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DP 20 Title


May 24, 2004
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From Pokeani:

[bp]DP020[/bp]: ポケモンハンターJ! Pokémon Hunter J!; airs February 22.
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Vague Title Ahoy!

Reeks of filler, and probably a Poacher filler.

Like there haven't been squillions of those already.
An ep based on one of D/P's new trainer classes, I presume.
Hahah, Pokemon Hunter J? Now I can't help but imagine the titular character of Heat Guy J as a Pokemon trainer.

Really, it does sound like a catchy title for a Pokemon spin-off... and anyway, what's up with the titles lately? They're all so uncharacteristically short.
This episode airs 2 weeks after the Pachirisu episode, btw.


Hunter? We have Pokemon Rangers and Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon Breeders but no Pokemon Hunters...it seems interesting.
Sounds like something you'd find in the Pokemon games. "Pokemon Hunter J would like to battle!" :p
Err, whoops. XD Sorry Scep, I guess I glanced over your post and read it wrong or forgot you mentioned that as I was writing my post. :p
If this ends in the departure of one or more of Team Rocket's Pokémon, I swear...

It's rare for a CotD to have their name in the episode title, isn't it? Are there 'Pokemon Hunters' in the games?
I sense a Vampire Hunter D parody.

Who's more vulnerable to getting kicked the hell off the show, Cacnea or Dustox

Dustox obviously, since it's never used.
Dustox lost its purpose on the show when May left Beautifly behind, since the whole reason Jessie had it in the first place was to be a rival to May's Pokemon.

I wouldn't be surprised if this episode turns out to be "A Poached Ego" of D/P.

If that's the case, Seviper, Cacnea and Dustox are saying, "Buh Bye!"
I wouldn't be surprised if this episode turns out to be "A Poached Ego" of D/P.

If that's the case, Seviper, Cacnea and Dustox are saying, "Buh Bye!"

All of them?! Seriously. Then James will have more Pokemon than Jessie and that is unacceptable. And what's Jessie without a snake Pokemon? Blasphemy, that's what!

...ugh, Jessie does need to lose a Pokemon if they want her to advertise D/P properly like the rest of the main characters, though, and I bet they do. For some reason, the image of Skunpoo keeps popping into my head...
I'm going into Crazy Impregnable Spectulation Mode and say "J" is Jupiter. And I will not move from this till the end.

Masukippa kinda has taken Cacnea's thunder though...
Its hard to imagine what the writers will do with TR's Pokemon. All the other main characters have places to store their old Pokes, and Ash/Brock started off AG and D/P fresh.

TR on the other hand came to Hoenn with Arbok/Weezing, and they got the boot. Now they came to Shinou with last-gen Seviper, Cacnea and Dustox...and who knows how long they'll last.

It makes more sense to release all three together rather than getting rid of one at a time. So if the writers feel the need to give Jessie a new D/P Poke, it may be the end for them, and Cacnea has lost its thunder for the moment.
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