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Contest Dunsparce vs. Spinda

Sanic Hegehog

Ur 2 Slow!!
Jun 13, 2009
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Welcome to the clash of the seldom thought of Normal types.

In the red corner weighing at 30.9 pounds with a height of 4'11 feet, the kind of flinching and known to be sparse as holy hell: Dunsparce!


And in the blue Corner we have the challenger. All the way from Hoenn wearing red and spots, the dizziest Panda you'll ever meet: Spinda!


All right ladies, all you have to do is pick your preferred of the two via the poll. Also explain why you picked which one, is it because of Appearance? Abilities? being handsome?
I half expected Spinda to be in the lead because of all the hate for Dunsparce I've been seeing... o.o

But I choose Spinda. I like it's gimmick. Unique Spinda all around!
Spinda is unique, but I've always loved Dunsparce. They're both kind of useless, though.
I picked Dunsparce... At least it has somewhat of a competitive use.
I've seen so many Spinda I swear I may have already seen one twice! Why do they show up at my favorite route? (To give you an idea, I have all the glass items)

Though that same thing made me a little attached to them.
Spinda. Because it has access to numerous moves(all of which I like) and is a friggin panda. I love pandas.
I prefer Spinda, because the idea of uniqueness in Pokémon is interesting.
I HATE Spinda with a passion so I can't choose it.
I LOVE Dunsparce! It's so cute and adorable that I want one of my own. Plus, it's got a brilliant shiny and I just, plain LOVE it. I'm so happy that Hiker alerted me to them in Gold! :D
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