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Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

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I liked them just fine, but after replaying them a few times, I'd say Platinum is still the better DPPt experience due to there being more to do and it's presentation is better. And as a remake, for me at least, it doesn't beat out HGSS like I thought it possibly could before their release. The Grand Underground is really fun though, and I think I spent way more time there catching Pokemon that probably shouldn't be on my team just yet at certain points, but then I've always liked the Underground anyway even in the originals.
As someone who wasn't playing the Pokemon games when the original Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum came out, I enjoyed being able to play them in some way with Brilliant Diamond.

But, honestly, I wish Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl would have been more like Sword and Shield instead of this chibi art style. I know it's faithful to the classic games, but even in the Switch's handheld mode, it's a little bit of a headache to play for me.
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