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DP 121 Title

everyone can say whatever he wants.

This is not true
Everyone should think a little about the others and understand that if he complains too much about something that won't change anyway he just become annoying to others and should stop doing it
This forum is for Pokémon fans to talk about Pokémon - not for us to constantly complain again and again about the same thing
I personally really like Piplup. I'm not entirely sure how to put it, but it's almost as if Piplup represents what Pikachu use to be like. One can't deny that Pikachu isn't the same character as it was back in the Indigo league. I remember it being a bit more temperamental and comedic. I still like Pikachu a lot though. If anything I'd like to see the two of them interact with each other more often like in the episode where they got stranded together.
You know who I'm sick of? I'm sick of stupid people who complain about ridiculous things
Especially in this case were Pikachu is doing the SAME thing for OVER TEN YEARS and it seems like no one care... and that's despite Pip is more entertaining than Pika (and that's a fact really... it's ridiculous to argue over that since it's just how their characters are...)

Yet you complaining about them and calling them stupid wont make things better. Please refrain from insulting people like that. Also, there's people who dislike Pikachu as much as the Piplup haters, if not more. They aren't just as vocal as they used to be years ago.

Let's go back on topic now please.
Jnoo said:
It's not the case with me. I picked Venusaur, Typhlosion, Swampert and Torterra not because I like them (although that's sometimes the case), but I use them because they're the easiest for Gym Battles.

Yeah, I'm not one of those who always go for the fire types. In fact, they're my second choice for my second game. My firsts are always the grass types.
I only chose Chimchar because I like saying "fire monkey." Come on, it throws its own farts!

Otherwise it doesn't matter which one I chose first because I get them all eventually anyway. Though I do always choose Bulbasaur mainly because it was one of my favorites from the Indigo League.
I actually really like Pochama's attitude and I think it has more (obvious, anyway) personality than Pika, but it does get on my nerves the amount of pointless sceen time it receives. If it had to evolve (which it won't) I'd only want it as long as it's character was kept intact.
I just wish some of Dawn's Pokemon got a bit more screentime.

I can't believe Buneary has still never won a ribbon. We've only seen it beat a Walimer in the Wallace cup but that's it.
I can't believe Buneary has still never won a ribbon. We've only seen it beat a Walimer in the Wallace cup but that's it.

At least it gets screentime though. I actually forgot about the existence of Eteboss.
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