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Digital Odyssey (A Digimon RP) (6/10) OPEN!

Kung Fu Ferret

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Jun 22, 2015
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Rated "Everyone" for bloodless, fantasy/sci-fi violence (which may or may not include certain Digimon dying, with their data scattering after), possible mild language (Note: I'm allowing terms such as "damn it" "holy crap" "what the hell" and PG-rated innuendo/puns) here and there.

1. For now, I will allow 9 users to signup (besides myself). We will start once four people sign up (including myself)
2. Mild language is allowed, just don't overuse it.....
3. Don't try to be overpowered too early on.
4. Not really a rule, but a suggestion I highly recommend: If you can't decide one a Digivolution line for your partner, feel free to message me for ideas.
5. Do not control other players' characters (including their Digimon) With that in mind, I control all NPCs, including the villains!
6. For Digivolution stages, we will be using the English dub terms (Fresh->In-Training->Rookie->Champion->Ultimate->Mega)
7. Arguably the most important rule of all: Have fun!

The plot:
The Digital World is in danger. The Ancient Warrior Ten have each selected a young human being (aged anywhere between 10 and 19) to partner up with a Rookie level Digimon that shares a similar element with one of the Warriors. Each of these youths will meet their Digimon in the Digital World, and receive a Digivice. A league of ten mysterious Evil Mega-Level Digimon have decided to plunge both worlds into absolute chaos in order to revive Ogudomon.

Warrior Ten - Wikimon - The #1 Digimon wiki (Ctrl+V'd this article to help those who don't know Digimon that well. This site is overall useful for Digimon info!)

Sign up sheet

Name (first and last):
Gender (male, female, trans, etc):
Age (between 10 and 19):
Nationality (which part of the world are you from?):
Physical Appearance:
History (what was life like before being chosen, which of the Ancient Legendary Warriors chose you?):
Other (anything else?);

Species (your Digimon's Rookie form?):
Digivolution line (Fresh to Mega)

Name (first and last): Eric Visser
Gender (male, female, trans, etc): Male
Age (between 10 and 19): 17
Nationality (which part of the world are you from?): South African
Physical Appearance: Pale skin, dark brown hair, green eyes, wears a a light blue shirt, khaki shorts, and black sneakers. 5'2" weights 135 lbs.
Personality: Eric is usually calm and collected, albeit lacking a bit of patience. He is smart, and supportive, yet comes off as arrogant. He speaks his mind, and is the kind of person you want on your side in a survival situation. A born leader
History (what was life like before being chosen, which of the Ancient Legendary Warriors chose you?): Eric's parents are game wardens at a nature reserve near Johannesburg. He loved to help his parents bottle-feed baby animals who were orphaned by poachers. Lion cubs and rhino calves were always his favorites. He is fluent in English, Zulu, Afrikaans, and Xhosa. He was chosen by AncientBeetlemon to team up with a Tentomon in the Digital World. A portal opened up in the middle of the savanna while he was on his way to an outpost to confront some ivory poachers, and now he's in the Digital World.
Other (anything else?): N/A

Species (your Digimon's Rookie form?): Tentomon
Digivolution line (Fresh to Mega) Pabumon->Motimon->Tentomon->Kabuterimon->MegaKabuterimon (red) -> TyrantKabuterimon
Personality: Clever, shy, yet hot-tempered. Has a strong sense of justice
Other: N/A

Current players.
1. Eric Visser (Kung Fu Ferret)
2. Zip Takahashi (Glitchipedia)
3. Iara" Spy" Herimanitra (Spy07)
4. Deck Gryphon (Lone_Garurumon)
5. Xiaolong Yang (Timeaeus)
6. Audrey Caines (Arylett Charnoa)
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Shinichiro "Zip" Takahashi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese

Physical Appearance: Zip stands approximately 5' 7" with big, spiky forest green hair, fair skin, and dark eyes. Over his skinny physique, he wears a layered pair of tank tops (violet on top, white underneath), slate blue exercise gloves, dark blue-gray shorts, white socks, and black sneakers with white soles. He typically carries a black knapsack when traveling on foot.

Personality: Zip is fairly carefree and excitable with an insatiable love of gaming. His favorite pastime is deeply analyzing a game's rules and formulae in order to form better strategies for winning—and yet, losing is equally exciting for him, as it gives him more information to analyze so he can make a triumphant comeback later. However, when the stakes are high, even he can be made to see that losing isn't an option, especially when his big brother instincts kick in.

History: Zip's nature as a voracious video and trading card game otaku has caused no end of frustration for his corporate lawyer mother, who insists he needs to focus more on his studies in order to achieve her same level of success. His father, a PSIA agent who is rarely home, is more understanding, but still encourages him to find a better balance between work and recreation. Since his parents are so often busy, Zip usually finds himself responsible for taking care of his seven-year-old sister Koharu as well—a task he is actually happy to carry out, as her stunning eye for detail makes her a surprisingly worthy opponent in multiplayer games. The Warrior who chose Zip was AncientGreymon, who predictably pegged Agumon as his ideal partner. During a PC gaming session, Zip was sucked through the monitor and deposited in the Digital World. He has yet to figure out a way back.

Other: Zip and his sister are both bilingual, their mother having learned American English for business purposes—though Koharu is less fluent and seems to prefer speaking Japanese in general. Zip's nickname comes from his online handle, "winzip777", and he typically only uses it with English-speaking friends who might otherwise have a difficult time pronouncing his real name.

Digivolution line: Botamon -> Koromon -> Agumon -> Greymon -> RizeGreymon -> BlitzGreymon
Personality: Agumon is kind of dense and always raring for a fight. Strategy is a foreign concept to him—he figures his opponent is bound to collapse eventually if he just keeps hitting them for long enough.
Other: N/A
Iara" Spy" Herimanitra
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Nationality: Malagasy

Physical Appearance: Spy is actually around 5 ft. He has a medium black hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue hood with a brown short. He also carries a backpack.

Personality: Spy is an athlete but he likes playing video games sometimes. He has a big sense of humor. He is smart and creative. He doesn't like studying cause he thinks that studying is just a waste of time. He like competing.

History: Spy was on a training for the next basketball competition. As known, Spy spends more time in his training than studying making people think that he is cheating on exams. On his way home, Spy accidentally enter a portal to the digimon world. He found himself in a lake where the AncientMermaimon is located. The AncientMermaimon gives him a Gomamon to defend himself until he figures out a way to return into his world.

Other: N/A

Species: Gomamon
Digivolution line:
Poyomon -> Bulkamon -> Gomamon -> Ikkakumon -> Zodomon -> Vikemon
Personality: Gomamon likes to play with its opponent. He first hits with a weak move and wait for the opponent to attack then counter with a powerful move.
Other: N/A
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@Kung Fu Ferret
Deck Gryphon
Gender: Agender (Accepts both he and they as pronouns)
Age: 19
Nationality: Australian
Physical Appearance: Standing roughly five foot seven and somewhat overweight, Deck has medium-length messy brown hair, along with blue eyes. Upon warping to the Digital World, they were wearing a light blue t-shirt, shorts, and a black, white, and orange triangle-patterned neckerchief.
Personality: Insecure and somewhat shy, Deck prefers to spend most of their time at home, or if they do go out, tend to stick with people they know. Once you get past their uncertain exterior however, they're actually kind of a dork.
History: Deck‘s history was reasonably standard for most of their life. They went through high school gradually learning about their sexuality and gender identity as many teenagers do. When it came time to let their parents know their conclusions however, the results were less than optimal. Rejected by their parents who were actively unaccepting of their non-binary gender, as well as their attraction towards men, they enrolled in a Creative Writing course at the local university to get out of the house as soon as possible, moving into a university dorm with their boyfriend of two years.
In the moment of their selection, they were checking through their emails when they noticed a strange one. They decided to read it for a laugh, since an email itself isn't dangerous so long as you stay away from the attachments, right? Wrong, given that as soon as the message was opened, their computer screen instantly displayed an image of AncientKazemon and proceeded to flash in multiple colours, knocking them out. Next thing they knew, they were waking up in the Digital World.
Other: Their 18th birthday present to themselves was a legal name change

Digivolution line: Botamon -> Wanyamon -> Gaomon -> Gaogamon -> MachGaogamon -> MirageGaogamon (If doubling up the Fresh form with Zip’s Agumon is a problem I can figure out a different one)
Personality: Sociable, but also a bit arrogant, Gaomon is quite cocky and proud of their strength.
Both of you are in!

EDIT: @Glitchipedia are you still interested? Also, @Spy07 I don't know how to feel about you having a fanmade Digimon, but I'll allow it if you can describe it well enough

EDIT 2: @Lone_Garurumon it should be fine
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I'm fine to start with what we have.

Also, little bit of advice Ferret, editing a mention into a post does not ping the user. If you want them to get the extra alert it's gotta be a new post. Case in point I didn't know you pinged me until I came here for Glitch's post afterwards.
EDIT: @Glitchipedia are you still interested? Also, @Spy07 I don't know how to feel about you having a fanmade Digimon, but I'll allow it if you can describe it well enough
Ohhhhh, that explains why I couldn't find Klitmon on any of the wikis I use.
@Spy07 I can help you with a Digimon line... Because at the moment I have decided against the use of fanmade Digimon
Hope this is okay.

Name: Xiaolong Yang
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: China
Physical Appearance: Approximately 5'7 in height. Short spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. Always has a pair of headphones slung around his neck. Wears a black tang suitshirt, khaki pants and white sneakers.
Personality: A prickly person who is always difficult to get along with, Xiaolong's aggression hides his inner lack of self-worth. Being older than most of the other Tamers, he is resistant to being told what to do even when it's good advice. Nevertheless if you can earn his trust then he becomes doggedly loyal and protective.
History: Xiaolong naturally came from a long line of fishermen, having grown up in the port of Shanghai. Despite his humble background Xiaolong possesses great intelligence and was the first in his family to go to university. However his rambunctious personality got him kicked out during his first year. Out of spite he hacked into the university's database in order to play a prank but instead discovered the research project to create an artificial Digimon - Paomon. Suddenly the screen stated flashing and a voice claiming to be AncientSphinxmon welcomed Xiaolong to prove his believed worth. The next thing Xiaolong knew he was waking up in the Digital World.
Other: N/A

Species: Labramon
Digivolution line: Paomon, Xiaomon, Labramon, Dobermon, Cerberumon: Werewolf Mode, Plutomon.
Personality: Loyal to a fault, Labramon follows Xiaolong everywhere. He tries to be the peacemaker who mediates Xiaolong's anti-social behaviour and encourages him to get along with the others. Generally docile but when a threat to his friends appears, Labramon can be surprisingly aggressive.
Other: I kept in Labramon's origins of being created by humans originally. If the GM wishes to create drama then it would be possible to have a sub-plot about how artificial Digimon can't normally Evolve past the Rookie stage.
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Name: Audrey Caines
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Nationality: American

Physical Appearance: Quite a short young woman, Audrey is 5'3". She is blessed with striking purple eyes and dark hair, upon which rest her signature glasses. Her hair is styled into an excessively long ponytail, which she refuses to cut to a more reasonable length. Upon her head rests a single scarlet flower, attached with a clip. She is garbed in a red mixture of a vest and a tailcoat, with ivory sleeves and collar jutting out. Black leggings and shoes adorn her legs. Lastly, she wears a necklace with a large ruby attached to it.

Personality: Though it is in her nature to be curious, Audrey prefers to focus on large scale issues. This means she only really cares about things pertaining to the state of the world and its inhabitants, or how nature works…. not so much how your day was, or other casual topics. Basically, she’s not very personable, unless it involves issues of a deeper, more psychological nature. Further, she has little patience for trivialities, and becomes quite irritated by distractions outside of the task at hand, or topics that interest her.

Even so, she has a genuine desire to help others and is a particularly sensitive individual that tries to be as compassionate as she can, even when she might not be so good at expressing this.

Lastly, she is very prone to sermonizing and delivering grand speeches regarding ethical concepts. This is her making up for many years spent in isolation, with many ideas swilling within her mind unexpressed.

History: A life of solitude. There was no one save for the peaceful hum of her various computers and laptops over the years. A few online friends would pass her purview, ingratiating themselves into her heart as she gave them her all, only for them to abandon her to their "real" lives. Pah! The digital realm was more real to her than anything else. She did not understand these people around her, their lives mundane, meaningless, and ephemeral.

When they would deign to pay attention to her, all they would do is hurl insults at her differing personality from the rest. Though she was a model student, it was always her goal to find a way into a different world, and escape this one forever. At first, this merely began with immersing herself in a world of her own making, through the usage of her artistic talents of writing and drawing.

Over those long and painful years, however, she would eventually discover the existence of an actual Digital World and attempt to make contact with it. Though despite being so consumed in computers, she was ironically somewhat incompetent with the higher functions of technology. It was to the point where she had all but given up, resigned to live the rest of her life in obscurity.

It was then that she received a sudden request for a video call on her instant messaging program. Her fingers fumbled and she accidentally pressed yes. All she could see was a blinding light, with a very odd silhouette in the center. The being proclaimed itself to be AncientGarurumon, and informed her that she was in darkness, and had to touch the light in order to escape. Such vague statements frustrated her, and she demanded an answer. He only informed her to reach her hand towards the screen's light, and all would become clear. She would proceed to do so, hoping to herself that this seemingly mystical presence was not a hoax. Her hand passed into the monitor and she was absorbed into the Digital World. Finally, her dreams had come true! And yet, she was not so naive as to think that this was the end of all her troubles...

  • Has a slow mind that needs time to process events around her. Often, if a lot has happened, she will cease talking or moving, becoming completely consumed by the thoughts in her mind. Her brain is easily overwhelmed by too many things happening at a time, and the more chaotic they become, the more likely she is to freeze up.

  • Attempts to be very ambiguous about revealing anything about herself. Though she isn't the best at hiding her secrets, due to her need to ramble. Still, she’d rather ask questions than answer them.


Digimon Line - Kudamon Line [Tiny].png
Species: Kudamon

Digivolution Line:
  • Fresh: Pafumon
  • Baby: Kyaromon
  • Rookie: Kudamon
  • Champion: Reppamon
  • Ultimate: Kyukimon - A Vaccine variant with a holy ring on her leg. She also does not hold the golden blades in her mouth like the Virus version does.

  • Mega: Sakuramon - A fake Digimon I made up. It is a variant of Sakuyamon. Pictured above. I am still working on that image, but will probably have it complete soon.

    Shaman Digimon | Vaccine | Nature Spirits

    • Petal Aurora: Heal minor to moderate wounds using a burst of light infused with petals.
    • Sakura Crown: Blasts several beams of floral light from the crown on her head.
    • Amatsu Kitsune: Summons several multi-colored fox spirits from each of her tails.
    • Divine Dream: Releases flower pollen that makes targets drowsy and puts them to sleep.
Personality: Quite the energetic one. She has a tendency to be easily confused, yet is immensely curious. Far more than Audrey, she likes to stick her nose into just about everything, dragging her exasperated tamer to topics and places she would really rather not go. Though Kudamon doesn't speak much, she will often examine things silently and float around wildly through the air, expressing herself thought silent gestures.
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EDIT because I dislike double posting: I will start the RP thread soon!
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