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DP 47 Title


Jun 11, 2004
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Thanks to Sushi on SPPF.

DP 047: Mira, Abra and the Ground of the Water!
Or: Miru, Keeshi to mizu no soko!

Airdate: September 27th, 2007

The episode's actually part of a 1-hour special, but since the other part only seems to consist of a retrospect on what's happened in DP so far (remember, by this date, DP will have run for a year already).

Mira? As in, Wayward Cave Mira?

*let opens the gates of Gible, CRY HAVOC!*
The writers better give Ash a Fukamaru. Or at least have one bite off Jessie's hair (they have pulled that gag for a while).

It makes me wonder if the maze is in Wayward Cave (which really is a maze) instead of Cornet which isn't so much a maze in the beginning.
It'd hard to tell. DP 45 is confirmed to be outside of Coronet, and DP 46 is probably passing through it so I guess they retconned Wayward Cave (as in the games it was under Cycling Road, which in the Anime came before Coronet instead of after).
The girl you team up with in Wayward Cave with the Kadabra.

Anyone remember why she was in there in the games?
That reminds me, is she supposed to be 10? She doesn't seem to be 10 despite being a trainer. I mean if you compare her art to the regular trainer art of the main characters or to Ash's art itself, she seems like she can only be Max's age, an age where you can't be a trainer yet.




And if Mira's appearing, there's even more hope for Marley and/or Buck!


So what if Wayward Cave's supposed to be on the other side of Mt. Coronet? So what if they de-evolved her Kadabra? (It'll probably evolve into Kadabra sometime during the episode anyways.) The important thing is, MIRA!

...Ground of water? Isn't that a contradiction?

I hope this will give us some hope for Riley's appearance if they're doing all the Double Battle Characters.
So we had Cheryl so far, and now Mira... So pretty much the other double battle NPCs are gonna come up too. Mmm...maybe finally confirm Buck's relative he's been talking about?

But wait...for Riley, what about his look-alike Aaron in the movie? >__>;;

That's gonna be an issue. Although they do never reference the movie events directly and specifically in the series itself, still...
Riley will either be replaced or ignored, considering he exists in the game as a reference to Sir Aaron. Easy enough to replace him really. Even if they wanted to keep the Lucario aspect in there, we have a Gym Leader and an Elite 4 member Ash could meet up with again for Iron Island without even having to go as far as making up new characters.
That's gonna be an issue. Although they do never reference the movie events directly and specifically in the series itself, still...

The first Movie had anime scenes, and most episode led up to the movie itself.

But yeah, they haven't done that in a while. But it'd be nice to see Riley in the anime.
Wasn't there just a diorama of the 10th movie's location in an episode?

If they have Riley, chances are they'll completely gloss over any relation to the movies.
Wasn't there just a diorama of the 10th movie's location in an episode?

Oh....I forgot about that. 0_0

Well, let's look at things like this...

If Riley does appear, we'd have fans complaining about the lqack of continuity between him and Sir Aaron. If at all, they may be just distant relatives SHOULD they include any sort of reference. Not certain, but speculation is what it is.

If he doesn't, then Ash getting a Riolu Egg is shot own the window via Bazooka, blows up something nearby and fans will be pissed.

And back to square one they go. =P

Well, if they're showing Mira, which is in more of an optional location, really, then they may do Riley.

I don't get why some people get their panties in a wad over Riley's (now very likely) appearance. Do they really love Aaron so much that they can't stand to see Riley at all? Geez, Aaron is probably in my top five characters from the anime ever and I also think it would be a crime to just toss Riley because of him.

And Blackjack, the Space-Time Tower appeared in "The Sinnoh Space-Time Legend!", DP036. (The episode with Nando)
Some people need to bitch for the sake of bitching.

Frankily I don't care about the Aaron/Riley relation. We'll likely see a Lucario in his match against Maylene. So Lucario's special status (at least as a speices, the one in the movie was especially gifted) from the movie will be gone. Let the poor guy show up.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand. As I said before Fukamaru needs to be caught (and biting off Jessie's hair would be a plus). Just one look at the Pokemon it struck me as a comedic goldmine.
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