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DP 121 Title


Mar 16, 2008
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Source: Newtype
DP121: Evolution! This Time for Piplup!?
Airdate: 2 April together with DP 120 (1 HR Special)
Animation Director: Izumi Shimura

Short summary thanks to slowkingsley:
- Dawn is worried about the health of Piplup.
- Suddenly Piplup starts shining.
- She is overjoyed that it is a sign of evolution but...

We're going good with the remakes of earlier episodes, this time it's a remake of Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden. ;)
Happy April Fools to you too.

*waits to see how many people believe this*
Is this fake then?

Piplup actually evolving would be the greatest plot twist of d/p, hands down.
But this is most likely going the same road as bulba did...
Another "Bye-Bye Psyduck", maybe? If not fake, that is.
The title is from Newtype, which is a trusted source. It's not fake folks.. lol
You guys Piplup isn't evolving, so stop saying it's fake.

Where does it say Piplup evolves into Prinplup?
The 12th movie trailer and poster has our answer anyway.

So no point debating on the (not-going-to-happen) evolution of Pochama.
I almost died when I read this
Thanks god we know it won't evolve (I'm probably the only one here or one of a few who do NOT want it to evolve XD) thanks to movie 12... and the fact it's the mascot...
It's just like that Raichu episode not long ago
I wonder if Kenny/Jun/both will appear in this episode... it sounds like the perfect time to have them all together
If it is like the Raichu ep... I think Jun is more likely since Pip already beat Kenny's Prinplup (well it was time up but by Contests it's a win) while it didn't battle at all against Jun's Empoleon and a lose to it might affect Pip and make it want to get stronger as it is just like Pikachu
Talking about Jun... I already miss him... to see an episode focus on both Pip and Jun could be for me what the recent Rocket episode was for Rocket fans XD
This brat won't evolve. It is obvious. I am just really sad that authors make remake on past episodes. Like Pokeringer, for example. Making Mamoswine likeAsh's Charizard who doesn't obey. Piplup out of pokeball like Pikachu. It is really sad you know...

Really sad..

What about brat.. Brat won't evolve because this pathetic thing is too popular. And they will make this episode like Pikachu VS Raichu 2 times in the past...

As I said it it is sad. Making repeats means only one thing. Authors can't find new ideas. That's just that ((
"can't find new ideas"? tell that to Paul, Chimchar (like Charmander but a new way for Ash to get a Poké, catch his rival's released one), the Aipom/Buizel trade, J, Dawn losing the performance twice in a row...

I can't see what's wrong with doing "remakes" of old episodes... the new episodes are as good as the old ones if not better
Not to mention we're in the time of 10th anniversary (well, now it's not really -now- anymore but it's still affecting things) and this is a perfect time for such "remakes"
This episode air a day after the anime's 12 anniversary so it's really fitting
Huh, so it's REALLY from Newtype...


So, we're getting a "You're evolving? No, you're not!" episode for Potchama this time... OMG.

And the Yukikaburi episode summary mentions Kissaki Gym. But it seems like they're just on the road to it. Don't expect Suzuna and such stuff in upcoming episode... We're still filleryears before Kissaki!

Pokemon Anime is being shit again...
So I guess this episode is for Piplup to officially express that it wants to become strong as a Piplup rather than evolving a' la' Bulbasaur, but obviously inspired by Pikachu.
Well hey, if they manage to pull that plot off well I don't see a reason to complain.

Now uh... Ambipom, was it? Does she still exist? ._.
Isn't this kind of episode a bit mean to fanboys? =P

I kind of think of it as being a joke done by the writers to all the Piplup haters.

"Ha ha we're going to evolve Piplup. NOT."

It's just the Sinnoh version of "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden". That's all.

I don't care about Piplup not evolving, but I do find it amusing that they are actually doing this episode. I'm sure part of the reason is to get all the fanboys (and girls) that can't stand Piplup to make them more upset with Piplup they already are.
Now uh... Ambipom, was it? Does she still exist? ._.

Not long ago Pachi was totally neglected but recently it got its sick episode and the last Contest
I think eventually most of the group's Pokémon will get more or less equal screen time
But it seems like the writers clearly decided that Dawn's main Poké is Piplup and the second most important is Buneary... and I believe it'll stay this way for the rest of Sinnoh
I think more than anything, Ambipom need at least one episode about it that is NOT Contest or something like that but just an episode to give to showcase it and emphasize its personality (its personality was always shown as an Aipom but since the evolution not as much)
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