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Review DP107: Rampald VS Torideps!!

The Pumpkin King
Nov 7, 2004
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can't people accept some friendly characters?

why all the characters have to be "mean"?
They don't have to be mean. They have to be antagonistic. Otherwise they're not very interesting. No one really likes the kids that beat Ash in leagues because they're too damn nice.
May the Aura be with you.
Jun 10, 2005
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But it's just like Ash and Pikachu
Most likely, the writers intended on stop have them fight and turn them into best friends just like they did with Ash and Pika
Also, an important part of Dawn's story was her derpression and her loses and they had to make Pip worry about her and support her, they couldn't let Pip fight with her when she wants to cry all the time
I really don't get why people want Dawn/Pip or Dawn/Zoey to have different kind of relationships with each other... I really think they did it the best way and it suit Dawn's story perfectly... can't people accept some friendly characters? why all the characters have to be "mean"? in a series where we have characters like J and Paul, I really think some friendly characters can't hurt
Way to go off on a complete tangent. Zoey has nothing to do with my comment or this episode.

If you notice, I said that I liked Piplup's role in helping Dawn last week. Piplup's relationship with Dawn is good when the writers actually show it. I simply commented that this week... it just sits there. This is, in fact, exactly how Togepi was treated for 90% of Johto.