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Eevee Evolutions' Halloween event in Pokémon Café ReMix brings Jolteon in a Halloween outfit - Chandelure now available as a Five-Star Chef

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Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon in their Halloween OutfitsPokémon Café ReMix this week has updated to Version 4.20, bringing a variety of quality of life changes. Together with this latest update, the game has also released the first of a set of three events to celebrate Halloween, focusing separately on Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon, each in special Halloween outfits. A new Five-Star Chef outfit for Chandelure is now also available for Five-Star Delivery in Pelipper Delivery, while a new Special Pass is giving players the opportunity to recruit Froslass, which had been previously run in a limited-time event.

Eevee Evolutions' Halloween!
This new set of events featuring Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon in special Halloween outfits will be running throughout the next month. The first event of the set is Jolteon's Halloween, which is available in-game now and is scheduled to continue through to October 18th, at 7:59pm (PDT).

In this event, players need to reach certain scores in one-minute cooking to rank up and earn Jack-o'-lanterns in order to trade them for rewards in the Exchange Shop. The list of rewards available includes:
  • Jolteon: Halloween (x5,000)
  • Jolteon's Cookie (x500 each)
  • Milestone Cookie (x500 each)
  • Chimchar's Kitchen Note (x2,000 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 5) (x60 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 10) (x280 each)
  • Max Level Ticket (Lv. 15) (x480 each)
  • Skip Tickets (x30 each)
  • Stamina Shards (x50 each)
  • Golden Acorns (x50 each)
  • Tarts L (x300 each)
  • Rare Tart M (x3,000 each)
Halloween: Jolteon specializes in Small Plates, with a maximum puzzle score of 404. Its Specialty Gimmicks are "Marshmallow", "Condensed Milk" and "Parchment Paper". It requires 70 points to spawn its Café Skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks below and in a zigzag pattern. Raising Jolteon's Outfit Grade will give it Puzzle Score +3% for each grade, with the last one giving Score + for "Parchment Paper".

Jolteon Challenge
Alongside the Jolteon's Halloween event, a new set of challenges is available, rewarding players with Golden Acorns, Milestone Cookies and a Delivery Ticket for concluding tasks. Tasks include achieving certain scores in one-minute cooking, ranging from 100,000 to 10,000,000 scores. This challenge board will be available through to October 3rd, at 7:59pm (PDT).

Five-Star Chef Chandelure
Five-Star Chef Chandelure now available!

Players can now try recruiting Chandelure: Halloween to their staff through Pelipper Delivery! This new Five-Star Chef is a Small Plates chef, with a maximum puzzle score of 471. Its Specialty Gimmicks are "Mayo", "Ketchup" and "Jelly". Chandelure requires 150 points to spawn its Café Skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks above. Its Outfit Grades give Puzzle Score +3% each, with the 2nd one giving a Starting skill and the 4th one Score ++ for "Mayo".

Froslass Pass
A new Special Pass featuring Froslass is now available for purchase in the in-game Shop! Players can purchase this pass for $USD 10 (or the equivalent in local currency) and receive rewards such as Golden Acorns, Tarts, Froslass and Froslass Cookies by earning stars from completing orders. Sales will continue through until October 18th, at 7:59pm (PDT), and once purchased the pass will be valid until October 31st, at 7:59pm (PDT).

Version 4.20 update
This new update brings general quality of life changes, along with a new type of event.
  • A new event, "mission bingo", has been added
    • In mission bingo, players can take part in various tasks to get rewards such as staff outfits.
  • A new "switch view" button has been added to the Pokémon list
    • On the screen where staff Pokémon are listed, players can now switch between viewing the level and the outfit grade by tapping a button. The level and outfit grade display will no longer change automatically.
  • New filters in the Pokémon list
    • Players can now filter Pokémon in their staff list by "Pokémon with a five-star outfit" or "Sidekick abilities". Along with this change, it is now possible to sort results in order of puzzle score.
  • Items on the help page have been updated
    • The items on the help page have been updated to make them easier to understand.
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