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Dragon Blast's new Energy card revealed: Blend Energy makes its debut

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Nov 13, 2005
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Dragon Blast's new Energy card revealed: Blend Energy makes its debut

The long awaited Energy card from the Japanese Dragon Blast and Dragon Blade expansions has now been revealed. Blend Energy will be released with the new group of Dragon-type Pokémon-EX on March 16.

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Another one?

So, can we assume there is something similar for water, steel, and fighting energies? I want to call it Merge Energy.
This is stupid. They made this card specifically for the Dragon-types introduced in this set, so why isn't it called Dragon Energy? I imagine they're waiting for the next set when they introduce cards that actually require Dragon Energy, but that kind of sets them apart from the Dragons in this set. Unless Dragon Energy has a similar effect to this card (as I predicted it would).
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