reflects the bolts with his glasses. Thomas sneers before disappearing from sight again.]
Gaomon: Thank you, Joe.
Marcus: He can shoot lightning now?!? Damn, he really has become Emperor Palpatine!!!
Marcus’ Agumon: Who’s that, Aniki?
Joe: That’s not important right now! We’ve got to warn the others!
Tai: But what about the medicine for Hawkmon?
Joe: I just remembered I have some extra supplies in my bag! We can use those!
[Tai and Marcus faint]
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Chapter 6: I Can’t Think of A Song For This Chapter’s Title


- Hollywood -

In the middle of Downtown Hollywood, a strange magnetic disturbance appears over the intersection of Vine and Franklin. Bolts of red and blue lightning strike at random, sending various pedestrians and onlookers scrambling for safety.

All over the world, these mysterious disturbances occur over and over again. What is causing these? Well.....

Back in the Digital World, the bolts of lightning are being manipulated by the Digimon Emperor, formerly known as Thomas Norstein.


Several of history’s greatest villains appear from the lightning, and proceed to shuffle off to confront their victims...

Meanwhile, Joe, Marcus, Tai, and Gaomon have rejoined the rest of the gang. A pile of destroyed Gizmon XT smolders away in the background, but their master, Kurata, seems to have disappeared.

Joe: [administers a shot to Hawkmon] Feeling better now, Hawkmon?
Hawkmon: I have been through much worse, sir.
Joe: “Sir”? Why so formal?
Yolei: Don’t ask. He’s always been like that.
Gaomon: We ran into Master in the city. He’s calling himself the “Digimon Emperor” now!
Ken: “Digimon Emperor”?!? My god, it’s worse than I thought! He’s under the control of a Dark Spore!
Marcus: Huh? What are you talking about?
Ken: I used to call myself that name before Davis and his team saved me from BelialVamdemon’s control! He used something called a Dark Spore which made me heartless and cruel towards everyone, even my own family!
Davis: But how is this possible? We destroyed that creep!!!
Gabumon: He came back once before. Maybe he’s found...[sniffs]
Matt: What is it, Gabumon?
Gabumon: I smell something rotten.
Tai: [sniffs] Pheeeewww! I smell it, too!
Tentomon: The smell is coming from over there. I’ll go check it out!

He disappears over a hill, only to return a few seconds later, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Izzy: Say what?
Tentomon: Zombies! I saw them! A whole army of zombies is heading this way!!!
Tai and TK: Awesome!!!
Joe: Not awesome!!! Don’t you realize what they’re gonna do to us?!? They’ll rip out our spines and eat them!
Matt: But there’s no such thing as zombies, right?

Before Matt can say anything else, a large army of the undead comes marching over the hill.

Matt: Then again, MAYBE THERE IS!!!!!
Cody: We’ve never had to fight the undead before! How are we supposed to stop them?!?
[their Digimon all band together and triumphantly run towards the advancing zombies]
Armadillomon: Leave it to us, dagyaa!

And then, an all out brawl commences!!!

Palmon engages in battle with notorious gangster Al Capone...

Capone: Stand still, ya stupid plant! I can’t shoot ya if ya keep movin’ around!
Palmon: Poison Ivyyyyy!!!!!!
Capone: Don’t make me send my buddy Sinatra after... [suddenly gets dizzy] Hey, why is everybody spinning....[faints]

The two Agumon gang up on history’s greatest monster of all...Count Dracula!!!

Marcus’ Agumon: Aniki, this is fun! Why don’t you join in?
Dracula: I vant you to cease this attack!!!
[Suddenly, they are intercepted by famous horror movie actor Peter Lorre, who then bites Dracula’s arm off]

Gaomon and Lalamon take on notorious mass murderer Charlie Manson...

Gaomon: Double Backhand!!! [smack]
Manson: [unhurt] I don’t roll around with poo people like that!
Lalamon: Nuts Shoot!!!
Manson: [still not hurt] You feel to blame? Are you mad? You feel like [gibberish ranting]?
Gaomon: Why isn’t it working on him?!?
Lalamon: I know what to do! Sing a Song!!!!
Manson: [continues his gibberish ranting, before finally passing out]
Lalamon: Phew! Glad that’s over!
Gaomon: Not for long! Look over there!

Marcus is surrounded by an army of Confederate soldiers straight out of Gettysburg!!!

Marcus: A little help over here, you guys?!?
Marcus’ Agumon: Anikiiiii!!!! Hang on, I’m coming!

This is a situation that calls for....GeoGreymon!!!!!

Soldier 1: Say your prayers, you damn Yankee!
Marcus: But, I’m not even American! I’m Japanese!!!
Soldier 2: That’s even worse!!! Colonel, destroy that Japanese-
GeoGreymon: Horn Impulse!!!
[GeoGreymon headbutts all of the Confederate soldiers out of the way]
GeoGreymon: [picks up Marcus] Are you okay, Aniki?
Marcus: Thanks for saving me from those creeps!

WereGarurumon and Zudomon protect Matt and Joe from the advances of creepy British television host Jimmy Savile...

Savile: [yodeling] Now then, now then, what do we have here, guys and gals? Two nice young gentlemen! Hey, would you chaps like to be on my show, “Jim’ll Fix It”? My good friends Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris will be there!
Joe: Matt, this guy’s starting to scare me! Get him away, get him away!!!
Savile: How’s about that? The young man thinks ol’ Jim is gonna hurt him! [yodels] Don’t worry, the police haven’t turned up anything yet and they probably never will!
Zudomon: Hammer...Spark!!!!!
[chop’s Savile’s head off with his hammer]
Savile: Goodness gracious, how’s about that, then?!? [head explodes]

Famous giant gorilla King Kong terrorizes Sora and Mimi, until Keenan comes swinging in on a vine, and kicks King Kong right in his Ding Dong!!!

Elsewhere, Tai and Greymon have just finished burning Benito Mussolini to death, and have now turned their attention to Joseph Stalin...

Stalin: The ridiculous Japanese monster must be destroyed!!!
Greymon: Not if I have my way with you first!!!
Stalin: Ha! Ha ha ha!!! This is beink a very funny joke, no? Mother Russia will be standink strong beside me as I am taking down foolish children’s toy!!!
Greymon: Mega...FLAAAAAME!!!!!!
Matt: Is that all of them?
Joe: Yeah, and thank goodness for that!

Thomas witnesses this from his evil lair and is not happy at all!


So he decides to go visit the cause of his problems in person...which can only end so well....

Thomas: I’M BAAAAACK!!!!
Gaomon: What do you want with us now, Master?!? You’ve caused us enough trouble as it is!
Gaomon: I am NOT a dog!
[Thomas snaps his fingers, and some of the DigiDestined suddenly freeze, as if something about them has changed. He then snaps his fingers again and teleports himself back to his lair]
Marcus: Hey, are you guys alright? [waves his hand in front of Matt] Anybody home?
Gabumon: Matt? You okay, buddy?
Matt: Buddy? Humph, I have no friends.
Gabumon: Excuse me?
Palmon: Mimi, snap out of it!
Mimi: Ugh, what are you wearing, Palmon? Pink and green? Those colors totally clash! Why don’t we go shopping later so we can find something that matches?
Palmon: But...but I’ve always looked like this! Mimi, what’s wrong with you?
Gomamon: Joe, talk to me, please!
Joe: [backs away from Gomamon] Get away from me! I’m allergic to certain types of fur!
Gomamon: This is getting kinda freaky...
Tentomon: Are you okay, Izzy?
Izzy: I am alright at the moment, Tentomon. Although it would appear that I have an ache in my cranium right now.
Tentomon: Huh? What’s with the overly wordy sentences?
Veemon: Speak to me, Davis!!!
Davis: Ah, Kari’s alright! Don’t anybody lay a finger on her, because she’s mine! [grabs her chest]
Tai: Dude, what’s gotten into you?!? Keep your hands off of my sister!
Gaomon: What is going on? Some of you guys are acting very strange.
Matt: If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go be alone.
Mimi: My dress is torn, I’ve got to buy a new one!
Joe: I’m allergic to Digimon.
Izzy: Data indicates that we are in the middle of the forest, which is a wooded area with lots of floral and animal life.
Davis: I am the best of all the DigiDestined, so it’s only natural that Kari can’t get enough of me!
Ken: I think I know what’s going on here.
Yolei: What is it?
Ken: The Emperor has turned them into one-note caricatures of themselves.
Tai: Yeah, it’s like all of their character flaws have been exaggerated to a ridiculous degree!
Marcus’ Agumon: Well, what are we gonna do about it, Aniki? Our friends can’t stay like that forever!
Marcus: I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do! We’ve gotta go to where Thomas is hiding out and find a way to turn him, and our friends, back to normal!
Davis: An excellent plan! I’m so glad I thought of it!
Marcus: Can somebody shut this guy up?

Author’s note: That last part of the chapter is kind of a take that to Saban for screwing up most of the characters’ personalities in the dub.