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Do you have any Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Fire Chicken
I got Shiny Swablu yesterday! Evolved it into Altaria 797 soon after, so I now have a regular Altaria and a Shiny one (not many people here have gathered 800 Candy yet).

I've noticed that I only seem to come across golden-colored shinies (Magikarp, Sableye and now Swablu/Altaria). Unfortunately I missed the chance at the Pikachu line with the Community Day, but perhaps this trend of golden shinies will continue with Luvdisc, hopefully tomorrow :)
Fire Chicken
And in just 3 hours, my overall Shiny count skyrocketed from 3 to 7, that's more than double:
OK so February's Community Day got me:
  • 4 Shiny Dratini (those alone are more than half I ever got so far, my total is 7):

  1. 10 CP Level 1 and evolved into Dragonite 46. Nicknamed "The 46", it's a rare collectible (the only Level 1 Shiny Dragonite in town so far), I put it around Gyms for fun these days.
  2. Dratini 361, kept as is.
  3. High CP but terrible IV one, evolved into Dragonair 1169.
  4. Mid-to-low CP mid-to-high IV one, evolved and powered up into Dragonite 3013, viable for Rayquaza Raids.
New Member
I've always hated green Dragonite, but for some reason I like it in this game. No idea why :D
Yeah I kinda like it in GO too, but on the 3DS games it's horrible ^^

Oh, and I got some Shinies over here:
- Shiny Magikarp from the Safari Zone in Prague
- Shiny Gyarados which has 96%!
- 2 shiny Dratini, 2 shiny Dragonair, 2 shiny Dragonite (Community Day ftw)
- 2 shiny Pikachu (again Community Day :D )
- Shiny Luvdisc (I hunted that one for like 4 hours at the Valentine's Day and luckily got one)
- Shiny Mightyena (at the Lunar Event; the first Poochyena i caught had been shiny :D)
And my favourite one is:
My shiny Absol which I got from my 2nd Raid. I'm so glad to got that!

I'm currently hunting for Mawile and Sableye. I hope I'll get them before the next Community Day ;)
Fire Chicken
New addition to my collection, Shiny Lugia 1969. It's a super rare collectible as it's got 66.6% 10/10/10 IVs, which is as rare as 100% (but bad for battle).
Not that I plan to power it up at all, this is the lowest possible CP one can legitimately have a Lugia as. So having it Shiny is great.