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DP106 and 107 titles


Mar 16, 2008
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copypaste from sppf..

12/11 DP106: A way to get along with Pokemon?! / A Way to Befriend Pokemon?!

12/18 DP107: Rampardos VS Bastiodon!

I smell a Roark reappearence in 107. I don't know about 106 though, it's a little bit too vague at the moment.
I hope episode 106 is centered around Brock.

That'll show some people that he still has a place in the anime.

107 would be very interesting since there's some kind of tension between father and son (The father thinks the son is somewhat weak as a trainer).
Roark VS Byron?! Since 100 all the episodes are extremely great!! ^___^
And actually 106 sounds more like Paul to me and it makes sense he'll appear since:
1. Jun want to meet him
2. Magmortar is supposed to appear soon and seems logical Paul will have it for this Gym
3. Chimchar is supposed to evolve (these kind of figures -never- was wrong) and Paul should be there to see it
I'd like it if for some reason Paul get stuck with the twerps for a few episodes
Both titles sound nice. I wonder what 106 is really about though. Since it seems like Roark will be battling his dad in 107, I wonder when Ash will battle. After the Iron Island arc it seems?
Byron's VA stated he would be in two episodes, so logically Byron is going to appear already in 106.
I find myself agreeing with PDL: I hope 106 is Brock-centered. He's long overdue for some love, and he does still have a major place in the show. Perhaps he and Paul get separated somehow together, and they must somehow work together to get back? For some reason I foresee a cave-in or something of the sort on Iron Island.
*crosses fingers for Roark vs Byron battle*
Original titles:

12/11 #106 「ポケモンと仲良くなる方法!?」
12/18 #107 「ラムパルドVSトリデプス!!」

"Pokemon to nakayoku naru houhou!?"
"Rampard VS Trideps!!"
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Roark will be in 5 episodes if this is so.

I don't think any other Gym leader, bar Giovanni/Misty/Brock/Norman have ever been in 5 episodes.

Poor Wake only got 2 episodes, he's like the Nando of Gym leaders. LMAO.
...I don't see how the number of episodes a gym leader appears in is important.

I would actually be glad to see some character development from Byron and Roark, considering their somewhat *ahem*, rocky relationship.

In a way, it sorta echoes the relationship between Brock and his father.
...I don't see how the number of episodes a gym leader appears in is important.

Its not. Its just interesting that Roark is getting 5 full episodes, which is so much more than a usual Gym leader gets.

As said, only Claire has appeared in 5 eps previously, not counting the Gym leaders who were major characters like Giovanni, Norman and Misty/Brock.
Wouldn't it be possible to have an serious conflict between the father and son?
Tougan vs. Hyouta battle? Would be cool! *crosses fingers*

However, my last hope that Booburn in the Jetix Website indicated a Tatara Ironworks episode was killed. Booburn probably appears in the DP106, possibly as Shinji's Pokemon. Well...

But I have my fingers crossed for Tougan vs. Hyouta!
I agree. I'd really love to see a Tougan vs. Hyouta battle - one that can show that Gym Leaders do indeed improve as they battle and don't just stagnate as some people like to claim. But, there are many other reasons for such an epic battle obviously, including the rocky relationship between Tougan and Hyouta.

And, a thought. Anyone else think that this may be the writers way of showing Satoshi he needs to train more before taking on Tougan without handing him another unofficial or official loss?
Why does everybody think their relationship is "rocky"? besides the fact that its punny :p

My guess is that Byron creams poor Roark and Ash has an 'OMG I suck!' moment. So he goes off to train on Iron Island.

So is Jun finally going to leave any time soon? or is he sticking around for Iron Island. Please no >_<

I still dont understand why they feel they must proove Roark is Byron's son, but Im not complaining. Like I said, It'll be to proove to Ash that he needs training.
Do the episode lists mention Jun's VA in these eps?

I too wonder how long Jun will stay with the group.
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