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Eldershippers, unite!

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Just to let you know, Laytona, your 'updates' page leads to a 404 error. However, if you are changing domains again, it probably won't matter much. :p Welcome back!
Wah. Can anybody get the pictures in question from the Doujin and put them somewhere. I can't download that durn thing now...plus I'm just really impatient. XD

It's nice to see Eldershipping getting so much cred now. It warms a little part of my heart. Seriously. Even though I go by Nekona far more often on the net, I did originate as Mysty the Mysterious Eldershipper.

Let's keep shipping it up a notch!

PS. Totally doing my Sweeney Todd-esque Eldershippy fic. Don't worry. No one is going in a pie. Here's a taste to see how you guys like it

When a ghost from the past comes back to haunt Professor Oak, he is thrown into a deadly whirlwind of thirst for revenge. Can love save him from himself before revenge destroys him.

eh? eh?

Or is it just me thinking oddly at 2 AM
All right, dear ones, I believe I've put everything up (correctly, even!) over here. If anything is still messed up, just drop me a PM and let me know. Funny how you can fix a lot of things when you're not rushing as much! :lol:
Painted Wings Unfortunately doesn't work. Also, you should get permission to put the doujin pics iin Old Spice.
Painted Wings = fixed, just had the wrong word typed in.

Good point. Archaic, please check the site and see if there's anything you don't like/ want up. Just say the word and it's gone.
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