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Dp 13-14


Jun 11, 2004
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From Serebii, but originally from Pokeani:
Episode 481 (DP013): Good Luck, Mukkuru!
Episode 482 (DP014): Leave It To Brock!

And these are airing at the same time, for some reason. Maybe to make up for all the breaks this year.

And yes, you heard me, we get a Mukkuru AND Brock episode.
Is it too soon for a Mukkuru evolution?

EDIT: Here is the Bulbanews article which gives a little more information.
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We just got "Good luck, Pochama" as episode 7. I wonder what of Mukkuru will be focussed on.

"Leave it to Brock" sounds like a PUSA dub title. It'll probably stay the same in the dub...

Neither titles tell us much about the actual episodes.
Where's Pie? I'm sure she'll be happy.

Is it too soon for a Mukkuru evolution?
Who knows, but glad too see them trying to remedy the problem the previous birds had (Taillow got better once it evolved).

Not too mention I think Aipom is our most likely first evolver.
Pigeotto and Noctowl joined the team evolved. Perhaps they don't want another Tailow like Habunake suggested?

Leave it to Brock makes me rofl.
Not too mention I think Aipom is our most likely first evolver.

And leaver. Lol at Ash having a 5 Pokemon team by the 5th Episode.

Also, yay, a Brock episode. Also, yay, a Mukkuru episode. That thing's been so overlooked and ignored from the instant Ash caught it. I mean, right away all it's done is the standard "Search and Pop" stuff all the birds do. Give it SOMETHING else please.
Hell, just realized. A Brock episode = lotsa Greggle.

Also, I was thinking Mukkuru learning Brave Bird...but...it's too early, right?
Someone mentioned this on Serebii, but this is probably about Mukkuru doing battle with Shinji's Murkrow.
Shinji again? If true, this is going to be awesome. :D
I'd hope so - i'd find it hard to imagine they'd put Murkrow in the intro, and not Greggle, if it wasn't at least going to show up before episode 13.
YAY MUKURRU <33 Poor thing was only captured to find Pikachu, and after that it was only used to search and pop balloons. I liked how it randomly perched itself on Naetoru's leaves, though.

AND YAY A TAKESHI EPISODE FINALLY. Yeesss. They're focusing on the more forgotten characters [of the main cast]. x3
And leaver. Lol at Ash having a 5 Pokemon team by the 5th Episode.

But...he only has a team of 4. And there is almost no space in the opening to fit in a 5th capture, which probably means he's going to stick with this team for a good portion of Shinou.

The Brock episode will be good for Greggle screentime hopefully. Brock himself is so played out and uninteresting that it isn't funny, but Greggle is amazing.

It only took Brock 14 episodes into D/P to get spotlight. Back in AG, he had a spotlight episode very early on in the Lotad episode.
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