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Disc Drawings

Dubious Disc

ultimate life-form
May 5, 2023
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oh hi
uhhhh here's my art thread I guess??
This is mostly recent-ish art but it's a pretty small proportion of all the art I actually make, for every finished drawing there's a lot of scrapped work and half-done sketches that I give up on. I do art for fun but it's hard work sometimes lol
anyway, enjoy my scribbles and doodles
friends forever

I put a lot of effort into making this back in the day, and by that I mean I actually made a real background instead of just abstract colors like I do 90% of the time lol
should have been mela's ace, they could have been funky boot buddies

Concept-wise I actually like Armarouge better but this dude's design is pretty sick (I'm still mad about how they robbed us with the shiny colors)
the font is from mega man x

I had to move all those letters manually. The lengths I will go to avoid making an actual background.
yes the blast is slightly askew
omae wa mou shindeiru

I like Espathra's empty stare, it's unnerving and also kinda funny. This was pretty quick, I just wanted to do some perspective practice.
i actually like walking wake's design better

100% just a test. I don't like painting, neither digitally nor traditionally, I just can't get the medium to work for me. I have a lot of respect for people who can paint well, it's not one of my own strengths.

and some non-Pokémon art (I mostly draw Splatoon and Megaman stuff because they have cool character designs)
#8 regret and #14 crush both live in my head

Everything about Dedf1sh's character and music is so weirdly haunting. I always like getting to use glitch effects, I had to stop myself going overboard with them.
i can never remember if his eyes are green or blue so i split the difference and made them teal

(what the enemies see in the X3 opening stage when he jumps through the ceiling, probably)
Zero's hair carries his design. What a legend. (I had so much fun doing the initial sketches for the hair lol)
Your work here is all really good! I especially like the lighting on the Espathra and Genesect, and the colours in the Espathra's background in particular work incredibly well with the effect on its eye! And I know you say painting is not your strong suit, but you did do quite the nice job on the Walking Wake there.

I had to move all those letters manually. The lengths I will go to avoid making an actual background.
I feel this so so much.
Woooahh these rule! I think you've got a super good eye for composition, there's a real visual flow to all these pieces' layouts that's just very nice to observe. Love that bluish color palette you picked for the Valiant too, it makes the bright pink in its design even more striking.
(Also always good to see some appreciation for the best MMX character :bulbaLove: )
his hairstyle is so fun, he's one of my favorite protag designs

Redrew an old drawing of Nate I did back in November 2020, so about two and a half years ago. I remember being really proud of the original at first, and now I see a bunch of mistakes in it, sooooo I guess that means I've improved (obviously I see mistakes in this version too but whatever, I'm still learning)
I think the biggest improvement is the proportions, it definitely looks more natural now. (I took a figure drawing course this semester and it was super helpful in improving my proportion and anatomy skills) Also I got a bit better at keeping the shading consistent, when I drew the original I was testing out some different shading styles so a lot of my art from that time is kinda awkwardly shaded lol
(his nails are not missing, they're just not visible from this angle)

The original:
i couldn't figure out his hair for some reason? idk it just looks weird

You can tell I didn't know how to foreshorten at this point, his arm is squashed sideways into the second dimension lol
i've never actually watched a retro magical girl anime so i have no idea how accurate this is

Drew Sygna Suit Dawn with a sort of "retro magical girl anime" aesthetic (hence the artstyle being a little different from my usual style), the lines and slightly low quality are supposed to lend it a nostalgic feel. I couldn't find a pose that worked so ultimately I just used the pose from her EX model lol
I don't really care about Masters as a game but their alt outfits have such cool designs! I have to draw more of them
haha do you guys see the leppa logo on the laptop (highly original joke)

I like making gijinkas, they're a fun design exercise even if I don't do anything with them. These two are definitely childhood friends and gaming buddies.

more non-Pokémon stuff this time:
her forehead isn't too small, it's ~foreshortened~

Drew this funky Frye for the cryptid Splatfest a while back (I don't play Splatoon but I still enjoy picking Splatfest teams to root for, I was so surprised to see that Nessie won since everyone seemed to be all about aliens). And whooooa, is that a background??! Or an excuse for one, anyway. I actually really like how this turned out.
i don't have anything to put here but thanks for reading the alt text :>

Everyone's timeskip designs are so good, I have to draw them all!! Eventually.
mythos' arrangement of cannonball is ALMOST as good as the original

This design is so awesome and the album it comes from is also pretty cool. (I actually like Résonnant Vie a lot more than Mythos, but Mythos has THIS Zero design so I have to give it credit.) (I need more albums like Résonnant Vie! I want more calm orchestral arrangements of Mega Man music, pleeeeeease :notworthy:) It was so hard using the album art as a reference though, please don't tell me if there's clearer official artwork I could have used instead lol
The hair was kinda difficult but also kinda fun? I like the wild feel it has.
check the background! axl is there!!

I don't really care about the ZX series either way, the plot doesn't interest me and it bothers me how they keep blurring the line between humans and Reploids so you can barely tell them apart. But I do like the character designs (except Vent's long hair, which does not suit him imo), I'm planning on drawing Model ZX at some point as well.
This was a bit of an experiment with colors, I think it worked out well. Shoutout to the boxy shape of the buster shots (I forget what they're actually called) for making their perspective way easier.
oh my god i love the gjinkas, gothitelle looks so fierce
Yoooo your style is so cute! You showcase some really nice control of lighting in a lot of these pieces, nice job! I see with the Nate redraw you got better at perspective too, stuff is looking awesome so far! And omg, I have such a weak spot for Pokejinkas! I love the personality in these two and really hope you’ll post more!!
♩♩♩~ ♩♩~

Drew this to be my new lock screen for my laptop. The grass is pretty unpolished, but I was getting tired of working on it and everything else looked okay. Knowing when to stop is important.
I draw Proto Man a lot mainly because his eyes are hidden. I like a design where I don't have to draw eyes.

I wanted to draw something quick so I just cleaned up my sketch instead of making another layer just for the lines, and I think this line style actually turned out pretty good? It's more sketchy and organic, which I like. Plus it feels a lot more free, since I don't have to worry about making every single line look clean and perfect.
the sky

I wonder why so many MMZ characters are named after French words.
another one of my favorite player characters

Gotta be one of my favorite Sygna Suit designs. The color scheme just makes my eyes happy.
i kinda hope the octo in side order is a new character, not agent 8 (also i want agent 4 to show up)

Still getting the hang of drawing Octoling hair. I might need to draw some actual octopuses to get a feel for how the tentacles work.
her battle theme in masters is good too

This was more or less a direct consequence of my earlier Dawn drawing, since I was thinking about how many alts Dawn has in Masters and how bothered I was that they picked her instead of Lucas for the New Year's event, and then I remembered that Lisia was also in that event and thought "sure, why not draw her." I do like the kimono theme that all the New Year's outfits have, it looks pretty neat.
ya little baby boo bop

blue bean ^_^
I'm more used to X, so the original Mega Man looks really smol to me lol
what do you mean the plural of zangoose isn't zangeese?

I had this idea floating around for a while but couldn't quite squeeze it out of my mind into existence, so it sat around unfinished for a good few months; it was actually @Blanc's comment above that motivated me to finally finish them lol. (thank you (y))
The sketch I posted yesterday is still being worked on but I'll probably have it done by tomorrow, so expect another small post tomorrow I guess :enzap:
aaaaand it's done! I had a lot of fun drawing this :enzap:
the fact that he doesn't have a voice clip shouting ''pew pew pew!'' is such a shame

(I forgot his scar in the sketch, I didn't even notice until I started on the colors lol)
With how much I draw Zero, it should be pretty obvious that my favorite MMX character is Axl, yeah? :wynaut: I mean I'm still a big fan of Zero, but Axl is just closer to my heart. He's one of my comfort characters. :bulbaLove:
Also that helmet is so difficult to draw?? I've tried so many times to draw it, I've taken up full pages in my sketchbook trying to figure out the perspective and stuff, but somehow I keep messing up the shape. This is probably the first time I actually get it right lol.
frogs are perfect lifeforms

Quick doodle I did of Roll in a frog jacket ^_^ I forget which game this design is from. Mega Man Powered Up, I think?
the ''kirby fans fear butterflies'' joke is kinda old

Morpho Knight's sword is so cool.
the ''what am i fighting foooooooorrr'' fit

Came up with a Ceruledge-themed armor design for Zero, because why not. I'm sure it's been done before, but this is my take. (To the approximately 0 people who are wondering, I probably won't do an Armarouge armor for X. I might, but probably not.)
I've called it the Ghost Armor, because Ceruledge is a Ghost-type and it just sounds kinda cool. Maybe it's got a stealth mode or something. And just for simplicity's sake I kept the boots normal. (It's not as bulky as the original armor but that's just my artstyle, not part of the design. Theoretically the build is the same, it's just more angular.)
you should listen to zero's theme from mega man X3

He still has such cool hair.
I'm gonna go draw Axl again now.
That glow on your “butterfly of judgement” never ceases to blow my mind every time I look at it, wow! You make it look so easy.

Also, am I looking at things right on those dates there, or did you do really all four of those pieces in a single day!? I sure wish I had that kind of output with my artwork, haha!
That glow on your “butterfly of judgement” never ceases to blow my mind every time I look at it, wow! You make it look so easy.
thank you!! :enzap: there's a brush I use that does a lot of the work for me lol
Also, am I looking at things right on those dates there, or did you do really all four of those pieces in a single day!? I sure wish I had that kind of output with my artwork, haha!
It actually took me around a week to do all of those, I just finished them on the same day so that's why they have the same date. I have a (possibly bad) habit of letting finished work sit for a while before exporting it, and when stuff starts to pile up I just date and export them all at the same time lol
goodbye, zero

Still probably the only tragic love story I'm even remotely invested in. (Even then, that infamous post-battle cutscene is probably the main reason why I still think about it. Amazing how voice acting can turn something that was supposed to be emotional and haunting into legendary comedy.)
It took me a few tries to get the effects on the energy core right. I probably could have gotten better results with a different brush, but whatever. I'm fine with how it is.
this is my new favorite ponytail to draw

I was listening to GaMetal's cover of Iris' theme right after it released and I started sketching this almost immediately. Iris is probably one of my favorite Champions, she's a very fun character. Also, this is the most fun I've had drawing hair, ever. This is such a chaotic hairstyle and I love it.
I always find it funny when completely different characters from different series have the same name.
egg engines' theme is so good

Now that I've changed my avatar, I can finally drop the old one, in its uncropped glory. It's Metal General, a boss from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Pretty interesting, the new pause screen lore it got in Deluxe.
drawing fabric folds is still a mystery to me

And for the first time, some live-action art! I usually don't post sketchbook art but I liked these so I wanted to share them. (Please ignore how slanted the main one is, it's harder to horizontally flip sketches when they're on paper lol)
I don't actually know anything about Battle Network, but Bass.EXE's design is really cool so I felt the need to draw him anyway. I honestly like this helmet design better than regular Bass's, it's much easier to get the shape right.
Nani?! A Disc art post without any Mega Man content? Impossible! (first time all the art is actually Pokémon-related lol)
i don't like this hair, i prefer drawing messy hair

Meh, kinda fell off this one after a while. It's a bit unfinished but I couldn't find it in me to polish it more, so whatever. I still really like this design though.
i want that missingno t-shirt

A while back I had this idea for a story in Paldea, a sort of slice-of-life thing centered around life at the academy - it didn't really go anywhere, but I liked this character specifically and didn't want their concept to go to waste. Their name is Kit (from Ketsuban, MissingNo.'s Japanese name) and they're the main character's best friend. Their main thing is that they're very invested in glitch Pokémon.
For context, in the universe of this story, the early-gen glitches and glitch Pokémon are akin to creepypastas or urban legends, and there's a dedicated community surrounding them. Like, people will come up with stories of having seen MissingNo. or other glitch mon and suddenly having their reality get warped and distorted, stuff like that. There's even a Poké-YouTuber who does found-footage style horror short films about encounters with glitch Pokémon - their MissingNo. video has millions of views and it's famous among glitch enthusiasts. The glitch community is mostly focused in Kanto and Johto, although it's fairly active in Hoenn and Sinnoh as well.

Being born and raised in Paldea, Kit is mostly removed from the glitchmon scene but still enjoys learning about it, reading other people's stories, cataloging all the glitch Pokémon they learn about. It's a passion of theirs, and they hope to visit Kanto sometime to "see where the glitches really happen".

Aside from learning about glitches, they also have a casual interest in filmmaking. Their big brother is a skilled Trainer, and they like to record his battles and put together highlight reels (and sometimes montages of him taking L's). They personally aren't that interested in battling - their only Pokémon is a Gimmighoul named Dibs, and they are constantly collecting coins to give it. Sometimes they'll be walking with someone and abruptly dart away to pick up a Gimmighoul coin they saw ten feet away. It drives their friends crazy.

They have an outspoken personality and a strong sense of justice. They'll immediately jump in to intervene if they see someone being picked on, although they sometimes misread the situation and get involved when it isn't necessary.
first time i use ''blues'' in a filename that isn't related to proto man

Five Blues for the price of one! A special deal for Blue fans. This was pretty fun, I tried to get his personality across in each pose. Also fun spiky hair is fun to draw.
I actually have an outfit that coincidentally looks very similar to Blue's. I discovered this by accident and my friends were a lot less excited about it than I was. (To be fair, I have absolutely no physical resemblance to Blue, so I guess it wasn't that big of a deal.)
And now I'm gonna go back to drawing robots. Woo!
(TerminalMontage reference)
...and back to robots we go! Mostly.
i cannot overstate how fun this was to make

So I did that color wheel thing that was big a while back, and obviously I did it with MMX characters. This took me such a long time to finish, but it was honestly so much fun. I think everyone turned out pretty good, especially since it was my first time drawing most of them. Probably the biggest challenge was figuring out how to lay out everything so that nobody overlapped each other too much.

Grand tour of the characters, for those who are curious:
Red: Zero - deuteragonist, swordsman, and overall cool dude (he's usually much more serious but I wanted to show his friendship with X).
Orange: the navigator from the X1 remake who doesn't have a name - I picked her just because I couldn't find any other significant orange characters.
Yellow: Double - secondary character and twist villain in X4
Green: Green Biker Dude - possibly the reason why I did this in the first place (he's a meme)
Light blue: X - the main character
Dark blue: Dynamo - secondary antagonist/rival figure, I don't really know what his deal is but he just causes chaos sometimes. And has really good theme music.
Purple: Vile - also a secondary antagonist and rival, but with more story presence.
Pink: Alia - a navigator, sometimes gives you obvious information during stages.
X3 synth guitar noises

Not finalized yet, but I've been working on this design for a while: her name is Key, and while she was originally built as a combat Reploid, she mainly enjoys doing music battles (in the vein of Storm Eagle's Revenge). You know, maybe she actually watched that rematch and it's what inspired her to become a music battler. Alright, backstory acquired. Also, I just rewatched that video for like the thirtieth time and only now did I notice the cameos of Geno, Boshi, and Double in the crowd. Every single time I watch a TerminalMontage video I find some new hidden detail I never noticed before. I've still been trying to figure out a good helmet design, for some reason it's really difficult for me to design Reploid helmets. It's so hard to get a recognizable shape that doesn't look awkward and isn't just a copy of something that already exists.
bring the flowers

Been a while since I've drawn anything Undertale, huh. Drew this pretty quick, hence why the shading is a bit off. idk I just felt like drawing something moody, I guess.
why did i almost never draw his mouth

Somewhere I saw an image where someone remade Ralsei's sprites to match the fluffy scruffy look he had in Chapter 1, and since I've never been a big fan of his hatless design I immediately jumped onto this redesign. So here's fluffy Ralsei. You're welcome.

I want to fight Spamton NEO again, but idk if it's worth the trouble of going through all of Chapter 2 again (and that teacup ride in the basement). I don't want to fight Jevil again, that fight was a nightmare.
Bonus wip just because:
''give me a break, man''

(I haven't started on the sky yet.)

Also, I'm not an Art Fighter (the competitive aspect doesn't really appeal to me) but if anyone wants to point me in the direction of their characters, I have been looking for new things to draw, so...
i've been listening to resonnant vie a lot

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, feeling tired, overwhelmed about stuff, just kinda blue in general. Not connected to anything specific, it's just there. It's also come with a side order of art block, I seem to have lost a lot of motivation to work on any of my in-progress artworks. And when I do try to work on them, I'm usually dissatisfied with what I've done, it never seems to look quite right.
I didn't feel like shading this, it was just meant to be a quick vent piece.

Seeing Zero without his helmet will never not be weird to me. I based the hair on that Hitoshi Ariga sketch of Bass's hair, the swept-back look with the widow's peak (which kinda matches the pointed shape of the helmet, too).
i'd like to personally thank whoever decided that he should have a fluffy collar

Recently did some Axl sketches in an effort to combat this art block. Most of them didn't turn out right because that helmet of his is STILL so hard to draw, but I liked this one so I decided to work with it. Felt the need to draw something that exuded joy.
This is his White Day fit from Mega Man X DiVE, which is a game I don't know or care much about apart from the character designs. It's a fun design, but I think I still prefer drawing regular armor.
I might be over this bout of art block, but I also might not, it's a bit touch-and-go at the moment.
what am i supposed to be

Redraw of a panel from the Mega Man Archie Comics. I've never actually gotten to read the comics, only seen bits and pieces, but if I ever did manage to read them it'd be specifically just to see how Proto Man's story plays out. I watched a dub of the Proto-Type arc once and it was heart-wrenching. Poor Blues :'(

The original panel showed him with a different hairstyle, so I redrew it to be more consistent with the rest of the series. I don't know what the music notes say, I copied them from the original. It doesn't seem to be any part of his theme, but I'm bad at reading music, so who knows.

I'm thinking of doing more redraws like this - there's another scene I've been wanting to tackle, but it's more amibitious, so I'm still on the fence about whether I should go for it. I'm not quite back in the groove yet.
i still read newspapers sometimes

This isn't as polished as it could be, but I just wanted to get it done. I've been trying to work more on the whole "visual storytelling" thing, trying to convey characters' personalities and dynamics instead of just flat-out stating them. Plus I need to get better at drawing expressions and body language.

There's a story behind the image, but I'm not telling it. That would be counterproductive.
we're alone

allister. another comfort character of mine. sometimes I wish I could hide my face too.
you may have to turn up your screen brightness if the colors look murky. darker-colored images are tricky to get right. I think I prefer bright vivid lighting. it's easier for me.

drawing hasn't been coming easily as of late. lack of motivation. lack of ideas. maybe it's just my low mood. it's hard to create with low spirits. apologies, you didn't come to hear this.
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