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Sign Ups Divinity High: Academy of the GODS (teen-rated)

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Games' started by Ao Kuang, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Jun 22, 2015
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    You are a god... Sort of... You're technically a god from some world mythology who takes the form of a specific type of mortal known as.. teenager. You are still pretty much immortal and have your powers. However, you must use a less divine name when in public as not to arouse suspicion from the mortals. The unfortunate thing is, just like every other mortal teen, you're in high school. However, Ragnarok is coming and not even Olympus is safe, so the high school where all of these gods are going to is in the middle of North Dakota.

    keep it pg-13 ish
    any pantheon is fine, but let's try not to have everybody here be from only a handful of pantheons
    With that in mind, let's ALSO try not to repeat too many powers (we don't need five river gods)

    Sign up sheet

    God name (the name of the god your character is):
    Mortal name (the name you take as a mortal):
    Lore (think of it as a brief synopsis of their mythos)

    God name (the name of the god your character is): Kukulkan, the Mayan Serpent god
    Mortal name (the name you take as a mortal): Serge Penn
    Powers: Can create great forces of wind at will.
    Mortal appearance: A light skinned, seemingly Hispanic youth in mortal form, with dark brown hair and wearing a fair amount of gold,with earthy tones to his t-shirt and shorts. His shoes are white.
    Personality: Kukulkan, is both calm and temperamental, and is usually a merciful god, assuming he gets a sacrifice of blood every now and then to maintain his mortal form.